Friday, August 29, 2014


Well a update is well overdue! So much has happened/changed!
So for the last 2 months I did nutritional coaching. There was a lot of positives come out of it...8 weeks and i was only off track 4 days. We had me eating 1800 cals and then 1685 cals....the first week i lost 7 kilos then for 7 weeks i just fluctuated up and down within a few kilos.
Then this week I got some blood test results iron levels are still next week I am starting a series of 5 injections over 7 weeks. My fatty liver has got worse and the doc has told me to go on a low fat diet (which is basically what I did when I lost all the weight!)
I have also decided to go back to calorie cycling...a lot of people dont believe in it...but I swear it works for me! So....I am cutting back to 1500 calories...and calorie cycling...which looks like :

saturday : 2000sunday : 1400monday : 1700tuesday : 1400wednesday : 1300
thursday : 1500
friday :1200

Exercise wise....major changes! I wont go into the why...but I left Fernwood and rejoined Goodlife and went back to training with Candice. Its upset my routine quite a lot....but...I work tomorrow and sunday then I am off work for 4 weeks. My plan is a hours walking (about 6km each morning) and the in the afternoon doing the programs Candice has written me 3 programs taking into account my a upper program, legs program and cardio program. So just get use to those and get use to the new gym.

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