My Plan.

One question I get asked a lot is how I lose my weight and once I start talking about calories people want to know how many calories they should I am going to give a very basic look at what I recommend people do.

So the first thing I will suggest is cut out as much of the processed foods as possible, I found eating a lot of processed foods really inhibits weight loss....fresh is always best!!! Where possible eat organic foods and a variety of foods.

For calories...If you are 115 kilos or more I would suggest eating 1800 calories, if you are more then 10-15 kilos from your ultimate goal weight eat 1500 calories and if 10-15 kilos away from goal eat around 1200 calories.

If on those calorie ranges if you are not losing approx half a kilo or more then drop the calories by 100 calories per day till you hit the calorie level where you are having decent losses per week (unless you are eating 1200 cals per day...if your not losing at that calorie level you are prolly not in need to lose weight)

Ensure you get enough sleep.

Water, water, water.

In relation to exercise start at the level that is right for you. When i started out i did one 30 minute session per week and that was all, if thats all you can do - start with that. If you can exercise 3 times a week then do that. I would suggest not going crazy exercise wise week one. I do exercise 6 times a week, but I probably only started doing that late last year. Up until that point I was only exercising 3-4 times a week.

In relation to do i recommend a personal trainer....heres my thoughts...IF you can find the right trainer for you....then it will be the best decision you ever make. A lot of time (and i did this initially too) you start with a trainer and you may not get along with them....or they are having you do things without taking injuries into account...or just are not right for you and we dont stop seeing that trainer or speak to our gym for fear of hurting someones feelings. You need to speak up if its not working and get assigned a different trainer. Not only is this important for your exercise its a important step for those of us with weight loss issues about putting ourselves first.


AntsM said...

Awesome Karyn... Thanks!!!

Karen said...

This has really helped - thanks for your insight :)

Janie D said...

Kazz, you are amazing. Just stumbled across your blog and am just blown away. Well done doesn't seem to cut it, but that's all I can think of to say! What an inspiration to all who might say 'i don't know if I can get fit and healthy'. Thanks for blogging.