Sunday, August 31, 2008


Yep have to admit I am guilty as guilty its not damn what am I guilty of? Ummm running around the house dancing...suddenly breaking out in dance steps its insane ! I did ballet and dance for manyyyyyyyyy years when i was young and was always running around the house doing some ballet step...anyway i been watching the US version of so you think you can dance...and i love all the contemporary dances (to the point I wish now I had done more of that and less ballet but thats another story) anyway that song "bleeding love" they did a awesome dance to it and everytime it comes on the radio i break out in dance...i may be bigger...but i think if u ever did a lot of dance its kinda ingrained in ive been doing developes and arm movements and even the odd turn all over the place. Its so different to doing normal exercise...I love it...and I love how the movements still come naturally...i mean they may not be the greatest turns or kicks or whatever but the way the music can come on and i can just get into a flow of dance movements. Ive even thought about making up some dances to some songs i love and using that as some of my exercise away from the gym. Its certainly something that when I get under 100 kilos I would love to go take some adult contemporary classes. Okies thats all i wanted to say...wish me luck this week...we start supporting the new product tomorrow...just like starting a new job !

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back into it...

well so far today has been a total success ! Got stuck on the puter a lil today...then after reading Nats latest post and how well shes done thought stuff it...the gym is calling off i went to the gym and sweated my ass off. Did 20 minutes on the treadmill at a incline of 4 and the last 10 minutes a incline of 4.5...problem is at the end when i was reducing the speed and lowering the grade it came up with a error - SYSTEM OVERLOAD and the computer on the treadmill froze LOL, then after the gym i went to Lush and bought some moisturiser then headed to target to buy a cup for making up my drinks and season one of beverley hills 90210!!! im so looking forward to the new BH 90210 and wanted to watch some of the old series. I then went to the butchers and bought a leg of lamb which ill roast tomorrow and also some beef to make a stirfry tonite. Okies thats about it....ive eaten my snack and lunch today but not my breakfast so at 4.30pm i am gonna go have my weetbix ! LOL bye all =]

Friday, August 29, 2008

Uh oh...

Well I havent been great foodwise over the last 24 hours. I havent been disastrously bad but certainly could have eaten so much better (hot chips arent in the "eat well" category) Why a lame 2 weeks later did i go off the rails? Well i can prolly come up with a million excuses....but im not really looking for a excuse to be honest i just wanna know what led to it so as to avoid it in the future. Right at the moment i am so dog gone tired...the last 2 days i have been in training for a new product and work which has set my head into a complete brain spin..its 9.20pm and i feel thats part of it...the thought of coming home and cooking dinner was the last thing i wanted to do today...i need to talk to the dietician about some ideas that fit into the plan for some quick and easy meals. The other thing is im a lil bored ,,, lunch time came today and the thought of another friggin ham and salad roll was not doing anything to entice me. Also i need to come up with more dinners that i not a huge meat eater so having 120 grams of protein each nite....well so far its been....chicken....chicken and chicken. Right at this moment i am back on good thing is i drank 2.4 litres of water today and so that may help to flush the sodium out. Also i see my dietician on tuesday but cos of work and the training i havent been to see her for 2 weeks. Also my kitchen is disorganised...i have very lil bench space and so i need to organise that all this weekend. Well my eyes are struggling to stay awake simply wanted to state id been bad but moving for some sleep !

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So another day of being super good. So far today i have drank 1.2 litres of water already and have started on my 3rd 600ml bottle. My eating is really good and I feel really proud of myself for sticking so obsessively to it lol. Tomorrow nite i will go and do 30 minutes of cardio and tuesday nite i am being measured so big nite that nite ! LOL The biggest challenge this coming week will be next wednesday night. Our team at work won a award and $450 so we are going out for dinner for a chinese banquet. Considering how well ive been eating i have decided i wont go all "im on a diet im not eating that" but ill try and make wise choices, and no alcohol. I figure as tania often says...sometimes life is going to crop up..

