Sunday, August 31, 2014

Has a plan!

Must be a day for thinking! I was thinking about what previously worked when I lost weight:

  • Eat minimal processed foods
  • Calorie cycled
  • Organic eating where possible
  • Exercise (daily! And not just a 30 minute workout...considering how much weight I have lost and my medical conditions I seem to need intense daily exercise at least 1 hour a day)
  • Drink  3 litres of water a day
  • Daily weigh ins
  • Watch my sodium (2000mg a day or less)

These seem to be the important components of losing weight for me. I was thinking how I have become more of a hermit...a day at home with the laptop on my lap...watching tv...has become common place for me, So I think its time to moderate no laptop/chat etc until 6pm...and also no diet coke till after 6pm as well. I really want to get back to being that person out in the sunshine enjoying life...not the person stuck living via a computer.

So I decided this week just to get me on the right path....1500 calories a day...then the following monday I will start the calorie cycle plan. Exercise this week will also be:

monday AM : Leg workout 
monday PM : RPM

tuesday : PT (full body workout)
wednesday AM : body balance
wednesday PM : cardio workout
thursday AM : upper body workout
thursday PM : RPM

friday AM : Leg workout

saturday AM : Upper body workout

sunday AM : 6km walk

Its key I get back into a routine. I know a lot of people would say start out slowly...but i was working out 4 days a week up till 3-4 weeks i dont want a pile of excuses...just get on with things. 

So the above will be this weeks plan...the next week when I am in Sydney/Gold Coasst the days while I am away the big focus will be just to get in 10,000 steps a day...which should be easy in Sydney and not to bad in the gold coast either...time to get busy and do this!

August 31 2014

So I am on holidays as of 4pm today! YAY

Foodwise today hasnt been great cos I wasnt very organised and I forgot to get meat out of the freezer UGH. So might splurge and get some pasta tonight cos I really dont have anything in the cupboards...but serious stuff as of tomorrow morning.

This getting back on track is like a "comeback" I even considered starting a new journal and renaming all my stuff just to indicate this is fresh...the next and LAST part of my journey...maybe called the comeback kid haha ;) or maybe ill rename this one....jsut to cement it what I am doing.

The interesting thing as my nutritional coach explained...regardless of what other people are doing...I simply cannot eat as much as others and expect weight loss.

When I was eating 1685 weight plateaud....which is why the maximum I feel I can eat is 1500 calories...and prolly why I needed to eat 1200 calories when I got down to 80 kilos. The fact of the matter is i have PCOS...i have a fatty liver....and in eating for those to get weight loss...I need to do things slightly different to current recommendations. The science studies really seem to back up these days eating high protein and high fat...but that doesnt work for me. Which is why I feel 1500 calories is appropriate...and plus that is what worked previously...and thats the data i need to go on....not what works for others but works for me!

My trainer wrote me out programs....split body parts etc....I want to try and get into that but with a combination of classes. I certainly want to give the weight work a try...but find i like classes too...not having to think but just follow instructions kinda works for me LOL...and there is the motivation you get from it too. But I will prolly chat to my trainer about that tuesday night, the best way to plan all this. Tomorrow morning tho the aim is to walk to and from the the upper body program my trainer wrote for me then back in the evening for a RPM class. As I have said many times...while fat/weight loss is my number one focus...running has always been a goal as well and while right at the moment i could do sprints but not sure lugging my body around while running would be fun...its certainly a aim...and doing some cardio classes is not a bad option!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30 2014

Well weighed in today...107.3kilos. A lot of that I know is simply fluid retention from some high sodium. I am working today and tomorrow and then I will be off work for 4 weeks. Plenty of time for working out and my meals being planned. As I said in last nights post going back to what works for me...which is 1500 calories and calorie cycling. My goal for the month of September is to be under 100 kilos by end of september. I know it sounds huge but I will prolly lose 3-4 kilos quite quickly then be left with the rest to lose! And while I may not get under 100 kilos i think its a good goal.

So today is a high calorie day of 2000 calories and tomorrow i am on 1400 will get this calorie cycling going!

As I said yesterday I am planning to do a 6km walk each morning and then Candices workouts in the afternoon....surely by doing that and eating 1500 calories the losses will start happening! Also when I am in Sydney and Gold Coast I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities to go walking.

I just sussed out the hotels...the one in sydney has no gym....the one on the gold coast if not enough walking done on any day i can squeeze a workout in at the gym.

I also want to start focusing on my water. The only time I currently drink it is when I work out. So i really want to start making sure I get 3 litres in a day...I can still drink my diet coke....but I need to ensure I am getting the water in. So far today (at 11am) I have drank 1.5 litres,,,,and I am on to my 3rd bottle of 750mls...which just shows 3 litres is easily do-able!

I also want to get back to daily updates of this blog. It helped me I think its a important thing I have been missing!

Enjoy your day!

Friday, August 29, 2014


Well a update is well overdue! So much has happened/changed!
So for the last 2 months I did nutritional coaching. There was a lot of positives come out of it...8 weeks and i was only off track 4 days. We had me eating 1800 cals and then 1685 cals....the first week i lost 7 kilos then for 7 weeks i just fluctuated up and down within a few kilos.
Then this week I got some blood test results iron levels are still next week I am starting a series of 5 injections over 7 weeks. My fatty liver has got worse and the doc has told me to go on a low fat diet (which is basically what I did when I lost all the weight!)
I have also decided to go back to calorie cycling...a lot of people dont believe in it...but I swear it works for me! So....I am cutting back to 1500 calories...and calorie cycling...which looks like :

saturday : 2000sunday : 1400monday : 1700tuesday : 1400wednesday : 1300
thursday : 1500
friday :1200

Exercise wise....major changes! I wont go into the why...but I left Fernwood and rejoined Goodlife and went back to training with Candice. Its upset my routine quite a lot....but...I work tomorrow and sunday then I am off work for 4 weeks. My plan is a hours walking (about 6km each morning) and the in the afternoon doing the programs Candice has written me 3 programs taking into account my a upper program, legs program and cardio program. So just get use to those and get use to the new gym.