Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My jeans are getting looser !

Well they areeeeeeeeeeeeeee not hugely looser off course but they are definitely sitting better on me. Ive been following this plan for 8 days now and im really feeling good. Im not skin is not feeling deprived...and mostly im just feeling good about myself which is nice.The last 2 days its been TOM so havent been to the gym (umm yeh ok so i have been in chat doing my graphics...but nothing excessive so not a big deal i don't think - pffft jody put it on my journal before u did !lol) tomorrow tho i have a dietician appointment and on the treadmill i go...just planning to do 25 minutes plus 5 minutes on the rower. I mostly also have my food plan organised for next week to show eve the dietician too. Friday morning i will do the grocery shopping and then be super prepared ! Altho considering i started this a few days after I shopped this fortnight.

We worked 9 out of 10 days over this 10 day period so .. im sooooo sooooo sooooo looking forward to this weekend...2 days off seems like pure luxury. Was looking for something the other night so was looking in some boxes i havent unpacked in the spare bedroom and lo and behold i found clothes ! some too big for me...some fit me now and some i will have to shrink into...but was all excited...cos it was items of clothing i had forgotten this weekend will have to wash them all up so i can wear them again. Also this week think i will renew my membership with pink sofa...was all not interested in going out before but now as i am on track im starting to feel more towards wanting to get out and meet people again.

Okies as per usual work i go !

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Jody said...

Hahahaha@you thinking I busted you seeing you in Chat!! Outside of that little boo boo. I'm happy you are enthusiastic about your progress!! Good girl, now stay away from chat and go looking for more boxes of clothes!! I want to be seeing pictures of your progress soon.