Sunday, January 23, 2011

A update

As it does seem recommended on the 12WBT to keep a journal...i have decided ill keep writing but to keep it seperate to this...i did upload a VLOG today...if you wanna check it out its

Saturday, January 22, 2011

For a while now this journal has felt like a is busy and i just dont have the time or inclination to post...which has led to VERY boring posts. Also for a long time now ive felt my journey has been too "public" ... i let it become public...and there were times were i think i really benefitted from this. But right now im at a point where i wanna be selfish...i know some think i am a inspiration but for the moment...i wanna focus on me and me alone. Now with that...preseason for 12WBT starts tomorrow and the gyms foxy challenge starts in 3 weeks. Both the challenges finish in the last few weeks in May. So with stepping back from a lot of online going to be counting calories...i dont want to hear about points and exercise points blah blah...i wanna ingrain myself with my plan so ill be taking a break from the WW site...I will be very rarely posting anything on FB that is weight loss related...and if i do it will only be to a small group of people, best of best friends, people who are pivotal in my journey...and in fact only one person from the weight loss world will be in that group. Not to be rude to anyone but for once in my life im just gonna do whats right for me. But never fear come late may/early june ill be back with pics and progress reports!
My eating is still not great...not a normal "kazz" week...ive had a birthday celebration for myself...our manager bought pizza for lunch yesterday and i havent had a chance to go grocery shopping! Argh!!! Today im working till 5pm so not do able today either. I also forgot my bananas today. So i had fruit toast...ive got a chicken and mayonnaise roll (not many options on a saturday at the cafe) and tonite will be a yiros...not a awful day but definitely a bit overloaded on the carbs (i try and keep my carbs under 40% of my total food) But tomorrow i am will organise food. Michelle Bridges also has a one week food plan in her crunchtime gonna try and MOSTLY follow it. So tonite ill write the good old shopping list and go out tomorrow and get all the bits and pieces i need. Then tomorrow nite i will register for preseason for michelles 12WBT program.

Last nite i went to the gym (YAY for me gymming it on a friday nite!) my aim was to push hard in cardio and burn 500 calories. Well i started on the bike and rowed 1145 metres in 5 minutes WOOT (3 minutes at level 5 and 2 minutes at level 10)..then did 5 minute intervals altering between level 3 & 10 on xtrainer...then 3 minutes on the versaclimber...then 18 minutes on the treadmill of intervals of 1 minute running at 7km/hr and then walking for 2 minutes at 5km/hour...i then went back to the versaclimber for 3.5 minutes...then 5 more minutes of the intervals on the xtrainer then 2 minutes at level 10 on the rower (rowed 459 metres!) and then did my physio exercises. Not counting the physio exercises i burnt 617 calories in under 58 minutes which i was super impressed with. My average heart rate for the entire time was 81% :) 36 minutes of it my heart rate was 85% or higher. Yeh its true i rock! LOL

Ill see how i feel tomorrow i may go in and do another cardio workout tomorrow. So far this week i have burnt 3012 aim was 3500 im not too far off it. I will prolly also go for a easy walk wont be big calories...more so i make sure i do something after working all day. Even tho the scales are still sitting at 103.6 kilos this morning my aim is still to be under 100.9 kilos by february 18th. Now i know i can burn high calories with different cardio equipment im just gonna. So i think doing the cardio sessiosn once a week with fiona will be good cos then i can copy what she gets me to do...obviously i prolly wont go as hard as she gets me too (thats human nature) but im impressed after last nites go.

