Sunday, November 19, 2006

well omg ive barely been here lately lol. i really am not at the puter as much cos when i am (for chat) people i chat with havent been online quite as much. Friday nite i went out for dinner with people from work. We went to "east taste" which is in gouger street. And we had the funnest nite...omg i laffed so much. And didnt get home till 11.30pm. And today i am working till 3.30pm and then i will go home and i have decided at about 5.30pm i will go into north adelaide and have dinner at felinis and then go see santa claus 3 - its so long since i been to the movies. And whilst id prefer to go with someone ive decided to get out a bit more and do a few more things evening if they are by myself. Plus its a nice nite and will be home by 9.30pm ish and dont work till 11.30am.

Everything else is going pretty good...altho friday nites dinner was kinda fatty and i did have fried ice cream too !!! But i also kept filling my bowl (yanno those tiny lil chinese bowls) with steamed rice. Okies im out of here !!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yummm love fried icecream......

Have not that in so long :)