Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday July 23

Well time for a update!

The scales are sitting there fluctuating between 103 and 104.5 kilos. When I went to get on my scales this morning they died :( I have a couple of spare scales (dont we all???? lol) Anyway the scales I am now using are about a kilo heavier then the ones I was while I was 104.5 kilos on them this prolly means i was really around my lowest weight so far since starting the new plan.

Anyway when I saw the scales really had had no movement i redid my measurements...i only did them 5 days ago but had dropped another 2 centimetres around my waist even tho the scales havent dropped.

I spoke to my nutritional coach and he isnt worried for a couple of reasons:

  1. The fact my centimetres are going down I have obviously lost fat
  2. I lost 6-7 kilos in the first week and since then the next 2 weeks I have maintained that loss...that is a win.
He doesnt believe this is a plateau. I did ask should I like at tightening my eating....i maybe watching my sodium more, cutting out some of my treats etc but he has said no. He is very big on ensuring my adherance doesnt falter and so he believes eating foods I enjoy is important. At this stage (even tho i prolly wont have a loss this week) I am going to continue sticking to what I am doing and come early august still stuck at this weight we will look at lowering my carbs and cals slightly :)

My trainer wants me to do both a boxing and combat class next week - eek! The boxing class (which is her class lol) isnt a issue i enjoy that i just need to be careful because of my back....i will prolly do it monday night but i will go easy ... its not the punches that will be an issue...its the inbetween work when you are suppose to do, but thankfully as Tamika is the instructor she will just give me alternative exercises to do.

In relation to body combat - well thats more of a challenge! I told her earlier this week how i fell 3 or 4 times in combat classes before i fell and broke my wrist. Her response was "your fears are what always hold you back" lol...yeh no kidding lol ;) Anyway she thinks my balance has improved so much it wont be a I dont agree lol so while i will definitely do boxing i dunno about combat. We will see.

Anyway not much else going on!

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