Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feeling better :)

Well i feel better today. I decided to go back to calorie cycling. Before i was doing slim (and this didnt occur to me till yesterday) i was only having 4 carb serves per day...on slim i was having 6...i think for me and the fact i have PCOS to have 6 serves every day is too much. So back to having 4 carb serves a day...that also puts my ratio of protein/carbs much better (i checked yesterday and i was having around 50% carbs,,,,when before i would aim for 30-40% carbs,,,and was only 24% protein....Jillian recommends for me 30% fat, 30% protein and 30-40% carbs so i will go back to what i know. So i have calorie cycled....cos i decided this part way thru the day and yesterday should have been only 1200 calories...i had to do a change for dinner...ended up making a 12WBT menu...was meatballs with tomato sauce...35 grams of pasta and mushrooms...super yummy was only 210 calories and it filled me up :) YAY. Today im having 1600 have to eat a lil bit more then i have been eating ... ive tracked all the food...33% carbs and 17% protein....not really where i want it to be...will have to work on getting a lil more protein into my plan...but im much happier with where the carbs are sitting at :)

I couldnt believe that temptation last could they not offer them any healthy food? Lara only ate 440 calories over 24 i find the extremes of it so of the reasons why i prefer the US biggest loser they dont do that many temptations.

I reported a leaking shower to my landlord like 6-7 weeks ago FINALLY a plumber called me...BUT i dont have a weekday off till 15/4/11 so will have to wait for then.

Turns out this weekend is getting busy! LOL A get together with some of the girls for friday nite...they are going out to dinner and then the wheaty...i will prolly just go to the wheaty tho as thats my 1200 calorie day...then saturday nite going to go out for dinner with jaimee then there is a farewall for a few of the trainers in the city which we will pop in for.

Not much else going on...have a fab day all!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weigh in :(

Well last nites weigh in was a disaster to say the least. The new food coach seems very nice...and im sure she is a nice person...but its like starting completely again. Explaining my beliefs etc on things....most of the time i weighed in with eve...i did my own thing...its only the last 6 weeks ive been doing slim. I told her that i have a "issue" with diet coke....that i always have better losses the weeks i dont drink it. She told me whilst we are all genetically wired different...there is no scientific proof about this only "theories"....i then explained i had read Jillians book and basically avoid artificial sweeteners, and dont really eat any low fat food except low fat dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt) she then asked what jillians book says about the artificial sweeteners and i avoid them like the plague. I just got a feeling she prolly thought i was some crazy lady LOL. I then weighed in and GAINED. Admittedly it was only 400 grams but in the 6 weeks ive been doing slim my losses have been like this :

week 1 : lost 100 grams
week 2 : lost 4.6 kilos
week 3 : gained 100 grams
week 4 : gained 500 grams
week 5 : lost 900 grams
week 6 : gained 400 grams

So if you look at the last 4 weeks i have basically gained 100 grams...yay glad for all the food i have avoided and all the exercising i have done *insert major sarcasm here*

I really do not know what to do...she wants to see my food diary next week and said to "test my theory" on the diet coke. I will increase my fruit this suppose to have 3 pieces and often only have one per day....everything else has been correct and to the plan. And while i would love to freaking chuck everything in at the moment ill give it a go for one more week....but if i have a gain next week i think ill not continue weighing in at the gym...i could weigh in at home for a gain! So after that didnt stay at the gym at didnt work out...nada...not a thing...i was planning to do step and body pump....but i was beyond pissed off last still pissed off and really wonder if i am wasting my time with these weigh ins...hopefully i can get my headspace in the right place. The only good thing was last nite getting takeaway was incredibly tempting! But i didnt...i had my normal dinner... :)

One nice thing was eve sent me a message to check how i went at weigh in LOL...which was real sweet...couldnt give her good news tho :( There is a farewell for some of the trainers from the gym this saturday date for me and jaimee...go out for some dinner then will pop into there (such a social butterfly ;))

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some good news :)

Went to the gym last nite....walked in to the toilets fiona comes out saying we need to have our photo taken. What i hadnt mentioned on my blog...was a few weeks ago fiona mentioned the gym is creating a "PT board" where they are going to be putting some of the PT clients on it and i am apparantly first! lol So we had to go have our photo taken...was taken of my on the rower...and i have to answer a few questions on things like what i have accomplished with PT (obviously weight loss but thats a hard question!) and what i would tell others about PT etc i am sure once its up on the wall i will let everyone know and mite even manage to get a photo of it.

