Thursday, September 30, 2010

WOW what a day!! Woke this morning...weighed myself and woohooo 109.5 kilos!!!! Definitely under 110 kilos. 9.6 kilos to get to double digits --- freaking amazing !!!

Then i get a phone call...its the royal adelaide hospital to ask me if i can be available to have my surgery on october 14!!!!Two weeks away! I of course said yes but now im scared shitless!! LOL The reality of it all has hit me now. I know i need the surgery...and ill just be glad when its all over. Next friday i have to go to the hospital for a pre-op appointment then the following thursday is the day.

Foodwise a really good day...had the yummiest dinner parmassan chicken on a bed of lettuce with sundried tomato and avocado. Gym wise i did a PT session this morning and tonite i did a RPM class.

I went and bought a digital box for the tv today cant quite figure it out lol ive sent a messgae to one of my techie friends...hopefully i can figure this out.

I also bought a bracelet today for hitting 60 kilos...its a lil silver chain with 3 love hearts each love heart has one word on it ... "love" "believe" "dream" so i thought that was pretty appropriate! Ok have a good friday all!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This morning those scales were 110.2 kilos!!!! CANNOT believe how over the next few days i should drop under 110 kilos mwuahahahhahahah!!! I remember not long after i started this journey (4 years ago) and the doctor said...the most you can hope for is to reach 100 kilos...i think he thought id never make it (and come to think of it...i never thought id make it either!!) so for sooooooooooooo long the only "ultimate goal" i thought about was getting to 100 kilos...its like a light at the end of the tunnel. Of course i plan on not stopping at 100 kilos...i definitely wanna get down to 76 kilos...but the ultimate goal will be 68 kilos.

Tomorrow i am off....PT session in the morning...and then prolly will do pump and rpm in the evening.

Hope everyone has a fab thursday!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I weighed in this morning...down to 110.4 woooo hoooo!!! So went down 300 grams overnight AND i started TOM seriously!!!! Went and saw Eve tonite...i had dropped on her scales too (showed a loss of 1.5 kilos over the last 2 weeks) and my body fat had dropped by over 1% its now down to 44.6%. Measurements will be done next week. I then did a fitball class (gawd i hated it!!! lol) 30 minutes riding the cycle and then a studio cycle class...i tell you i like that class the more i do them!

Foodwise spot on again with calories and saturated fat. And only ONE 15 gram chocolate over the last seven days...yes its true...i a rockstar LOL

I wore a pair of size 20 cords from katies today. Must say they looked good. When i saw eve tonite she was like..."were they new pants" she then told me my legs looked slimmer in them hehe I went into katies today...gawd so many clothes in there i want!!! Mite have to go and spend a lil cash on friday after Pt

Okies off i go have a good nite all!

Monday, September 27, 2010

I am noticing as i am going down in jean sizes the back of them sits lower! Its bizarre!!! I am use to jeans that sit right on my waist the jeans i have bought lately dont. Today i am in a size 20 3/4 jeans from katies (not autograph but katies!) and its not that my ass is showing LOL but they just feel low...and the thing is knicker currently wearing size 22....i have not seen any "bikini" style knickers in the bigger sizes (20-22) UGH its a dilema!! A strange but kinda good dilema...think its just about me realigning my thinking.

I had a NSV today...prolly had it ages ago but it hadnt clicked until today. Before when bigger if i had to pick up something from the floor...firstly i would dread the fact i had to pick something up of the floor lol and then i would bend over to pick it up without bending my knees...i would stand with my legs wider apart to ensure i didnt have to bend my knees...i think now i musta thought my knees would buckle under me today or something. Anyway today i was going thru the checkout at the grocery store the customer before me was a old guy in a wheelchair and he dropped his bag...and so without thinking i just bent down (yes knees were bent!) picked it up and handed it back to him. Just like a normal person...i didnt have to have some ledge or anything to help get back up...or struggle in fact it was quite a graceful moment...doing something most normal people do without thinking...but was a huge huge victory for me. Just one of many :)

