Monday, December 23, 2013

We'll as frustrating as this is - I am going to attempt to do a post on my iPad. Not having a proper keyboard drives me a lil nuts.

We'll no denying in relation to weight loss, taking care of myself etc etc for 2013 has sucked. I really haven't put in a good effort. From my very lost I have gained about 23 kilos - eek! No one to blame but myself. But I'm tired of how I feel...I wanna be happy again and feel good about myself....and that happened when I was taking care of me.

I started with a new trainer in early October at fernwood. I've den about 7 sessions with her so....mostly weight far so good. I've told her my goal is to focus on my upper body http://webmail.optus.comody, and get some definition back (my upper body it thought looked good at 80 kilos) and to focus on being able to do low pushups! I've not being able to ever do them properly so that is a big goal.

I really want to get into my running in 2014. This is a list of runs I want to do next year:

Neon run -April 5
Run Adelaide - April 13
Mother's Day classic - May 11
The city parklands loop - July 6
Adelaide marathon - august 24
City to bay -September 21

The colour run
Electric run

I am planning to start the new year off with a 7.5km run on jan 1. And that will be the day I get back to my calorie counting/cycling. I'm hoping my workouts this year will look like this:

Monday - 30 mins boxing & 20 mins intervals & 60 mins body balance
Tuesday - 45 mins slow steady running on treadmill & 30 mins PT (weights)
Wednesday - 45 mins RPM
Thursday - 30 mins running & weights workout
Friday - rest day (this may become a run day)
Saturday - long run (currently 7.5 km but will be increasing this gradually) & 60 mins body pump
Sunday - rest day

I feel good I feel ready to conquer the new year....of course before that I have Xmas and my bday to get thru! Next year I plan on doing weekly vlogs.....bring on 2014 :)