Last nite i did the 30 minute abs express class...then 45 minutes of body combat (seriously my favourite class!) and then 30 minutes of torture with fiona....did run 1km (in intervals) which took me 8 mins 46 so yet another time to try to improve on! Im enjoying have "times" etc to aim for....its a bit better then aimlessly wandering around the cardio area lol

I do have something else i wanna write about but at this stage not quite ready too...its a damn shame blogger doesnt allow you to either hide certain posts...or allow only certain people to see some of them...oh well...that stuff will have to stay in my head for another time!!

Not much else going on...weigh in tonite with the new weigher. Cant say i am looking forward to it at all. Really not fond of having to get to know someone new. I will see how tonite goes and what the results are...if i wasnt doing the foxy challenge at all...there would only be 5 weigh ins after tonite tho...after that who knows mite go back to weighing in at home...will wait and see

Sunday, March 27, 2011

More pics :)

How funny....the smaller i get the more pics i take! oh well deal with it lol!! So this is me at 97.2 kilos...73.7 kilos lost. The jeans are size 18 from the "normal" section at katies...and the tank top a size XL also from the "normal" section from another store. The side view and back view is really not overly really a case of bum, stomach and things here i am! LOL



Saturday, March 26, 2011

My exercise and eating plan :)

I get questions at times in my FB inbox with questions on how I am doing things...I always reply (and am more then happy to reply) but I thought I might start using some of those questions as prompts for blogposts. Just keep in mind...i do what works for me...i am not saying what i do is right for anyone else but me....but its working so i will share ;)

So here is the first question:
I am amazed at your weight loss progress. What are you doing to lose weight. It appears to me that you are always in the gym or doing some kind of exercise. What kind of diet are you following. Please share if you would.

So firstly my diet. My diet has evolved from the days of when i started ww. When i started ww i ate a LOT of processed foods. At that stage i worked afternoon shift so was having dinner at work which meant things that were easy....every night i either ate subway or a dolmio frozen meal....and i remember tuesdays for lunch was always a big fat sausage roll!! lol Overtime ... late 2009/early 2010 i started to read up a lot on diet. Initially i started with Jillians book "Master your metabolism" which basically is about control your hormones and you will control your weight loss. And how do you do that? By cutting out processed foods! Then i read some books on how processed foods are designed to make you want more...and enter a never ending cycle and also how many healthy bought options really arent that healthy. I then started reading books on your "hunger cycles" and even ventured into reading on being a vegan. What i got from all these books was a few i really needed to cut back on processed foods (or even elminate them)...two wherever possible i wanted to eat organic....three i understood more about WHY i get cravings at times and even allowing myself to "give in" (for want of a better word) at times to them and four i needed to focus on variety. Anyway my point is its kinda evolved. Last year i counted calories...i still count calories in essence but its thru my gyms eating program at the moment and is 1200-1500 calories per day. My average day looks like this"

breakfast : 1.5 weetbix + 1/4 cup natural muesli + 3/4 cup berries + 1 cup milk

snack : 1/2 cup cottage cheese + 1 slice of grain bread + 1 banana

lunch : 45 grams ham + 2 slices grain bread + salad + 1/2 tablespoon mayo

snack : protein shake made with 200mls milk

dinner : 120-170 grams protein + roasted tomatos (usually cherry tomatos, onions, capsicum, mushrooms etc) + 2 tablespoons uncook barley + teaspoon of olive oil

once or twice a week ill have a diet coke and saturday nights i splash out and have a yiros (i am a rebel i tell u!! lol)

I would never recommend someone just go eat what i eat....i would REALLY recommend making slow changes. As you can see from it tho...there is very lil processed food in my diet.

Sometimes with our eating we need to look outside the not a big vegetable eater...i will never sit down to a serve of carrots, peas and pumpkin....but my roasted vegies i really love.

