Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday July 18

So its been a while! Things are mostly going good :)

Weight loss I am well on track :) As of this morning I was down 7.2 kilos from where i was on July 3. So that is going good...altho it does seem to have stalled out a lil. I have been fluctuating between 103.3 and 104.2 kilos....hopefully over the next week or so I will finally get back under 103 kilos. My nutritional coach is very happy with where I am at...he has told me he isnt concerned over the next week to 10 days if i maintain or even have a small gain. He said due to how quickly I initially lost weight I obviously retain fluid in a crazy fashion.....he also suspects for me it will be a case of losing 2-5 kilos then plateuing out then losing another 2-5 kilos...he expects Ill have lots of plateaus.

Today is day 1 of my cycle which has led me to being exhausted....and to say i was pathetic at the gym today is the understatement of the year.

Exercise wise i am still exercising but cannot say i am feeling enthused about it. With hurting my back which I am still dealing with some pain, my trainer and i have decided to go back to basics so im not doing further damage to my back and can eventually get back to some decent workouts. At the moment its lots of basic movement like squats, shoulder press, dumbell curls, chin ups, etc with a huge focus on form and bracing my core. Outside of that I am doing a bit of core and making it to a RPM class where I can. The main issue is when it comes to exercise I just feel as tho I am going thru the process of exercise but not really making progress...of course i prolly am i am just not conscious of it. Not much else going on...enjoy your weekend all (I will be working it - boo!)

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