I had a bit of a lightbulb moment yesterday...on the ww forum someone had just found out their partner was cheating...and i was sitting here thinking glad that didnt happen to me...OMFG i must be in friggin denial sometimes...i am SURE ang did cheat on me towards the end (and hence while she was in a new committed relationship within 2 weeks of me ending things) so yet i still think of her as some wonderful thing and prolly subconsciously still wish we could get back together...and then all of a sudden im like WTF !! I broke up with her for very valid reasons...i dont want someone like that in my life...i am amazed that 4-5 years later i am still carrying a torch for someone who i know doesnt even have decent enuff ! No more. If i meet anyone .... whereever .... no more subconsciously thinking cant get close to them in case ang comes back...i so know thats whats going on in the back of my brain.

Okies and on that delightful note lol time to do some work =]

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jumped on the scales this morning and they have gone up a bit...not gonna stress tho cos i have been spot on with my eating. My jeans today feel a lil loser around the waist too...suspect it could be a lil fluid retention from the taco seasoning on sunday night...and thats will settle down. But I prolly wont weigh again for a week or so. Also did a PT session yesterday...which went really well...we actually did the same program i had been doing with my last trainer except she stretched me out between each set of repitions. This morning I am a lil sore altho nothing overly bad. Will go thursday night and do 30 minutes of cardio again. I am amazing myself with how well i am eating...all my snacks are yoghurt and fruit. The only luxury i have is after dinner when i am allowed to have a miscellaneous "treat" where i either have airpopped popcorn, 1 anzac biscuit or a lil packet of sakatas, they are the only processed foods i am currently eating. Tonight for dinner i have chicken out so will be making a stir fry with lots of vegetables. Okies off to do some work =]

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Well its been a nice relaxing reflecting day on how I am going since rejoining fernwood and have to say i am ecstatic and feel I am on the right track. This is day 12....and i have tracked religiously keeping to the correct food groups (even worked a yiros into it on friday!)...I exercised 3 times this week...and each time i built the exercise up a lil. I feel good...Im not tired....not getting headaches...havent had a sore back in the morning for the last few mornings. My jeans are getting looser. I am positive i am losing centimetres. I checked the scales today *yes i know im not focussing on them...but...well i needed to know LOL) and i have lost 4.2 kilos by my scales. I am completely wrapped and ready for another week, i am so so so focussed its not funny i may even be bordering on obsessive compulsive about it all lol. The only thing i am struggling with is that 4th fruit serve (its a lot of fruit in one day !) And thats the sumup for sumday ooops i mean sunday hehe okies have a good nite all....gota busy week this week 2.25 days worth of training ... my brain may be dead cells by the end of the week...okies enjoy ur week all !

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well its been a good couple of days altho my brain is in overdrive a lil. Yesterday went to the shops...stocked up well n truly...i could only just close my crisper yesterday cos I had so much vegies in there. Today and tomorrow i am off. Today I went to the gym...did 30 minutes on the treadmill with the last 20 minutes at a speed of 3.1 and gradient of 3.0 and lemme say i worked up a sweat. Im also still eating spot on and trying to make a point to eat ALL my fruit...i am suppose to have a piece of fruit at breakfast, lunch and both my snacks....i feel like ive just eaten a piece and im having to eat another piece lol. But things are going good...i must admit i have been checking my scales, but im not paying much attention to the fluctuations at i feel very proud of myself over that...they are showing a loss in excess of 3 kilos (6.6 pounds for u jody) and i also know im losing centimetres my jeans are sitting quite nice now...before they were skin tight and actually at one point were bruising my stomach (you may remember a previous post about that) I am thinking about pink sofa....i think things are going so well right now...part of me thinks i should resign up...cos it would prolly mean i have the chance to meet some people and get out and about and a bit of a social life again but another part of me worries it may distract me....finding a partner is a huge motivational source for me...but i dont wanna suddenly want to put a whole pile of extra pressures on me that may effect the weight unsure what ill do there.

I will go to the gym tomorrow if i wake up at a decent hour...i need to try and correct my sleeping pattern now...after working till 11pm all this week...ive been going to sleep at like 1-2am so hopefully tonight ill go to bed by 11 and get the sleeping back on track (specially as i have a PT session 8am on monday morning - lol - welcome to a new week eh?)

