Saturday, November 25, 2006

Well elloz all =]

Its so warm here today ! I wish i could sit outside and read my book and enjoy it but unfortunately i am working both days this weekend =[

Things are going good altho i went over my points yesterday and noticed ive been picking a bit (altho picking at healthy foods) so i think this tuesday i will stay for the meeting (which i havent done since about week 3 lol) So needless to say not expecting a big loss this weekend but still hopefully a loss.

I bought joanne lees book a couple of days ago (the gf of peter falconio) and all i wanna do is sit down and read lol.

Was suppose to go to my xmas show tonite but i have to work till 7.30pm and then be back here at lunchtime tomorrow (and it starts at 7pm down at glenelg) so have decided not to go. Instead i think i will go home and watch one of foxtels box office movies.

Okies not much else to say - have a good weekend all !

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