As to my shifts at work change every week so it does depend on my shifts. I do religiously always try to work in my 3 PT sessions per week...and if one week i can only make 2 sessions (which does happen at times) then ill organise 4 sessions the week before or the week after. As to what my PT sessions are...they have changed various times over the last 2.5 years....previously we have done core sessions...and boxing, both of them we arent doing at the moment. My big focus is currently cardio as it seems to really be helping shaping my body and getting some two sessions per week are cardio. Fiona basically throws me on different pieces of cardio equipment (rower, xtrainer, bikes, versaclimber, treadmill etc) and generally we do intervals....but we have also lately been doing lots with the rower -and lets not forget we do a lot of stair climbing too. Hate to say this out loud....cos its so not im kinda okay at the currently we just keep trying to increase my time on the rower rowing 2 kilometres. First time i did it was 9 mins 43 today i managed it in 8 mins 58 secs the ULTIMATE i guess would be under 8mins 30 seconds but i cant really see that happening lol. The other PT session per week is weight work and its a new program every 6 weeks. In relation to what else i do i like to do at least one body balance, one body pump and one body combat class in per week. Where possible i will fit in other classes and at least 1-2 times per week ill try and do interval running on the treadmill for 25 mins or so. And that is basically it. Really im not at the gym as much as everyone thinks (in fact i always feel like a hypocrite when people say i am a exercise not just a nut ;) )...its only 4 days a week and to be honest i dont think its excessive and the never happy with me part of me constantly thinks i should increase it to 5-6 days per week....but they dont have any classes i really like on wednesday and fridays (body attack anyone???) which is why i avoid those days. And that is basically my eating and exercise huge secrets....and no over the top exercising (well not in my opinion) the one thing i would say it took me 2.5 years to work up to my exercise in the beginning i only did one PT session per week and that was the only day I entered the gym! A year ago i was only just starting to attend classes.

So there you have it .... thats my eating and exercise plan. If anyone does have any questions they would like my view on (and thats all it really is) leave a comment or send me a quick message to my FB inbox :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Such a good day :)

Ive had such a kewl evening!!!! Went to the gym...had a hour spare before PT and no class on i really wanted to i jumped on the treadmill...did 30 seconds running at 8km/h with a incline of 3% and then walked at 5.5kmph with a incline of 3% did that for 27 minutes...then i started to feel it in my ankle so jumped off. I then went and climbed 7 flights of stairs....then rowed 2kms (in 9 minutes 14 seconds) then fiona came and got me. Fiona tells me im gonna start to train to do the same fitness test the trainers at the gym are doing (one day she will click on im a weakling!!!) So part of the test is to do 2km in 8 mins 30 seconds...we will have to work on that one seeing my best time is 9 mins 8 seconds. Then the next is to bench press 75% of your body weight (holy crap!) I did 30 kilos today...but 75% will be about 75 kilos for my current weight...then she had me stand on a a cable maching....17.5 kilos on each side of the cable machine....doing squats .... which basically you end up your pulling thos weights....ultimately in the end your suppose to do 50% of your body weight on each side (haha i have a long way to go) then we did planks...basically its 10 seconds in a normal plank position then 10 seconds with your arm stretched in front of you...then do the other side.,...then same with at the back with your legs....when i did the arms each time my freaking calves cramped...must say despite my grumblings (and i do grumble!) i really like these sessions where i have something to aim seriously can you believe i am even attempting what the trainers at the gym are doing??? seriously thats insane!!! But so cool as well!!!

Got my foxy tshirt today....size 16 fitted style...and it fits!! YAY!!

The planning for the trip is starting to come along nicely....I think at this stage I will leave australia august 17 and leave LA to come home september 12. I have suddenly become a travel nerd living on flight websites!! LOL And bonus work is offering overtime gonna do a extra 8 hours next up the overtime a lil :) And im hoping to fit in a concert to see rascal flatts i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee them!! And they are in al-bur-kur-keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on sept 6 so it would be kewl to go see them with Jody if she is up for it ;)

Anyway i am one tired girl ..... have a good friday all....the weekend is nearly here!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Well i feel much better tonite!!!! I made some decisions (finally lol). Decided firstly i am going overseas around september!! OMG how exciting!!! Im hoping to spend some time visiting jody but havent spoken to her yet...also hoping to spend a few days in LA (universal studios, attending bob harper spin class!!) and a few days also in san francisco (wanna do the cruise to alcatraz cos i love all that kinda crap!!) Ive priced the flights and they are in my price week i am planning to go get my passport ($226!!!) then come January I am going to do the course. I am also starting to think about a trip with some of the ww girls to auckland late next year :)

On saturday at the gym fiona got me to row 2km on the rower. She did it recently in 9 mins. So did it on saturday in 9 mins 43 seconds....then last nite she got me to do it again...this time 9 mins 15 seconds....and then tonite i did it AGAIN...and hit 9 mins 8 seconds!!! So yay :) I cant believe im getting close to fionas time lol. Last nite i also did body how i manage to do all the jumping in that class now....burnt a nice 430 calories in 45 minutes ;) and a total of 830 calories for the day.