OKies ...tonite its tacos for dinner .... so off i go...enjoy the rest of the weekend all

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Went to the dietician today and all went pretty well ! We didnt weigh or measure me - but i will get measure at next appointment. She thought I did pretty good altho she noticed i eat a lot of the same foods. So she wants me to try porridge this week, no eating muesli bars, limiting my hot chocolate to 2 per week. But she thought id eaten good so that was all good. Also did 20 minutes on the treadmill with a speed up to 3.1 and gradient of 2.5 and that was keeping me heart rate between about 126 to 134 so i was pretty happy with that. Tomorrows shopping day so the house will be full of lots of fresh food tomorrow will be good to be a lot better prepared than last week.

And jody yes sometime over the next 3-4 weeks ill take some photos

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My jeans are getting looser !

Well they areeeeeeeeeeeeeee not hugely looser off course but they are definitely sitting better on me. Ive been following this plan for 8 days now and im really feeling good. Im not skin is not feeling deprived...and mostly im just feeling good about myself which is nice.The last 2 days its been TOM so havent been to the gym (umm yeh ok so i have been in chat doing my graphics...but nothing excessive so not a big deal i don't think - pffft jody put it on my journal before u did !lol) tomorrow tho i have a dietician appointment and on the treadmill i go...just planning to do 25 minutes plus 5 minutes on the rower. I mostly also have my food plan organised for next week to show eve the dietician too. Friday morning i will do the grocery shopping and then be super prepared ! Altho considering i started this a few days after I shopped this fortnight.

We worked 9 out of 10 days over this 10 day period so .. im sooooo sooooo sooooo looking forward to this weekend...2 days off seems like pure luxury. Was looking for something the other night so was looking in some boxes i havent unpacked in the spare bedroom and lo and behold i found clothes ! some too big for me...some fit me now and some i will have to shrink into...but was all excited...cos it was items of clothing i had forgotten this weekend will have to wash them all up so i can wear them again. Also this week think i will renew my membership with pink sofa...was all not interested in going out before but now as i am on track im starting to feel more towards wanting to get out and meet people again.

Okies as per usual work i go !

Monday, August 18, 2008

happy–adjective, -pi·er, -pi·est. 1. delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person.
2. characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy: a happy mood; a happy frame of mind.
3. favored by fortune; fortunate or lucky: a happy, fruitful land.
4. apt or felicitous, as actions, utterances, or ideas.
5. obsessed by or quick to use the item indicated (usually used in combination): a trigger-happy gangster. Everybody is gadget-happy these days.

Well yep I pretty much think that describes me right now. And yanno its not a happy feeling over a materialistic thing or whatever i just have a nice happy feeling inside of me, even settling to watch tv at night at the moment is a "happy" thing.

Went to the gym today and did my PT session - altho we didnt really do anything ! Well we talked a lot she wanted to know all my previous injuries, any issues i have physically, my goals etc she also saw me stumble when getting off the bike and so asked me if that happens much lol and sadly it does i am a lil clumsy so she is going to focus on my stability and balance a lot. I also told her how im petrified of the treadmill so we talked about that then she put me on the treadmill...but she talked me thru it and she told me not to worry about speed at the moment i can use gradient to push up my heart rate. So i did 5 minutes on it and all went okay. Plus I had done 25 minutes earlier on the bike. She then stretched me and told me my hips are very flexible (should i mention that the bois at work thought it was HILARIOUS and then asked me if thats the first woman to tell me their flexible lol ok stop enuff smut on the journal...) but still i felt good ... she was very nice i think she will help a blooming TOM today as well so feeling a bit bloated and blah but still in a pretty good damn mood despite it ! Tomorrow i am bringing my scales into work to store in jaimees drawer at work to stop me looking lol

