Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some good news :)

Went to the gym last nite....walked in to the toilets fiona comes out saying we need to have our photo taken. What i hadnt mentioned on my blog...was a few weeks ago fiona mentioned the gym is creating a "PT board" where they are going to be putting some of the PT clients on it and i am apparantly first! lol So we had to go have our photo taken...was taken of my on the rower...and i have to answer a few questions on things like what i have accomplished with PT (obviously weight loss but thats a hard question!) and what i would tell others about PT etc i am sure once its up on the wall i will let everyone know and mite even manage to get a photo of it.

Last nite i did the 30 minute abs express class...then 45 minutes of body combat (seriously my favourite class!) and then 30 minutes of torture with fiona....did run 1km (in intervals) which took me 8 mins 46 so yet another time to try to improve on! Im enjoying have "times" etc to aim for....its a bit better then aimlessly wandering around the cardio area lol

I do have something else i wanna write about but at this stage not quite ready too...its a damn shame blogger doesnt allow you to either hide certain posts...or allow only certain people to see some of them...oh well...that stuff will have to stay in my head for another time!!

Not much else going on...weigh in tonite with the new weigher. Cant say i am looking forward to it at all. Really not fond of having to get to know someone new. I will see how tonite goes and what the results are...if i wasnt doing the foxy challenge at all...there would only be 5 weigh ins after tonite tho...after that who knows mite go back to weighing in at home...will wait and see

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JustJo said...

did you know that you can type out an entry and save it without actually publishing it?
When you go to your dashboard it will show as a "Draft' that only you can see....
It's a lifesaver sometimes when you want to rant and rave but not actually let anyone read it :)