Today i went for weigh in...and lost 900 grams....and still i was disappointed! LOL I was really hoping for a kilo...only 100 grams off it but DAYAM i wanted it!! lol So total loss now is 73.7 kilos. And 21.2 kilos to goal....woooo hoooo!!!! It was of course mine and eves last slim session....she gave me a card with some stuff she wrote inside it...certainly pulled at the heart strings :)

Okay im tired....there was prolly some other stuff i wanted to write about but the princess is buggered (thats what happens when u wake at 5am thanks to council works in the street!!! argh!!!)

Friday, March 18, 2011

My brains in overdrive

lawdie....what a day yesterday turning out to be. I got a call yesterday morning from Eve who is my food coach at the basically who i weigh in with and get measured etc. She unfortunately told me she is leaving the gym and being transferred to a different branch :( I have been weighing in with her for over a year so to say i was gutted over this is the understatement of the year. Anyway last nite i went to the gym...spoke to Fiona briefly about it...she was telling me that the new food coach had done her degree in nutrition so i may benefit from it all :) Fiona also happened to mention they are doing a board at the gym of "PT clients" with quotes etc....apparantly its for clients that have done well...and fiona put my name forward for it so thats nice too :)

That all happened tuesday...i half wrote it up then got distracted ;) anyway on to today....

The last 12 hours my brain has been in OVERDRIVE!! lol As i think i have mentioned before i have been thinking about studying to be a personal trainer. And this is where my brain gets complicated. The course is obviously a lot of well there is a big investment of my time. Im not overly scholastic...but it is something i would really like to do. That leads to the question then of what i do with the qualifications once i have got them. From what i have seen....full time jobs in gyms are a rare occurence and i would need to at least start in a gym in a part time role. Which obviously would mean less money. The other option is to either combine that with trying to build my own client base outside of the gym. Which as i currently dont drive or own a car would mean either be restricted to just training people in my suburb...and doing outdoor training .... or i ALSO need to get my licence and a car. I know a lot of people think well duh get your licence. But to me thats a huge thing to accomplish. So there is a multitude of things i could fail at...either of the 2 certificates required to be a personal trainer...having to get a car. The thing on my side i guess is that i am coming up due for long service leave in about 8 weeks time. I was planning to take it from august 1 to early november. Now i am thinking its better i postpone it till i have my qualifications (and car and drivers licence) and then use the long service leave as a time to try and establish whether i could build a client base or get enough work via a gym to actually be able to leave my current employer. So its all freaking complicated!!! The other thing i could look at is trying to get a position with my current employer that isnt shift work...just 9-5 or something....then i could have some regularility and try and build a client base in my free time....see its all friggin complicated!! lol Not as simple as just doing the study!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

pic time!!

i threw on a skirt and tshirt this morning and looked in the mirror and was happy with how i looked....think i even look "normal" in it deserved a pic :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I weighed in and was good and bad news. My body fat did a huge drop from 41.8% to 38%!!! First time its been under thats good news. centimetre wise i lost 10cms over the last two over the last month i lost 27.5 cms. So thats all impressive right? But after gaining 100 grams last week i gained 500 grams this week UGH!!! Admittedly TOM is due over the next 3-4 days. So i spoke to eve and we agreed to change the afternoon im suppose to have a dairy serve and a piece of fruit. Im overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yoghurt!!! So this week....prolly thursday I will get some protein shake powder (gonna be lazy and just get the isowhey one at the gym) and have that with some berries in the afternoon. Im also gonna do no diet coke for this week....and ill make 2-3 recipes out of michelle bridges cookbook (as long as they are under 350 calories) so will make those changes and then see what happens....hopefully i can manage a loss next week or i may seriously lose the plot!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