Alright off i go .... enjoy all!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

I again havent posted much over the last few days ;) Four days into the week and i have burnt over 2300 calories so far. Tonite i went to the gym...and fiona flogged me on the cardio equipment. Actually I did pretty good on the rower...we ended up doing a few minutes on level 10 so i was rather impressed. Then we did some on the xtrainer...varying between level 3 using arms and legs....and then level 10 using just legs....then the versaclimber...which i friggin died on! But in 30 minutes i burnt 335 pretty damn awesome. Fiona suggested i do 3-5 minutes going hard core on a piece of equipment like rower or xtrainer....then 5 minutes just walking or cycling then go back and do another 3-5 minutes hardcore etc. So i will give that a whirl tomorrow arvo. Fiona is also gonna write me a additional weights program to do on my own so i keep up the weights...she thinks this is a good idea at the completely change up what i have been doing.

Oh i am signing up for michelle bridges 12WBT...sign up opens on sunday super excited about it! Think i will get a lot of valuable info out of it!

Not much else going on....have a good nite all!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sometimes i get in these "moods" for want of a better word where i need to kinda isolate myself a lil in relation to my journey. Not that there is anything wrong with it...there isnt but i have a very bad habit of comparing myself to others...whether its kilos lost, cms lost, exercise ... whatever....its quite a bad habit of mine and over the last few weeks i have been doing it again.

That said all is good....when i got on the scales this morning they said 103 kilos and a loss of 800 grams....i then went to the gym...did 35 minutes of cardio...45 minute zumba class..45 minute body balance class...then weighed in at the gym...and low and behold there scales said 102.5 kilos (normally my scales are about 400 grams LESS then theirs) when i got home i jumped on mine...and yep it said 102.5 kilos hope it stays that low by tomorrow morning! LOL

I was walking along the gym corridor and the assistant manager stopped me and commented on my weight loss and told me "we are all so happy for you...everytime i see you your clothes are getting looser" lol so that was really nice! Fiona also videotaped me running today so her and my physio will hopefully study that and will work out the best way to ensure my foots strong enuff to train for the city to bay.

Anyway not much else going to bed!

Monday, January 17, 2011

YAY its finally MY weekend!! Its been a very long 10 days. In the last seven days i have worked 56 combine that with the gym and everything rather planning to sleep in tomorrow and prolly laze in bed till mid morning...sounds heavenly!

Went to the gym...was rather impressed...i worked out for 70 minutes. 30 minutes was doing a PT session of resistance. I firstly did 15 minutes on the xtrainer and burnt 170 calories in 15 minutes. Then my physio told fiona i can jog!! YAY Actually what she said was jog with a band around my id look like a big old dork so i decided against that ;) So after PT i went on the incline (not allowed to yet) and had the speed at only 4km so very slow...but i jogged non stop for 11 minutes (which i was super impressed with) i only stopped cos i was running out of going back tomorrow and going to do at LEAST 20 minutes but will aim for 30 minutes. SO altogether i burnt 538 calories today with my exercise...super impressed.

Tomorrow im going in to the gym to do 45-60 minutes cardio...then 45 minutes of zumba...and then 45 minutes of body balance. and THEN a weigh busy gym day!

But for now its 9.30pm and im off to catch up on some sleep...enjoy ur tuesday all!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Well I feel much better today. I think getting to at least 4000 calorie burn over the next few weeks is definitely doable. I am eternally glad i have that heart rate monitor cos without it i wouldnt have figured it out! Now im excited to think i am going to be able to work towards getting that calorie burn up...and im going to religiously do these physio exercises so i can hopefully get back to the running and the treadmill sooner rather then later. I would really like to be able to go for walks in the evening but ive been told no walking in hilly areas....a lot of my area is hilly and i know i should really wait till the foot is healed. But so friggin frustrating! That said tonite i mite do Jillians kickboxing dvd....i cant do it all as the jumping stuff i cant do...(prolly the stuff that gets my heart rate up the most) but i know how to modify so they are low impact moves. Thats prolly the most frustrating part that walking on incline and running at this stage is out of the question. I just thought i downloaded the music for a couple of body combat, body pump and RPM releases...i am pretty sure 30 minutes of boxing moves could get my heart rate up.

