Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weigh in :(

Well last nites weigh in was a disaster to say the least. The new food coach seems very nice...and im sure she is a nice person...but its like starting completely again. Explaining my beliefs etc on things....most of the time i weighed in with eve...i did my own thing...its only the last 6 weeks ive been doing slim. I told her that i have a "issue" with diet coke....that i always have better losses the weeks i dont drink it. She told me whilst we are all genetically wired different...there is no scientific proof about this only "theories"....i then explained i had read Jillians book and basically avoid artificial sweeteners, and dont really eat any low fat food except low fat dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt) she then asked what jillians book says about the artificial sweeteners and i avoid them like the plague. I just got a feeling she prolly thought i was some crazy lady LOL. I then weighed in and GAINED. Admittedly it was only 400 grams but in the 6 weeks ive been doing slim my losses have been like this :

week 1 : lost 100 grams
week 2 : lost 4.6 kilos
week 3 : gained 100 grams
week 4 : gained 500 grams
week 5 : lost 900 grams
week 6 : gained 400 grams

So if you look at the last 4 weeks i have basically gained 100 grams...yay glad for all the food i have avoided and all the exercising i have done *insert major sarcasm here*

I really do not know what to do...she wants to see my food diary next week and said to "test my theory" on the diet coke. I will increase my fruit this suppose to have 3 pieces and often only have one per day....everything else has been correct and to the plan. And while i would love to freaking chuck everything in at the moment ill give it a go for one more week....but if i have a gain next week i think ill not continue weighing in at the gym...i could weigh in at home for a gain! So after that didnt stay at the gym at didnt work out...nada...not a thing...i was planning to do step and body pump....but i was beyond pissed off last still pissed off and really wonder if i am wasting my time with these weigh ins...hopefully i can get my headspace in the right place. The only good thing was last nite getting takeaway was incredibly tempting! But i didnt...i had my normal dinner... :)

One nice thing was eve sent me a message to check how i went at weigh in LOL...which was real sweet...couldnt give her good news tho :( There is a farewell for some of the trainers from the gym this saturday date for me and jaimee...go out for some dinner then will pop into there (such a social butterfly ;))

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Martine (email: said...

Bugger Eve had to leave. Give her a few weeks and see. If her views are different to what you believe, then work out what you can do. Can Fiona weigh you weekly? Good luck mate, I know it is frustrating as all hell. Catch up soon Martine xx