Sunday, November 12, 2006

Welps been a few days eh? I really have to make myself remember to start posting at home. Worked 9-5 thursday n friday and i coped with it much better then expected. And i really enjoyed having the evenings to potter around...i actually found i got more done. BUT the training....omg my head is agog...the new systems ill be using are quite complex and i am actually quite nervous about tomorrow. Its kinda like starting a new work hours. I will be weighing in tomorrow nite...cos of the change from morning to evening weigh in im not expecting a big loss but still expecting a loss. A loss of 500 grams and i will be happy. Oh i forgot to mention last week when i weighed in the weigher who is always lovely to me and encouraging was like....oh u are doing so well...i can really tell you are losing weight now....which was real nice of her and a lil buzz.

So i work monday to thursday off friday and then work saturday to tuesday BLAH but i will come and post my weigh in result here tomorrow nite and then ill be back again friday !

Hope ur all having a good weekend

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