Okies off to finish my work day...kangaroo burgers for dinner tonite!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Right...think my head is on straight now lol

I need to change somethings. Yanno at the start of the year i looked at my calories burnt at the end of the year...i knew that my calories had gone downn that i was burning...and recalculated my calories...according to michelle bridges i should be eating 1209 calories and by jillian 1440 calories. So i had been trying to do 1250-1350 calories per day as i thought that was a median. Initially that was fine. But thursday I did a PT session for a hour of boxing...I also did later a 45 minute body pump class and 45 minute RPM class. Yesterday i was starving and as i mentioned on a early post...i ate more then i wanted too. It led me to question things. Am i eating enuff? Why is my calorie burn so low etc etc. Anyway its done my head in again today...ive eaten 1434 up a bit but i felt content and i did eat healthy. Anyway amongst my stressing i messaged fiona and said do u think i need to up my intensity or do i need to exercise more days per week? (generally i exercise 4 days a week currently) so anyway fiona is like are you increasing ur intensity with ur cardio...and LO AND BEHOLD ive realised since when i stopped running due to my sore foot i really havent been doing much cardio. I generally do RPM at the most 2 x 45 minute sessions per on a good week a 45 minute body combat session...thats ONLY 2.25 hours of cardio per week (add 30-60 minutes for my boxing PT sessions) so at the ABSOLUTE most ive been only doing 3.25 hours per week. No freaking wonder why my calories burnt have gone down. So anyway fiona thinks i need to do more cardio (and i agree) and i also asked fiona whether i should be at the gym more and wondered if i should be exercising 6 days a week...she thinks i should increase by one day and do 5 days per week. Sooooooooooooo with that said...its time to work out a plan and of course it will be different each week...this week the fact i am working till 5.30pm and cant get to the gym till 6.30pm makes it harder too. So this is what ill try to do:

monday: 30 minute weight session (PT) + 30 minutes cardio (5 minutes step climber + 20 minutes bike on interval training program level 3 + 5 minutes rower)
tuesday: 30 minute kickboxing class + 45 minute body balance + (5 minutes step climber + 20 minutes bike on interval training program level 3 + 5 minutes rower) + 45 minute studio cycle class
wednesday: (5 minutes step climber + 20 minutes bike on interval training program level 3 ) + 45 minute RPM class
thursday: (5 minutes step climber + 20 minutes bike on interval training program level 3 + 5 minutes rower) + 30 minute weight session (PT)
friday: (5 minutes step climber + 20 minutes bike on interval training program level 3)
sunday: (5 minutes step climber + 20 minutes bike on interval training program level 3)

Alright so thats on a tough week for gym access...ive put only 30 minutes of cardio as ill build up to this (lets face it i freaking hate the cardio equipment) I think theoretically if i worked my ass off i should really hit 3000 calories (im hitting 2400-2500 calories per week at the moment) If i can do that and eventually build the cardio up to 60 minutes 4-5 times per week i can prolly hit 3500-4000 calories per week which would make a HUGE difference.. Now for this coming week...the extra 6 days of 30 minutes cardio...if i be quite conservative...i should burn 200 calories per 30 minutes (realistically it should be higher) which means i would burn a extra 1200 calories next week...which should put my calorie burn at least at 3500 calories per week...which for my weight (i know im losing most of you now but this makes sense to me! LOL) which i should be able to manage a 1 kilo loss at 1439 calories per day eaten. Realistically if i follow thru with the cardio i prolly should get closer to a 4000 calorie lets see! 1439 calories per day (altho wednesday i am going out for lunch for my birthday with my mum...i WILL go over calories that day so i need to give this a go for several weeks)

In time i hope to be able to go back to the running...and walking around my area but till my achilles is better i need to just suck it up and realise i just have to do cardio i dont love.