Okies off i go to do some work !!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well another good day which is pretty good seeing i am spending a saturday at work ! Another hour and 24 minutes and off i go home. And then i am off till 3 pm monday which will be good. One of the tops i bought on monday I am wearing today and it sits a lil better across my stomach now obviously i havent lost weight in 4 days but i suspect i am not as bloated (specially considering how much i have been going to the toilet !) Tonight its spaghetti for dinner. Tomorrow morning i am going to the gym and i AM going to do 45 minutes, the rest of tomorrrow i am going to just get a bit organised with housework, washing and probably some baking. Then monday morning i have my FIRST PT session with the new trainer. So will prolly be sore by the time monday afternoon comes LOL. Last nite i was on the recliner watching so you think you can dance so i sat there pointing and flexing my feet and funnily enough my calves are a lil sore today lol. Ohhhhhhhhhhh and I got two people commenting that i look healthier commented on how good my skin is looking the other said i just have been looking healthier and not so pale...noticed when i went to the bathroom i have some colour in my things are improving even tho its too early yet for actual weight loss...okies off i go...75 minutes and its the weekendddddddddddddddddddddddd !

Friday, August 15, 2008

*whistles* feelingggggggggggg so good ! OMG its amazing....i had to get up at 7.45am this morning but actually jumped out of bed 15 minutes early so I would definitely have time for a nice breakfast without rushing it down. Last night for dinner i had chicken stirfry with carrots, spinach, onion which was absolutely delicious ! I am really feeling motivated at the moment..i did 30 minutes at the gym last nite...i will next go on sunday and i am hoping to ramp it up to 45 minutes like i planned yesterday. And of course soon as im on track and doing good i start planning for my future more. This years sole aim by the end of the year is to have that damn tax bill paid then from january i will start to save for my trip to JAPAN !!! I have been thinking about this for a while and this would be a unbelievable goal to aim for! Last night i spent researching japan and now im set on bonus next year would pay for the accomodation and basically all i need to do is save the spending money. The plan is 10 days...and possible even go on one of the treks on mt fuji...(not to the top or anything silly lol) but apparantly some are relatively easy and are 2-3 hour walks. A friend from work lived there for 2 years so she has been telling me a bit about it...and OMG i didnt know there was a disneyland there? Anyway enough for to do some work !

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Day two and things have been good altho i am a lil down on my water but ill make sure i get it down before bed tonite (drank 2.4 litres yesterday) Foodwise i have eaten very well 30 minutes i finish work and i have 3 crackers with vegemite to have while i dash out to catch the bus into town and workout the aim is 45 minutes heres hoping i can last ! im planning to try 15 minutes on the recumbent bike...10 minutes on the upright bike (hurts my ass too much) 15 minutes on the recumbent and 5 minutes on the rower...will see how i go cos i have quite a feeling it will be very busy this time of nite but will see how it goes. But i feel good and am looking forward to it...which is a change as last time i really looked at it like a a second job that i had to get out of the way so im enjoying this new way of looking at things. Chicken stirfry for dinner when i get home tonite yum yum ! Have a good nite all :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

So the plan was that I go to bed early last nite and then get up early and go to the gym unfortunately that didnt go as planned ! Was doing washing last nite and the last load took longer then expected so was super tired this morning. But tomorrow i finish work at 5.30pm so will head into the gym straight after work. Tonite i finish work at 6pm so i am going to go in when i get home...its open till 8pm so that will allow me enough time. The next few days I will go after work (except saturday which i cant make due to work) my PT session has changed to 10.30am on monday due to work. So far foodwise been good good !!! 3 weetbix with milk + honey a handful of mixed berries for breakfast and then for my first snack i had a slim drink and a banana...for lunch i have bought in tuna, baby spinich leaves and tomato ! I feel very focussed and motivated right now...okies off to do some work - bye all !

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Went to the gym today following a visit to my mums. I saw the dietician first and while its normally a 15 minute session i was in there for 45 minutes with her. We talked about a lot...she was very interested in where my mind was at...where id come from weight loss wise...after much discussion she put me on the 1700 calorie diet and we decided they will only weigh me once a month and will measure me every 2 weeks so completely changing the focus...she didnt tell me how much i weighed which was fine with me. We then just discussed a lot of stuff with my head....and what i thought went wrong last time...which was quite revealing it was truly a LOT of things wrong. She also wants me to keep a "fernwood diary" i said i keep a journal but she wants this seperate and just for me. And to just focus on my training sessions and food plan and to use that to record my food and also to at the end of each day just how i feel about it all.