Anyway not much else to say...have a good nite all!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

its a weird day. For weeks my weekends have been jampacked (which is very unusual for me!) so i have today free and was thinking yay a day to relax...but yanno im so freaking restless. And its made me realise how my interests have previous interests centred heavily on the computer...whether it was in chat rooms, playing backgammon, doing graphics etc etc but ive come to realise those things bore me now...i use to do a lot of cross stitch...never do these days. And my days for last 12 months or so basically revolve around work and the gym. Im starting to realise im the type of person who needs to keep busy...whilst yes coming home after working for 8 hours then a few hours at the gym sitting on my ass watching tv sounds good...doing it for a entire day sucks! LOL I really need to find some other interests. Part of the problem too is im single...when i woke today i thought...maybe i should go to the zoo today....maybe i should go wander around the botanical gardens...maybe i should go catch a movie...but then my thought was nah i dont wanna do that alone. When i was much younger and under 100 kilos...i didnt let that i was single stop me from doing stuff...i remember one new years eve going to the theatre to see the musical "me and my girl" and i went by myself...simply cos that was what i wanted to do. But as i have got older and got so self conscious (my weight mostly) i just have avoided those things. And its not that i dont have friends i do....but yanno they have families...or im just not "THAT" close friends to ring up someone and say hey im bored today wanna go catch a movie? So i think i need to start planning my weekends more. People ask me what i am doing on the answer is pretty much always "nothing" Especially on sundays when i pretty much always have the whole day free i need to plan to do things...and just go out and do them.

Weight wise the scales were on 104.9 kilos this morning so 60.5 kilos lost woooo hoooo! I am very much looking forward to my appointment with eve (my dietician) and saying hey look what ive figured out and what i have done! LOL Yesterday i did gym it (after much debate) i did gym it...did body pump and body balance. Tomorrow is gym too...and as no ms fiona will be there...i can say with certainity i will be doing 30 mins boxing...then body combat....then body jam PHEW!! So this is the plan for exercise this week:

m - boxing + body combat + body jam
t - swiss ball class + 45 minutes treadmill + 45 minute studio cycle class
w - boxing + 60 mins treadmill + RPM
t - PT session with fiona + RPM
f - body pump + double PT with fiona
sat & sunday - working all day so will take them as my rest days

And with all that being said! I am now off to get some stuff for lunch...and then i think i will sit back with either my book or how i met your mother...enjoy your day all!

Friday, September 24, 2010

60 Kilos lost!!!!

yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!! Friggin finally! LOL Amazingly enuff i dropped 1.1 kilos last i was spot on 110.9 kilos this morning which is exactly 60 kilos lost. I feel stoked and amazed...not only cos i hit 60 kilos...but because watching the saturated fat has helped...the fact i know believe i can "keep on keeping on"

Gymmed it last nite...OMG i did body pump....i havent done it for about 3 weeks...and it was a new release AND someone decided to increase the weights!!! OMG it killed....i am not looking forward to doing it again tomorrow morning LOL Then i did about 40 minutes on the treadmill and then a PT session of boxing. At the end of the session fiona goes "what are you doing this weekend?" (she is going away so no PT for a week) im like "nothing" ...then went "oh you mean the gym? ill do tomorrow mornigns classes" then she is like "what about monday?" "yeh ill come in and do classes on monday night"...fiona then yells out to another trainer and says "nikki did u hear that karyn will be at classes monday nite if she isnt chase her up!" LOL friggin hell i thought my trainer being away meant a gym holiday lol (just kidding) THEN she says tuesday night? "im like yeh a class on tuesday nite" then she can have wednesday off seeing we are doing PT on thursday and double PT on friday LOL...damn mean trainers!! So yes tomorrow morning...body pump and body balance is on the agenda...apart from that nothing else is happening this weekend...just relaxing!!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well keeping a eye on the saturated fat is helping already! I didnt change my eating much yesterday...basically cut out the hot chocolates and feta cheese and had more good carbs (brown rice) and i managed to get my calories up while keeping my unsaturated fat under 20 grams. I have planned todays food and it is 16.7 saturated fat...i made frittata last nite for todays lunch...and just changed the feta cheese for cottage cheese and that seems to have worked. So on the scales this morning i had a drop by 400 was spot on 112 kilos this morning (YAY) The other thing i need to cut out :( is freddo have always fitted in my calories i would have 1 most days...but they are like 3.3grams of fat...and when you are trying to stick to 18 grams of fat i think its best i just go completely cold turkey from them! LOL

Tonite ive got gym....body pump class...45 minutes on the treadmill and PT session of boxing.