I think the other thing is that getting to double digits seems like such a HUGE obstacle...i really would like to be under it by my trip to sydney so i guess that has added some pressure to me ....but its like a different ball game and its a scary ballgame! I remember a few years ago a doctor telling me the most i could expect to get to was 100 kilos. Now i am only 4 kilos away from that. Last time i was under 100 kilos i was prolly about 24 years old. For years i have used my weight as a excuse...i still do...i get people on pink sofa saying they find my photo attractive etc...and i can only laugh...i dont think its that i still see myself as 170 kilos...but maybe i just dont yet see me as someone who weighs around 100 kilos?? For the last 4 years on the ww forum...i would see peoples doesnt seem that long ago that i would look at people weighing in the 140's and think how normal that weight would be! Now im approx 40 kilos below that range. When i go under 100 kilos...really the excuses are gone...and in reality they prolly have gone now. How many females in the world want to lose 30 kilos or less? Im guessing lots...Im guessing now im in a very "normal" range. The reasons to hide from life and living are really gone. And thats kinda scary. I realised long of the reasons why my fat was my "security blanket" cos if someone doesnt like me...or if i dont have a relationship...or unsuccessful at something...well i could always blame the fat! If i take that away if i fail at something or dont end up in a relationship or someone doesnt like me there has to be another reason...whether its my personality...looks...intelligence whatever...and thats a lil bit scary...could there really be things wrong with me apart from "fat". I realise there prolly is ... prolly with all of us there is cos we are all human...but its a lil more confronting to think its personality or whatever. That said tho im not stopping...i cant...i will get there...i mite not be under 100 kilos by the sydney trip...but i will get there sooner or later...and regardless the trip will still be a celebration and symbolic...of how i really CAN be living now!
Well yesterday really wasnt a good day food wise. One of the girls bought in what was called a "igor bar" to work...its like layer upon layer upon layer of sugar and i had TWO slices! Now admittedly the slices were tiny...but it seemed to start me off. I ate a good lunch which was a sandwich with roasted duck, avocado, cheese and pineapple. But THEN went out for drinks after work...i didnt drink...but they did have vegetarian pizza there...thin style...which i had 3 pieces of...which then gave me a craving for MORE pizza! I was so tempted to go buy a lil pizza just for me on the way home...but instead i went and bought stuff to make one on a tortilla shell at home...but in reality i prolly really didnt need it. That said i wasnt game enuff to jump on the scales this morning LOL but i will tomorrow (plus i was running incredibly late!)

I discoverred oats for breakfast today! I left my weetbix at home and someone had some instant oats at their i gave it a try...not too ill buy some rolled oats once my weetbix are finished and i think ill have plain ones with cinimon on them...maybe add some sultanas.

I started work at 6.30am this morning *yawns* and am working till 4.30pm...but tomorrow i dont have to wake till 7.45am ...its like a humungus sleep in! LOL

Started doing my calve stretches yesterday...because my calve is so tight tho they are really hard to do. Plus were she jabbed the crap out of it the other day its really sore still.

I did note the mothers day classic is on may 8 and the million paws walk on 15th anyone in adelaide gonna do either or both of them with me????

Thursday, January 13, 2011

its been a while since a post eh? I am so busy lately that when i have got spare time...writing in my journal just seems to much effort lol. I am doing overtime to earn lots of money for my trip to sydney. Yesterday i worked 10 was my only day off this week...tomorrow im back there for another 10 combine long work days with the on tired chicka! But i dont care im so excited about Sydney its all worth it. The flight is all organised...fiona is organise the booking for the bridge climb at the staying at the same hotel as fiona and sarah which i will book on pay day. Then my next two pay days will be earning lots of spending money! Plus i would like to buy a new camera and a ipod touch before i go.

My scales were 103.3 this morning ! so happy! I went to my lil op shop today they had ALL tops reduced to $2 so i bought 9 tops for $18 (see post below) one of the tops is a puma US size small...and it FITS it is a tight fit but still...holy moly!!