I then went on the bike and did 18 minutes on the upright bike till my ass hurt too much and then did 12 minutes on the recumbant bike...the plan is to go before work tomorrow n i think i will aim to do 20 minutes on the upright bike and 20 minutes on the recumbant bike. I didnt feel it was too hard altho i am starting to feel it in my calves as i sit here but thats a good sign. Okies off i go....time to relax in front of the tv for a bit before bed

Monday, August 11, 2008

What a good day !

Well i sure didnt sit on my ass all day today altho that said i did have some relaxation time and watched some tv. This morning I went to the shops bought some potting soil, some vegetable seedlings and some sport socks ! lol I have planted the seedlings I have tomato, asian cabbage, spring onions potted. I also bought some carrot seeds so will buy some appropriate pots next time im at the shops. Then this evening before going to the gym i stopped in at katies...I went and checked out their clearance range...tried on 2 tops size 22 and they fitted ! OK they were firm fitting but they did fit which i was a lil surprised about. Each top was only $9.95 so a bargain too. Then I put one of their newer tops on layby...size the layby ends in 6 which point i should be moving close to a size 20 fitting me.

I then went to fernwood and i feel SOOOOOOOOOOO pumped ! I had a long talk to the membership consultant and told her that previously i had felt that i was in the too hard basket and that they had me on too few calories. So after lots of chatting she felt i need to mix it up and have a new dietician and trainer (turns out my old PT was in a motorbike accident and so will be able out of action for a while anyway) when i explained the issues id had and what my goals are she was like "im going to put you with fiona i think the way she works would be a good match for you" so i felt really good that she wasnt just thinking match me with anyone. So i have a appointment at 3pm tomorrow with the new dietician and then following that im going to do 30 minutes on the then planning to go in before work on wednesday and get this --- i have a PT session 7.30am on friday morning....i am going to try going more in the morning this time then the evening. Now that the new roster that starts on august 25 the latest i will work is getting to bed by 10am-10.30am to be able to leave the house by 7am will work good. So in a minute im gonna head over and download the cardio coach mp3 work outs to put on my phone and then i will be set. In the morning I am planning to make some vegetable soup. So this is stage in my journey...i so want this....and i know its easy to have motivation in the beginning but am DETERMINED to see this thru !

Ok off I go...and airlie hugssss am thinking of you

Sunday, August 10, 2008

So was at the HBC site today and they have a section which is your own page where u can upload photos and also do a journal and where ajay recommends you record your goals and so I decided on goals between now and september 30

1. To embrace life a lil more and not hermit myself so much

2. Go to the gym a minimum of 4 days per week

3. Follow the slimplicity program

4. Have no sick leave from work

5. Lose centimetres - the aim is to lose 5 centimetres altogether but any loss will be the goal.

All very doable goals...none that are determined by the scale gods...which makes me feel a lil free....but I still have to stick full on to it...another looking at them now I should have added was drinking 2 litres of water per day. Not going into chat I am still finding a lil strange...this morning I pulled out a cross stitch kit my mum gave me months ago. I use to cross stitch a lot before i discoverred computers...was a huge hobby of mine and I have made some gorgeous designs so I pulled out the kit and sorted the threads. Will pick up a few accessories i need and then i can start to get stuck into it. Also checked out ebay today and found this overseas guy who sells heaps of cross stitch and has some gorgeous kits and patterns. But for the moment I will work on this one.

Watched a lil L word today before my dvd player chit itself...stopping and starting the whole time so i prolly need to buy a new one...this last one i bought was a cheapie and hasnt lasted long....mite need to invest a bit and buy a better one this time...I have the $300 voucher from myers coles to mite get it and buy one...i need to research them a those hard drives u can record on have a dvd player in them? (i know chit about this stuff !) mite have to look around and see.

What low fat cheese does everyone use? I have been having kraft 30% reduced fat slices...but theyre not nice....and dont make for a nice sandwich

Okies off i go...nearly time to get ready for work....have a good sunday all !

