Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Welps YAY me !!! I not only lost TWO KILOS but i also reached my 10% - man i was so excited at the meeting lol. And so that takes me to a total loss of 18.7 kilos. so only 1.3 kilos to lose to get to my 20 kilos which is definitely do able by xmas. Then went and met mum and we had breakfast at a cafe which was nice. Today I work 1-30pm-9.30pm these rotating shifts im adjusting to really well and food wise im having to plan more but its all working out. Okies just a short post today will do a longer one on wednesday or thursday on my days off !!!!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kazz ... you're doing great, i'm sure you'll blitz your Christmas goal.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell girl you are doing so fantastic :):)