Went to the gym today...did a hour of PT with fiona...boxing the entire time. Then i went and saw nora who is the physio at the gym.She massaged the crap out of my calf and even sitting here its really sore at the moment. She gave me exercises to do at home. Basically my calf muscle is just WAY to tight. So no running, walking on a incline, walking too fast, jumping for 4 weeks. I was then telling her that i want to get back into running and i would like to train for the city to bay this year. So she told me she will give fiona her video camera and get fiona to record me running and then she will study the tape so she can work out what muscles etc need working on so we can build them up and then i can hopefully train for the city bay with success. She also said this injury im not stuck with forever...just gotta get my calve muscle untight and then it should be good. So thats good news. Afterwards her and fiona were chatting about it and as i walked past fiona said "we are talking about you" so i know fiona has all the info which is good. I then went to do body pump and the trainer (i do her class a couple of times per month) commented on my weight loss :) YAY so then i did 45 minutes of body pump then 45 minutes of RPM. In fact fiona just messaged me they are going to film me monday night so full steam ahead...YAY and she has said she also has a few rehab yay we are hopefully getting somewhere.

Not much else going on....incredibly tired and i need a very early nite! Enjoy all!

New clothes

Monday, January 10, 2011

Well another good day! I did some overtime this morning...i have organised to do 5 hours of over time this week...which gives me a extra 7.5 hours pay...which is basically a extra days pay...which considering i am working two weekends in this pay packet...a nice big fat one coming my way (boy that sounds rude!!) The ticket for the harbor bridge climb is being done this week :) and ill give Sarah the money for it next week...Fiona and Sarah are staying at a hotel for $300 for 2 i am going to book in there too. So ill be able to pay for the costs all next pay....and then the next 2 pays will just be used for spending money. im gonna keep up the overtime for those weeks...with luck i can take $1000 with me which means SHOPPING!!! What i am thinking is i will try and buy a dress or outfit or top in size 12 that i can work towards :)

Food wise pretty good altho it was our monthly "cakes to say thank you" day at work LOL i had one mini cupcake and 2 tim tams...i was still under 1500 calories so all good :) Tonite i gymmed it...burnt 652 calories...did 45 minute body combat class...10 minutes on the bike...then PT session of resistance pretty damn impressed with that. Weigh in tomorrow nite...and will also do 7 flights of body pump class.

Ok enjoy your day all!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Well im working today...worked today yesterday...but not complaining cos its all money for trip to sydney :) Normally i hate working weekends...funny how when u got something to work too its not such a issue ;) Im planning to do a bit of overtime over the next 5 weeks to get some extra cash! YAY!

"the girl" who i should stop calling that! lol her name is Jane...messaged me yesterday...we are going to try and meet for coffee on thursday. I didnt meet anyone off pink sofa in the whole of not really expecting anything except maybe making a fully expecting once she meets me she will run a mile lol

Food wise things been good still altho the scales fluctuated over was 104.3 kilos this morning...bummer about that being under 104 kilos seemed sooooooooooo close to 100 kilos LOL

Anyway not much else going on....enjoy all!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

A strange occurence...

I had a somewhat strange occurence today (and at bloomin midnight its playing on my mind so needed to write about it)

Yanno when i was 170+ kilos...i lived at the doctors office...i was there every week...whether for a cold...virus...kidney infection whatever. But everytime i went there i dreaded the appointment cos i always knew there was going to be a 90% chance i was going to walk in there and the docs bring up about my weight and me feel like a piece of crap. Its prolly one of the most confronting things. I remember one doc (a female) bought it up...i told her "i dont know where to start or how to do it" ... her response? "do something about it and then ill help you" .... hmmmm most illogical arrogant doctor i met.....nearly as arrogant was the doctor who told me doing it via ww and losing only a kilo a week was too slow and i should be doing the optifast drinks. (i wrote to the AMA about it him. boo!)

