Sunday, May 28, 2017

Update :) May 28 2017

I swear everytime I update this blog its a case of "Been forever since I posted" lol I am such a slack blogger ;)

My weight loss is going good. As of my weigh in on friday I was down to 114 kilos :) Late September last year I was 133.6 kilos and on January 1 I was 126.1 kilos so super happy with that number. My goal of being double digits this year is certainly do able,

I am still doing flexible dieting thru Equalution and it is going very well. Exercise wise tho I haven't been 100% the last 10 days or so, so apart from the occassional walk I haven't done any exercise for about 10 days. But back to it all tomorrow. The weight loss has stalled the last week or so which I am putting down to lack of exercise so hopefully that will start progressing again.

I am also still eating 2000 calories a losing while eating this much is great. I must admit tho I drink a LOT of water LOL....5 litres per day to be exact :)

Its funny when you gain weight (for me anyway) I stop watching tv and pigging out on food is the priority and things like taking care of myself, my home, socialising etc they all take a back seat. And its funny especially the last few weeks I have noticed I am wanting to get my life more on track.

My hair has not been cut for months (not since last october)...the eyebrows have not been waxed....I have not bought many clothes. I have been saying for like a year I need a new mattress....and I have neglected any thoughts of getting out there dating and socialising.

So I have been back on pink sofa and also another site called zoosk. For once I have been actually messaging some girls. I would like to make some well as maybe start having the occassional date. Of course then when I start to think about dating....well the house needs thoughts. I dont have a dining room table (and really no room for one) but I dont even have a coffee table...IF i did date someone how could I invite them over for dinner? lol I need a coffee table at least...I want to brighten the house up....get a new mattress (lol)....just sort of get my chit together lol.

So next week I will organise a hair dressers appointment and will try and get my eyebrows waxed tomorrow :)

I do get my bonus from work some of that will be used for "getting my chit together" lol

Its also just over 5 weeks till i go to Sydney! I am so excited for this trip. I am hoping by then I will be under 110 kilos....but no matter what...Ill be a lot closer to fitting nicely into a seat then the last time I flew :)

Whilst over there i have a few things planned. I am getting a Dexa scan done...I am planning to go to taronga zoo....and hoping to get some walks in as well....and the other super exciting thing is I am going to be catching up with my best friend from primary school/highschool...its about 25+ years since we have seen each other so that will be super exciting :)

Also after YEARS of not going to see musicals cos I was worried about fitting in the seats....I have booked to go see "Matilda" with a friend of mine. So we are heading off to do that on July 15.

TV show wise I am totally addicted to Wentworth....if you watch it I am so heart broken over Bridget (and have a major crush on Libby Tanner lol) ... I am also watching All Saints...which I have never seen before...definitely overdosing on Libby Tanner at the moment haha :)

So back to the gym tomorrow...I will have a PT session. Time to knuckle down!