The scales and food :(

I really don't know if not having scales at home is helping me.The first 4-5 of the week i am fine....stress free....then the last 2 days im in absolute panic mode. I have no freaking idea where i am with things...and cant say i like it at all. Visions of me walking in and gaining tomorrow nite is all i have got. Im also concerned that maybe the slim plan is just too restrictive for me. my average food day is turning out to be:

b - 1.5 weetbix + 1/4 cup muesli + 3/4 cup berries + milk
s - 3 vita weets with 1/2 cup cottage cheese
l - ham, cream cheese/avocado, and salad sandwich
s - banana
d = 120 grams protein (raw) plus vegetables and 1 tablespoon of barley (raw)

Its not a great deal of food...and i have been peckish this week. Admittedly this week TOM is due. It works out about 25 ww points (i think from memory) which i know according to ww is not works out to be about 1300 calories. I guess it really depends what the scales say tomorrow nite. Im praying i lose a lil even 100-200 grams i would be happy with. with that amount of food i also did 3 body balance classes last week, 1 body pump, 2 body combats, one hour cardio with fiona plus a 65 minute walk yesterday. Part of me does wonder if its enough food for my today i was peckish and yesterday i did the 65 minute walk and body balance (keeping in mind body balance isnt a real cardio burner) then compare to michelle bridges plan she keeps them at 1200 calories per day and they try and burn around 500 calories a day with exercise.

But will see what the scales say tomorrow nite.

Tomorrow nite im gonna get back on that treadmill and run a lil too :) If i really do wanna build up to being able to run...apart from the fact i need to lose more .... i also need to come up with a plan of attack (i really didnt take to c25k) oh well thats a decision for another day!!!

I do wonder if i should just not weigh for a month or so....yanno try and relax and just focus on the exercise side 1500 calories....exercise like a fiend....and then see what happens....its all too hard!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

life isn't perfect...

...and I dont say that in a bad way!! When i was bigger one of the main goals was to get a gf...73 kilos later i still dont have one (im not whinging trust me!!!) but what i am realising is life doesnt turn out perfect because your are smaller. I know thats said often and i truly believed my life would be perfect when smaller. How could it not be??? Wasnt my weight the cause of ALL my problems??? But what I have realised is I am still the same person....and quite likely the reason i dont have a relationship is cos i am not "out there enough" to meet someone who might be mildly interested. But while life isnt perfect i am "happy" these days....and I dont mean i put a smile on my face and act happy for people....its just a quiet, even smug happiness , inside me. My life isnt just work, sleep, eat. My evenings are mostly busy with the gym (altho sometimes im not loving it lol mostly i enjoy it lol) and i think life is just start to open a lil more for me. Getting out in the fresh air is what I want more...its amazing to think of all the "outdoor" things i can do...if i choose. Whether its joining a team sports....climbing mt lofty with friends...learning to riding....going to the beach....all these things (and more) are in reach....where as long ago they were so far out of reach it was like a life aint perfect but it is pretty dandy these days :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Things are changing. I have said that before but I notice it more and more lately. Certain friendships seem to be changing...its not necessarily a bad thing...but its different... ive always been a big believer that some people come into your life for a set time...and some become more permanant. But we all consistently change. I certainly would like to make some new friends who are more active...getting out in the sunshine more...and i think really thats just part of this journey. If my work life allowed for it (it doesnt!) i would certainly start to think about a team sports (yes i really said that) no idea something that would just get me out there and meeting more people who are headed in a similar direction.

Went to the gym this morning and was there by 6.45 am (this should be illegal i tell yas!!) but i did a body combat class...then scooted off to work...normally dont have time to go before work but started later today. Tomorrow is my last weekend shift for 4 weeks (thankfully!!) no plans tomorrow nite....but sunday morning walking around the torrens with jaimee and roxanne at 9am then heading off to the gym for RPM and body balance and then meeting some of the ww girls at the markets for lunch.

Not much else going on...hope everyone has a good weekend!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Today has been a interesting day. I went to my fave op shop...spent $25 and walked out with 13 items....most dont fit me yet....and i bought some size 12/14's so next spring i will have clothes to wear with luck. Its rained here most of the day....I then went to the gym....jumped on that damn rower and came to the conclusion there is no way i will ever be able to row 500 metres in under 2 minutes. I would need to be able to hit 125 metres in the first 30 seconds to have a chance of it...and theres no way i can do that....oh well onto other things...