Anyway...onto today... so i had to go to the i generally always see the same doc...on regular basis he updates how much weight i have lost its all over my file lol and my weight has not been bought up by a doctor for about 2 years. Anyway my doc is helping me get on a care plan so i can get a dietician for 5 sessions at a discounted rate. So firstly i had to see a nurse for the paper work...i walk in there and straight away i get the feeling like im in the way or im pulling her away from her real work. She starts to do the paperwork...weighs me...checks my height (which she reckons im now only 172cm not 175cm!! dont think i believe that)...then she goes to measure my my waist isnt huge when you consider things...ideally it should be under 83cms and it was 94cms....well this woman turns around to me and goes " you have got big hips ... child bearing hips" and i swear i have never felt fatter then i did right then. I felt like it was 4 years earlier and i was feeling like a fat slob. I kinda laughed it off cos i didnt know what else to say....but i realised this woman was prolly thinking...another fatty who wants to lose weight but prolly wouldnt.

Then we continued with the question "what have you done to date to lose weight" now i was feeling about 1cm high at this stage...but i knew this was nothing to be ashamed i tell her "well at my highest i have weighed 173.1 kilos...i started with i eat as much non processed as i can and train with my personal trainer 3 times a week and am at the gym 4-5 times per week" well blow me down her whole attitude towards me changed. She must have complimented me 4 times...told me how amazing she found i proved that weight loss can be done. It was like i was talking to a different woman...and she was treating me like a different person...yet im the same person with the same 94cm no different physically...but to her i was. its been the biggest reminder that ive had for a long time of how my life has changed. The first part of that appointment was how people treated and thought of me 4 years ago...the second part was how people treat and see me today...yet i didnt change within that hour i was still the same person. Makes me feel really sad for all the large people out there who haven't been as lucky as me and made the change....that still feel like that when visiting the doctors :(

Friday, January 07, 2011

Lots of news!!!

Well lawdie where to start! Firstly....turns out with "the girl" it was a case of mistaken identity. She said she is still interested in getting to know me. So we will wait and see.

I went to the gym yesterday...walked in and Sarah (who is fionas best friend) is like " are you coming to Sydney with us? Don't let the team down" i was like...."ummm no?" i was thinking didnt know i was invited LOL...then when training sarah came in again and said..."karyns letting the team down"...anyway then we trained...and OMG i have lost so much fitness its depressing :( i felt like i was dying .... anyway did a hour of boxing/weights and felt like i was going to die. Then as i left the gym Sarah bought up sydney again i was like "lemme look at dates etc" they are going to be there the morning of the 18th till the morning of the 20th...i cant get there till the evening of the 18th...but on the 19th (the saturday) we are going to meet up and at night we are going to do the harbor bridge climb!!! I told fiona it would be just like a PT session lmfao!!! So anyway i came home today and booked the flights!!! Woooo hoooo!!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. Then sunday i wont go home till that ill have the day im planning to meet Mel of the WW forums for either brunch or lunch....mite get a bit of shopping in as well! LOL

Im stunned...last time i went to Sydney was awful...worst friggin holiday i have ever had....was not long after me and Ang had split...i really didnt wanna go (this was really when my depression got bad) and was a completely miserable holiday...this holiday is going to be great! On my scales at home this morning i weighed 104.1 kilos...i have 6 weeks to go....if i can lose 4.2 kilos and get under double digits this would be the perfect celebration....and it kinda seems right that fiona would be doing the climb with me since she has had so much impact on my success at this weight loss caper.

So right now...2011 truly seems to be my so also thinking a week in brisbane visiting family whilst on my long service leave in august or september. Its feels like all these things happening...normally happen to other people...but theyre happening to one happy girl today....bit like a over excitable puppy dog going out for a walk LOL

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Well another good food day today...1237 calories and i ate really well...really clean im super impressed, even better it is after dinner and i am content. And the good news this morning the scales were down to 104.2 a drop overnight of 500 grams (GO ME) I did my physio exercises at the gym last nite,,,and it seemed to help my foot a hopefully if i keep doing that each time i go to the gym it will keep improving.

