Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30 2014

Well weighed in today...107.3kilos. A lot of that I know is simply fluid retention from some high sodium. I am working today and tomorrow and then I will be off work for 4 weeks. Plenty of time for working out and my meals being planned. As I said in last nights post going back to what works for me...which is 1500 calories and calorie cycling. My goal for the month of September is to be under 100 kilos by end of september. I know it sounds huge but I will prolly lose 3-4 kilos quite quickly then be left with the rest to lose! And while I may not get under 100 kilos i think its a good goal.

So today is a high calorie day of 2000 calories and tomorrow i am on 1400 will get this calorie cycling going!

As I said yesterday I am planning to do a 6km walk each morning and then Candices workouts in the afternoon....surely by doing that and eating 1500 calories the losses will start happening! Also when I am in Sydney and Gold Coast I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities to go walking.

I just sussed out the hotels...the one in sydney has no gym....the one on the gold coast if not enough walking done on any day i can squeeze a workout in at the gym.

I also want to start focusing on my water. The only time I currently drink it is when I work out. So i really want to start making sure I get 3 litres in a day...I can still drink my diet coke....but I need to ensure I am getting the water in. So far today (at 11am) I have drank 1.5 litres,,,,and I am on to my 3rd bottle of 750mls...which just shows 3 litres is easily do-able!

I also want to get back to daily updates of this blog. It helped me I think its a important thing I have been missing!

Enjoy your day!

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donna said...

Awesome Kazz you know what works for your body enjoy your four weeks off and keep up the water 😊