I then went and did body balance and on the treadmill for a bit....i then went and weighed in. It was only 5 days since i last weighed in and because my loss last week was so big i was really concerned with having a gain....and well i did but was only 100 now sitting at 97.6 im definitely still a double digit girl :) then had my eye brows waxed and came home.

Jumped on facebook...and saw something that didnt surprise me but still couldnt believe the gall of some people. Remember early this year someone from pink sofa messaged me saying they saw me at the casino...thought i was beautiful blah blah .... well at the time i added them to facebook....they had a number of pics with one i was suspicious she had a bf or hubby...anyone i pretty much put off meeting her cos things didnt add up. Anyway ..... today (and despite today still having "lesbian" in her pink sofa profile) she posted on her FB profile about being annoyed that her hubby wouldnt come home to deal with a flooding situation. Not really that big a deal....i was pretty sure she was involved with a male...but wow....its things like that that make me NOT a people wonder at times i treat into my cocoon ;)

Monday, March 07, 2011

Its just been one of those generally good days today :) I worked 7am-3pm today. I then dashed from work to the dietician. Now this dietician was organised via my doctor. They are a accredited dietician and i have 5 sessions this year all paid for :) Anyway she looked at my food plan on the slim program....and that got all thumbs up. Her main concern is with the amount of exercise i am doing that im getting enough dairy, protein etc to avoid injuries.

I then went to the gym where i burnt just over 1000 calories! woot!!! YAY me!!! I did a 45 minute body combat class...and i was really impressed i did all the jumping in it and i noticed in all the knee lifts i can easily lift my knees higher then just 2 weeks ago! Then I did a hour of PT with fiona. Last week for one of the foxy challenges we had to row 500 metres and i managed to do it in 2.07 minutes....anyway fiona goes of my clients is competing with you...and then she tells me the person heard i did it in 2.07 minutes so they had to beat it LOL So they managed to do it in 2 minutes! devestated i tell u!!! LOL so now i need to do it in under 2 minutes.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Life is good :)

I haven't done a decent post for a while so thought one is definitely owed.

So where are things at? Things are pretty kewl right at the moment to be honest. I started the slim food program 2 weeks ago...and have lost 5 kilos so far (really cannot complain about that!) The reality is i have been eating EXTREMELY clean. Its always been my belief that once you get to 20-30 kilos within gol...all the processed crap and artificial sweeteners in your diet wont work anymore. The only thing I still cave in a lil on is bloomin diet coke LOL Also exercise wise we have really ramped it up lately. We decided no more boxing for a lil while we have really taken that as far as we can currently when you take into account my injuries/alignment issues. So basically my PT sessions are mostly just cardio sessions on the cardio equipment combined with bloomin stair climbing *rolls eyes* Basically fiona throws me on xtrainer...rower...versaclimber...recumbent bike...and we do intervals...they vary from the lowest speed (not ENOUGH of those unfortunately lol) right up to the highest speeds (trust me neither the recumbent bike or xtrainer are fun at level 20!!!) But with these changes in my workouts the centimetres seem to be dropping on my hips and thighs (at long last) As much as I grumble during these sessions they really are doing the job. Plus lately I ahve been trying to do more different cardio classes...body attack (omg im still too big for this!)... cardio blast (pretty cool workout!)

I have tuesday and wednesday off this week...gonna go to the op shop on tuesday morning...hopefully can pick up some more bargains! Havent been there for about 8 weeks so should be some new clothes in...might even look for some size 14 winter clothes!!

In 2 weeks time I am getting my hair done...its been about a year since it has been cut lol gonna get a trim and get it cut similar how rachel in friends had it towards the end of the series. Plus a colour thru it...the colour is still up for debate...ive been told i should go "bright" lol but yanno I usually err on the side of caution LOL...

Saturday, March 05, 2011

New Dress :)

Zany Zana who is noodle66 (or is it 66noodle) on the WW forum was nice enough to offer a dress to anyone who would pay the postage. Its a gorgeous dress...anyway i put my hand up and got it :) It arrived yesterday and she wanted to see a pic so this post is mostly for her! lol

So the dress is in the pic below...the photo doesnt really do it justice...its such a pretty blue isnt a tight fit on me but I might get mum to see if she can take it in...otherwise I will pass it on to one of the Adelaide WWers....cos its really gorgeous and deserves to be worn!!