I got another message from that girl today...she was disappointed i think that i didnt remember her....apparantly she saw me out and i was blowing kisses...and she said she felt chemistry and was staring but that a friend of mine busted her staring. i have absolutely NO idea where this was at...and i feel a lil bad that she is disappointed. She then told me that she didnt think she would be my type as she is slightly butch (unbeknown to her i find butch women sexy as hell lol) her membership has now gone basic which means she cant message we will see what happens. If nothing else I guess it has taught me that I can be attractive to someone (which is bloody news to me! lol) and maybe it means i am not destined to be single and dateless for the rest of my life!

Back for my first PT session of the year tomorrow...and its a double PT session at that! LOL wish me luck!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Interesting Evening....

Well what a frigging interesting evening i have had! I went to the gym...jumped on the cross trainer and came to the conclusion that was too painful on my foot. So i went on the heart rate monitor...shows me graphs when im in zone 1 (65-74%), zone 2 (75-84%) and zone 3 85% and i would cycle my little heart out...till it got to zone 3...stay there for 1 minute....then slow down till my heart rate went under 130 then i would go hard again...watching the the time and heart rate made the time go i did my cardio...then went to weigh in. WELLLLLLLLLLLLL! LOL over the last 3 weeks i had lost 100 grams...but my body fat percentage went up and my centimetres went up! LOL See what 2.5 weeks away from the gym does to me? Altho i do think im retaining some fluid as eve will remeasure me next week. So her big message was "drink more water" lol She also was telling me michelle bridges has a new book coming out soon about losing the last 5 kilos...and she thinks i should read any info i can on that topic (i mentioned Jillian has a book too) so that i have plenty of info for putting a plan into place for the last 5-10 kilos. (seriously can you believe we are even discussing that????) Anyway so she asked me my goal for the year and i told her 30 kilos...which she believes i can lose this year. i then went and did the studio cycle class...the standing when cycling did hurt my achilles but i survived it lol. So i burnt 853 very very happy with that! Also ate only 1199 calories today and im not hungry! GO ME! I ate really well...all non processed foods so very happy with that.

Then i came home...and there was a message on pink sofa for me from a girl who messaged me over the this is part of the message:

"I posted that photo to see if you actually recognised me!!! have i got you intrigued??? I have actually smiled at you in real life and I was wondering if you would actually recognise me, you have the most mesmerising smile, it took my breath away, I hope at this stage you are actually smiling and not scratching your head thinking that you have a stalker :) ok i will give you a little hint you were out with your friends :))) still guessing"

I dont recognise her photo and have NO idea who it suspecting maybe a friends ex or something...which of course if thats the case not something i would persue. But she seems very nice so far. So the princess has a bit of mystery in her life at the moment! Maybe this is a good sign for the year to come???

Also got my book by Jackie Warner finally!!! Cant wait for thursday morning...i am off and plan on lying in bed reading her book bahahahhahah!!! Oh and new season of US biggest loser tonite weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Back to the gym...

Well this morning on my scales i was 104.7 kilos...only 200 grams above the lowest that I was in December so YAY. Will be interesting to see what the scales say when i weigh in at the gym tonite. I think i will have a gain or a loss of only a couple of hundred grams with luck. We will also do measurements and eve did mention on last years last session of working out the measurements i have lost over the last 12 months so with luck we will do that. Then ill hit those blooming stairs, the stair climber and do some work on the xtrainer before i do the cycle class...and maybe body pump with luck (presuming cycle class doesnt go over time) Was in bed early-ish last nite about 9pm.

Im also hoping AGAIN that my blooming Jackie Warner book arrives...fingers was despatched on 14/12/10 so with xmas holidays etc it will hopefully arrive this week sometime YAY. Im still debating doing michelle bridges 12WBT...not for the exercise component but i heard she does a lot of stuff on the mindset and also for the nutrition side...we will wait and see my thoughts on it change on a daily basis.

Okies off i go...4 hours of work then back to the gym for me!!!