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Quite weird not spending all my free time in chat, went to bed relatively early last night and read my new book. There was a cold case episode on with a lesbian in it set in 1932 which was rather interesting. Then when I woke today it was weird...if I am not going to sit on the puter what am I going to do with my spare time? Plenty for me to do its just a case of realigning my brain and way of thinking. But ended up going down to the shop and grabbing a gossip magazine and having a bit of a read. Which was very nice n relaxing, of course it being so wet in adelaide at the moment not exactly the weather to do a great deal. I am working till 10 pm tonight...and then 2-10 tomorrow evening too followed by a few days off.

Have been reading my journal back 2006-2007 and whilst when earlier in the year ive been saying ... i have been spot on with water intake was not spot on and there was a post where i said...i always have good losses when i am drinking my minimum of 2 litres of water. So i really need to embrace it all...eating well..drinking my water...and out of three things doesnt get the results i want obviously. But that said i am still concerned about not being successful think in that regard my self confidence that i can do this has taken a bit of a battering. 5.30pm monday night i have a appointment at fernwood when i will resign the paperwork and discuss how we are going to tackle my goals...i will prolly look at a personal training package too but will wait and see what they offer me...but having free weekly sessions with the dietician is awesome. If i dont get any PT sessions i will sign up for the PT training nat uses online...which costs $39 a month...where as a personal trainer at my gym...would cost about $30 per week...but id prolly prefer to wait till my tax bill is fully paid of before committing to that payment as well.

I also saw a review in who today on a book called "stolen innocence" which is about a girl who ran away from a polagamy (or however you spell it) sect...i saw her interviewed on oprah and think thats prolly the next book ill read.

Not a great deal else to say....enjoy ur weekend all =]

Friday, August 08, 2008

Well time for some I have sat here and read my journal entries from january and febuary 2007, and gawd I just sounded so happy...talking about walks, and the movies, and books i was reading, and planning with my meals and what i noticed is i said that i am not going into chat as think its time to stop talking and start doing. First thing when i get home today I am moving the laptop...currently its sitting in my lounge room. And whenever watching tv or whatever i pull it up on my lap and im in first off it is going into the study where it should have been all this time. Next im going to stop going into chat for a while...which in some ways i feel kinda bad cos i know there are some people in there who are close to me etc and they will be disappointed but i really need to focus on me. I will still do my graphics and obviously use the internet but im going to cut back on the chat (im making a committment now no voodoo or halsoft for 4 weeks...jody u see me in their kick my ass ok?) This is gonna be kinda hard but i need to do it i need to look around and see that their are other things to do...even watching some tv has got to be better and get me out of that lil box. But also i need to start just being more active...even before that i got enjoyment out of...i think this is prolly one of the biggest things that blocks me being successful...cos when i was successful i didnt go into chat simply wasnt a focus ! I am waiting for a email from fernwood...I spoke to the girl today she told me she wants to speak to a trainer and also the manager and then they will email me with what they can offer me. I have told her I do have a appointment at contours today and Id like that info before going to contours. My gut tells me to do this right and go to that is what im really waiting for at the moment. The other thing is just to get back to healthy eating...i shopped last nite bought lots of healhy food...monday i will make up a big batch of vegetable soup. i also bought a blender last night so i can start making some yummii smoothies in the morning. Well not a lot else to say just waiting to hear back from fernwood...regardless next week...there will be exercise a happening !

UPDATE : fernwood just emailed me...and they are going to give me a FREE session EVERY week with the dietician ! Im going in on monday to have a big chat to them about it very excited, after I finished work today...i went to the book store...bought me a new karin slaughter book and picked up fasta pasta for dinner and THEN walked home...30 minute walk done and dusted ! im excited ! Okies now this computer is being switched off....have a good weekend all !

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Well Ive been a slackass this week eh? Thats what 4 days off will do to ya lol. Now as to whats happening on the exercise front...after waiting for fernwood to follow up on whether they would give me some free PT sessions..well i am STILL waiting for the final reply...4 days that lack of interest on their part..airlies post about curves...contours being only 3 streets away and ringing contours and they were more then happy to give me a free session tomorrow...I decided that I will give them a will go there after work tomorrow at 5.30pm and see how it goes...