Thursday, March 03, 2011

What a day!!

Firstly THANK YOU!!! to everyone who commented on my previous posts and on my FB about getting under 100 kilos :)

its funny ive been thinking about friendships lately...when i was in sydney at one point fiona, sarah and i were picking a place to eat dinner...we kept checking different menus and fiona would ask did i wanna eat there .... i would simply say "im happy to eat wherever" and fiona was like you just go with the flow dont u??? Id never really thought about it...i mean i know i dont have a overly controlling or leading personality....but yanno i never like to make decisions like that. Its a risk. I would hate to pick a restuarant and whoever im with not like it and i waste there money. And its kinda like how i am with friendships...i never (or very rarely) suggest plans...cos there is a whole fear of rejection there....wat if they say no...what if they dont like what i choose to eat/do. Now ive known thats how I think for a fair while...I know thats why I hid from life and put on my weight initially cos thats easier then the risk of putting yourself out there and risking rejection. And i know people say im a good person, and a good personality etc but there is still that whole fear of people not wanting friendships etc

Which leads me to today....i posted on FB about the loss...on here....and people were lovely i got some fab comments :) Then i messaged mum. Now what you need to understand (from my point of view) mum is the person for 15+ years who gave me shit about my weight. When i was 13 And STILL skinny she started giving me a hard time about my weight...when i was like 15 and only a size 14 or so she dragged me to doctors about my weight. So i tell her today ive got under 100 kilos...the conversation goes like this:
kazz: im under 100 kilos!!!
Mum: Congratulations
kazz: tyty

that was the ENTIRE conversation! I have to wonder if i am being oversensitive...there was no questions about how much i lost...what i way now...that she was proud of much i have lost in the person who has given me grief about my weight for what seems like 50 million years gave me a short one word answer. people online who i have NEVER met were happier for me...its bizarre....i know my relationship with my mum will never be overly close (im not the person with the hubby and 2.5 kids like she has hoped) but wow...i was a bit blown away today (altho why im not sure...its nothing new) I thought she might be a lil more interested.

Oh well....this isnt for her...its for me!!!


Im buggered but somethings I needed to get written down ;)

Lost this week....amazing 4.9 kilos
current weight 97.5 kilos (yes finally under 100 kilos!!!)
total loss now is 73.4 kilos (only 21.5 kilos to go)
Lost 17.5 centimetres in the last 2 weeks
Over the last couple of years i have lost 206.5cm

oh and I rowed 500 metres in 2 minutes and 7 seconds as part of the foxy challenge (apparantly the quickest at the gym so far!)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Updated Pics

You might remember last november i took some pics which really didnt leave much to the imagination. Over the last few months i have noticed a few differences (altho im not sure they are obvious in the pics) my legs are still lumpy :( but they have reduced a lil...also the shape of my hips to me have smoothed out a lil...anyway thought i would update the pics...mite do it again in may/june....cos really these pics cover nothing like clothes can do LOL (the before pics are on the left side)

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Im still not over this wretched finally after being stubborn for 10 days i said i give up and went to the work today and tomorrow. i just woke up from a nap and altho I am feeling groggy as hell i do feel a lil better.

Cos im not well i cancelled tonites weigh in and will do it after PT on thursday morning. For the first time in a long time I am nervous about weighing in.I have followed the slim program to the letter but after only losing 100 grams last week I am quite apprehensive. The other thing is out of curiousity I plugged in my food for today the ww tracker (i still have etools lol) and i should be on 34 points..turns out its only 25 points. This week ive had headaches...which i thought was not enough food or this virus....mostly i have put it down to the i have to wonder. If i get a loss of only 100 grams again...well i dunno what i will may be time to reconsider things or may just be a point of having to keep sticking with things. This has been like the slowest crawl ever to get under 100 kilos LOL :) I really do miss not having scales at home...if I had them....I would have a idea of how i am going. i know i must have lost cos suddenly my trousers are loose but yanno know matter how much we say the scales arent the be all and end all....for me they are a huge indication ! Anyway will be back thursday with a update in relation to that.

Have also decided for a while no more boxing. Fiona enjoys doing our "killer cardio" sessions and i see more of a difference when doing those...and boxing well ive done it for over 2 years and with my injuries/issues we cant really take it further so it has got fiona instead will be kicking my ass on the cardio equipment ;)