Monday, January 03, 2011

This weeks exercise plan

So i have come to the conclusion i really need to up the ante on my exercise. According to michelle bridges (and i am considering doing 12WBT) if i burn 3000 calories per week which is my current average...i should be eating only 1209 calories per day. My problem is currently with my foot i cant do a lot of running and jumping. So i really need to focus on the exercising i CAN do. So here is this weeks exercise plan:

t - 30 minutes stair climber/cross trainer + 45 minute cycle class + hour body pump
w - 45 minute RPM class + 60 minute body balance class
t - 1 hour PT boxing or weights + 45 minutes body pump + 45 RPM
f - 30 minutes PT boxing or weights + 45 minutes body pump + possibly swimming friday afternoon
s - jillians kick boxing dvd
s - jillians kick boxing dvd

I really need to get 6 days of exercise in or ill never meet the calorie burn i want. Theres no real reason not to be at the gym 6 days per week. i think each sunday nite ill list the next weeks exercise plan.

This weeks exercise wont see me hit 5000 calories but maybe 3500 or so...i may just need to work up to it slowly.

Anyways thats the plan...back to the gym tomorrow...time to get this weight MOVING!!!

Ahhh the repurcusions of no gym for a couple of weeks...

So after finally getting up at nearly 2.45pm yesterday i was back in bed by 8pm!! Dunno what the hell is going on with me lol I then woke at 3am with a sore lower back...its still a lil sore. But i know thats due to lack of exercise...i use to get a sore lower back every morning before i joined the gym...within a week or so at the gym the pain was gone so i know once i am back at the gym it will be a lot better! And i am back at the gym tomorrow! YAY! Tomorrow i will see eve and weigh in...prolly do 30-60 minutes of cardio and then the studio cycle class. I would stay and do the body pump class but i have work at 7am the next day and last time i did the 7am starts i got overtired so going to try and avoid that.

The scales were 105.3 this morning...very happy with this. But came to work...(yes on a public holiday!) bought 125 grams of blueberries (yum yum) and and my uncle toby cereal but didnt bring lunch and the cafeteria isnt open :( luckily some of the boys are going to bakers delight...not the best choice (havent eaten anything from there in years!) asked them to get me a bacon and cheese roll which is under 300 calories which will have to do. Puts my percentage of carbs up at 58% for the day tho! oops! Will have to have a big dose of protein for dinner tonite to try and bring things back inline.

Not much else going more sleep and back to the gym...have a good day all!!

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Well last nite i could have eaten a cow! LOL I figured the diet coke demon is back. So time to cut it out again. So i havent had any since yesterday lunchtime. This morning i woke exhausted. I ended up staying in bed and sleeping till nearly 2.45pm when i woke hadnt eaten a damn thing. So i got up and had some cereal then a banana and berry smoothie.

I found a new yummy snack! A banana with 2 teaspoons of peanut yummy!!!

Im so ready for tuesday...weigh in...draw that line in the sand and get back into the gym. And of course on tuesday i better register myself for the foxy challenge.

Ok thats it for today...back to work for me tomorrow...enjoy all!

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Last nite saw me have my yummy salad then do a 6km walk :) This morning i got up and did day 1 of Jillians 30 day shred. I had to modify a the cardio is a lot of jumping and thats a bit rough on the old foot...but rest of it went good...its a pretty full on work out but only 20 minutes so completely doable.

After hoping to be no more then 106.4 kilos on January 1...i was only 105.7 i was very happy as that (especially as i was 106.3 on the 30th)...4.8 kilos till its 70 kilos lost so thats my focus not the lure of "double digits"

So i figured out how to upload images of my overview of daily tracking. Pretty impressed with todays effort. All tracked including dinner. I am aiming for 1460 calories per day and this puts me at 1450. YAY ME. I am also aiming at 30-40% protein with 30% i did pretty good in that area too YAY ME twice over lol

Enjoy your first day of the year!