Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Well weighed in last night and had a loss of 300 grams...taking me to a total loss of 16.7 kilos. It is a small loss but I weighed in the evening instead of morning so im not too perturbed. Next week i will weigh in in the morning so that will be the real guage.

Not much else to say...went out sunday nite for dinner and then played the pokies - and won ! YAY me !!! Was only $25 but still a nice lil bonus.

I am actually rather enjoying these 9-5 shifts. Altho tomorrow I start at 8am as i have another day of training. But having the evenings free is really nice. Tonite should be home by 6.30pm (as long as i watch for the bus and dont let it go past without flaggin it down,,,,,as i did last nite lol)

Last nite i went to bed at 10.45pm and was asleep by about 20past 11 and slept thru till 8.30am...so im very well rested ! And making a point to make sure i get enuff sleep.

Friday nite which is my only day off this week i think i am going out for dinner - yum yum - ying chows in the city...okies time to scoot and get back and do some work ~!

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Anonymous said...

They all add up! Hope you're adjusting well to your change of hours, good luck for weigh in this week.