Whilst off work this week I did check my emails and woooo hooo won yet another award LOL...this time it was the superstar award for july and gave me another 10000 wish list points (go me) and then checked the emails again today and saw my team has won a team award (very hard to win won of these) which then gives our team half a day off work plus $450 for a will have something fun coming up.

Was looking at HBC today and not only did ajay say she had been to a meeting with channel 10 where she had been worried she mite lose her job but instead walked away with some exciting news,...(god im curious what that means!) but they are going to be running a biggest loser comp on her site with real prizes with state winners thats something else that can help me to motivate..

Today went and bought a blender so i can make lots of yummii smoothies for breakfast.

Okies not much else to say...sure ill be back after I been to contours tomorrow nite - have a good friday all !

Monday, August 04, 2008

Well ive partly made some decisions. After a few emails with nat (the exercise goddess) and a lil more research...i realise now this whole time the focus should have been on a healthy & fit life and not the scales. I have decided i am going to join the gym n i am leaning towards fernwood with using the online coach. I am just debating still between contour n fernwood. As I did pay out fernwood I have emailed them to see what they can offer me...contour is closer but is only a circuit...i tell u i am terrible at making decisions like this...on a 20 minute interval i change my mind between gyms lol...anyway we will wait n see how i feel tomorrow. Tomorrow I am off again and have the docs appointment....apart from that not much else on for the day. Me n jaimee at work have also decided in our 15 minute breaks (we have 2 per day) we are gonna go out for a thats a good idea too. Not a great lot else going on....just me n my brain thinking thinking thinking

Enjoy alll

Sunday, August 03, 2008

So I left a post on the HBC forum...and got a response...ive put the post down the bottom...what he says makes COMPLETE sense...i wish when id been going to fernwood i had been on this forum and read this post then. I think the scales completely screw with my head too much. I also need to get out of this thought process that diet alone will have me losing weight. So now my head is in full think mode...I need to come to some decisions and STICK by basically he is saying following the wendy program...whether i do this by points or calories...having high and low days...the other thing is really work on getting into a complete gym focus. I have joined gyms so many times...i think contours is the easy way...and maybe its a good way for a few months while i build up my fitness? But fernwood is good for the whole range of things...getting to classes and having weights and cardio...also the ability to buy PT sessions if i want. Working and going to the gym is a long day to me...and my lazy side says i cant be bothered...but yanno what? I cant be bothered with things staying as they are ! I dont even enjoy the junk food. I had my one on one at work today and my boss said to me "you look healthier you have colour back in your face" so the drinking water and eating healthy is helping....i just have to get thru my head it isnt about numbers of the scales. I really need to take measurements...and maybe even throwout the scales completely...and put the focus on a healthy body...anyways any feedback like always is SO SO welcome...i have a lot of thinking to do !

I have another 2.5 hours to go then 4 days off. Im off to the doc on tuesday and hopefully will start to get the counselling organised cos I think thats another vital part I need...ok off i go...below is what the PT said.

Hi Kazz,

Firstly, great job on the 37 kilos. Secondly, hang in there, because you have shown you can do it.

Sue, Aimee and Sandra have offered great advice.

As the girls on here know, I am a big advocate for weight training, backed up by proper cardio and good nutrition, as opposed to straight out dieting and weight loss.

Body composition (fat, muscle, water ..) is most important, this means, build muscle, burn fat, so you look and feel good, while placing less emphasis on the scales.

When you have the weight to lose, consistency is the key. And yes, it can take months, and even years to drop the kilos the right way, so they don’t come back.

1200 calories is ludicrous for your daily intake needs and will only lead to muscle wastage and fluid loss – making it even more difficult to burn fat, which leads to even more weight.

Using Sue’s equations, work out your average daily needs and drop down by minimum 500 on a few days, 750 one day and cycle between so you keep your body working and guessing.

Yes, your metabolism will slow with age, but by building muscle and eating consistently, you can give it a bit of a rev.

The keys to a simple and successful program are:

Eat 5 -6 medium size meals a day every 3 hours
Drink a couple of L of water each day
2 – 3 weights sessions to start with, following each session with 30 minutes cardio
3 cardio sessions a week including aerobics classes.
A loss of 500g per week is a good start


Hope this helped - let me know how you go

All the best,