Saturday, November 25, 2006

Well elloz all =]

Its so warm here today ! I wish i could sit outside and read my book and enjoy it but unfortunately i am working both days this weekend =[

Things are going good altho i went over my points yesterday and noticed ive been picking a bit (altho picking at healthy foods) so i think this tuesday i will stay for the meeting (which i havent done since about week 3 lol) So needless to say not expecting a big loss this weekend but still hopefully a loss.

I bought joanne lees book a couple of days ago (the gf of peter falconio) and all i wanna do is sit down and read lol.

Was suppose to go to my xmas show tonite but i have to work till 7.30pm and then be back here at lunchtime tomorrow (and it starts at 7pm down at glenelg) so have decided not to go. Instead i think i will go home and watch one of foxtels box office movies.

Okies not much else to say - have a good weekend all !

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Welps YAY me !!! I not only lost TWO KILOS but i also reached my 10% - man i was so excited at the meeting lol. And so that takes me to a total loss of 18.7 kilos. so only 1.3 kilos to lose to get to my 20 kilos which is definitely do able by xmas. Then went and met mum and we had breakfast at a cafe which was nice. Today I work 1-30pm-9.30pm these rotating shifts im adjusting to really well and food wise im having to plan more but its all working out. Okies just a short post today will do a longer one on wednesday or thursday on my days off !!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

well omg ive barely been here lately lol. i really am not at the puter as much cos when i am (for chat) people i chat with havent been online quite as much. Friday nite i went out for dinner with people from work. We went to "east taste" which is in gouger street. And we had the funnest nite...omg i laffed so much. And didnt get home till 11.30pm. And today i am working till 3.30pm and then i will go home and i have decided at about 5.30pm i will go into north adelaide and have dinner at felinis and then go see santa claus 3 - its so long since i been to the movies. And whilst id prefer to go with someone ive decided to get out a bit more and do a few more things evening if they are by myself. Plus its a nice nite and will be home by 9.30pm ish and dont work till 11.30am.

Everything else is going pretty good...altho friday nites dinner was kinda fatty and i did have fried ice cream too !!! But i also kept filling my bowl (yanno those tiny lil chinese bowls) with steamed rice. Okies im out of here !!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well weighed in last night and had a loss of 300 grams...taking me to a total loss of 16.7 kilos. It is a small loss but I weighed in the evening instead of morning so im not too perturbed. Next week i will weigh in in the morning so that will be the real guage.

Not much else to say...went out sunday nite for dinner and then played the pokies - and won ! YAY me !!! Was only $25 but still a nice lil bonus.

I am actually rather enjoying these 9-5 shifts. Altho tomorrow I start at 8am as i have another day of training. But having the evenings free is really nice. Tonite should be home by 6.30pm (as long as i watch for the bus and dont let it go past without flaggin it down,,,,,as i did last nite lol)

Last nite i went to bed at 10.45pm and was asleep by about 20past 11 and slept thru till im very well rested ! And making a point to make sure i get enuff sleep.

Friday nite which is my only day off this week i think i am going out for dinner - yum yum - ying chows in the city...okies time to scoot and get back and do some work ~!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Welps been a few days eh? I really have to make myself remember to start posting at home. Worked 9-5 thursday n friday and i coped with it much better then expected. And i really enjoyed having the evenings to potter around...i actually found i got more done. BUT the training....omg my head is agog...the new systems ill be using are quite complex and i am actually quite nervous about tomorrow. Its kinda like starting a new work hours. I will be weighing in tomorrow nite...cos of the change from morning to evening weigh in im not expecting a big loss but still expecting a loss. A loss of 500 grams and i will be happy. Oh i forgot to mention last week when i weighed in the weigher who is always lovely to me and encouraging was like....oh u are doing so well...i can really tell you are losing weight now....which was real nice of her and a lil buzz.

So i work monday to thursday off friday and then work saturday to tuesday BLAH but i will come and post my weigh in result here tomorrow nite and then ill be back again friday !

Hope ur all having a good weekend

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Well today is a bizarre day...everything feels out of whack but in a good kinda way. I started work at 2pm...had dinnerat 5.30pm (wow just like a normal person!) and i finish at 10pm tonite....its all very strange being so far into my shift and its still light. Dunno how ill feel tomorrow tho...going to need to be up at 7.30am im hoping to go to bed about midnight and be asleep by 12.30am that would still give me 7 hours and i should be good to go for the day. I finish at 5pm and then im gonna head to north park and pick up a few groceries and then have the evening at home. Which i am actually looking forward too...all very strange for me but i think as long as i keep on top of my sleep i should be right. I have valarian which i will prolly take tonite. The doc did give me a script for sleeping tablets but ill try n avoid them if possible unless i simply am not able to get adequate amount of sleep.

All else is going on with my food today in fact should be under points by about 3 by the end of the day. Okies off to do some work

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

well been a few days since i been here eh? i know everyone thinks when im not posting as much im not doing as good with my ww but not the case just been kinda busy !!! Actually i normally do my entries at work between calls but im gonna need to get into the habit of doing these from as from next week my work life is gonna have no spare time. Went out for lunch with tania on sunday...scored one sunburnt arm...yummy food...and great company,......including the adorable mr lachlan ! (7 months old and cute as a button !) the day did have a few mishaps but lol it all worked out good in the end.

This weeks a bit crazy...tomorrow i work 2pm-10pm and thursday & friday i work 9am-5pm then like a normal person i have the weekend off. And the real bonus is for the next few weeks i can do my grocery shopping on thursday night.

Oh and did i forget to mention how i went at weigh in? lol im a tease arent i??? I lose 1.7 kilos !!!!! So that takes the grand total to 16.4 1.7 kilos of my 10% and 3.6 kilos left to lose to get to 20 kilos by xmas day (with 5 weigh ins left) But i am about to be weighing in morning and evenings so my losses may vary a bit and i need to keep reminding myself of this. next two weeks will be evening weigh ins and so next week i wont expect a huge loss.

Okies chickas off to do some work - have a good nite all !

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

ugh i chipped my tooth. Its my main tooth on the top row right in front...i cant remember doing it but just noticed it today. So Monday i have a appointment with the dentist. I hate dentists all it means is huge bills and pain lol hopefully they can fix it...i spoke to the nurse and she said its highly unlikely theyd remove that tooth but i really do need to go. I also had a crown which fell out in my back tooth...(piece of crap dentists) it doesnt bother me so i havent worried about doing anything about it but i think when i go ill get them to do whatever to fix the front tooth first once thats all fixed and paid for ill then get a proper teeth clean and the back one fixed. I also have a feeling that on my bottom row they need to remove one cos it seems to me like they are too squished. And one tooth is moving cos of it. so yeh fun fun fun !!!!

Food wise ive been very good. Im more convinced then ever that i was retaining fluid as last nite i went to the toilet soooooo many times lol it was ridiculous really.

This bizarre crazy weather its now raining after a muggy morning ugh !!!

Okies off i go !