Have a good thursday all!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Im still quite frustrated with the scales. Overnight they went up by 200 grams...but im starting to reconsider somethings. One thing i need to take into account is TOM is due early next week so it may have something to do with things. As i said recently i joined the biggest loser club...and i love has a lot of really great of those being the nutritional breakdown. It gives you the breakdown for practically everything...and has recommended daily limits. Most of my limits are quite good except one. I have noticed my total fat falls about 1% below what they say as the maximum but the SATURATED fat...for the first time since i quit ww i see one of the benefits of ww (in that saturated fat is taken into account with their equation for working out points) Whilst the biggest loser club gives you a overview of the daily levels cos of how it works its a bit more fiddly trying to work out where the higher saturated fats are coming from. Altho the first thing i think of is my super high calorie day on saturdays!! So firstly im gonna stop calorie just gonna do a straight 2000 calories per day...that will avoid having a heap of calories where i end up going and having hot chips ;) Ultimately i mite get ww online again as well (can we say obsessive!!) i will always count calories but due to how ww works i think it kinda could be helpful in keeping a eye on the saturated fat) Also i feel with the calorie cycling on the low days is when i tend to fluctuate so i think sticking to 2000 calories per day may work better at the moment. I have to remember several things instead of beating myself up cos its not moving fast enough...1. i do have PCOS which does make weight loss harder...2. I have already loss over 58 kilos...its prolly gonna be natural my body is going to be stubborn about every kilo i lose...and also the centimetres are dropping...unfortunately the scales are what everyone judges weight loss success on (well mostly) Oh I was just damn freddo frogs!!! 6.6 grams of saturated fat each...also maybe i will have to watch my feta cheese :( i have avoided all low fat products for so long and its worked...but now being lighter maybe i need to really watch this.

Bottom line with the amount of exercise i am doing the weight SHOULD be dropping off me! So i will try these changes...if that doesnt work ill try and increase my protein a lil bit.

Anyway off to think a lil more about all this!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I literally have had no time to post over the last few days or the few times i have had i have been too exhausted!!!

Lets see...saturday i gymmed it...did PT of weights...a hour on the treadmill/bike and then did a body balance class. Saturday arvo/evening i did nothing much...simply relaxed...watched more of when i met your mother. Sunday was the big day...the city to bay...a 12km walk! Now the furtherest i have ever walked is 8.72km...but i did it! The official time in the paper today was 2 hours 20 minutes and 10 aim was under 2 horus 45 minutes...and i thought the ultimate would be under 2 hours 15 to only be 5 minutes out from that i thought was pretty impressive :) Then after the walk i went out for lunch with my friend i did the walk with and his parents. Had Bruschetta and cannelloni...think the cannelloni tho was pretty high in sodium cos i gained the next day.

Anyway....last nite gymmed it again...did boxing then body combat and then a PT session of core work with fiona. Was funny when i walked out of boxing the trainer nikki was to body combat now karyn? LOL Anyway i was so exhausted last nite i ate tea and then within 30 minutes i fell asleep while watching tv lol.

Tonite i think i will have a nite off from the gym...its been 3 pretty full on exercise days and im tired so think i will relax. Plus i had a blister on the sole of my foot from the walk which burst over will rest so i can get back into it all tomorrow.

Weighed myself this morning...since last tuesday i had lost 700 grams by my scales...not a huge loss but im thinking the increase in calories was definitely needed...have a good day all!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Well what a difference one day can make!! Yesterday morning i weighed 112.5 kilos. I decided to do what biggest loser club recommends and ate 2000 calories...well holy moly!! When i woke this morning my weight was 111.1 kilos...dropped 1.4 kilos overnight. So i think this tells me i wasnt eating enuff!! lol I told fiona about it this morning and she was glad it showed you a loss now you might believe you havent been eating enough lmfao

So ive worked out a 2000 calorie cycle. I am now sitting a lousy 200 grams off 60 kilos lost (132 pounds for all non metric people) I have only 11.2 kilos left to get to double digits A-MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-ZING!!! I think i now believe i can make that goal by the end of the year.

Gymmed it today...did weights...a hour on treadmill/bike and body balance class. OMG the new body balance release is hard :( (it had a much heavier component of yoga (yoga is not my favourite part of the class!) But 1000 calories burnt so its all good.

Tonite im relaxing with takeaway and how i met your mother...before a early nite...tomorrow is city to bay...wish my luck with this goddamn 12km walk!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

After much debate and to-ing and fro-ing i upped my calories! For the last 3 weeks my scales have done a very definite cycle. Saturday-wednesday the scales do a decline (every week i have hit 112.2 kilos) and then by saturday i am up by 700 grams t0 1.3 kilos. The interesting thingis saturday is my high calorie day and it seems following that the scales drop...and especially after friday when i was on my lowest day the scales go up. Fiona and eve both thought i should prolly increase my calories due to my calorie burn. I then yesterday looked around sparkpeople...they said at my weight i should be eating 1300-1650 calories (i had been eating 1650 calories) but then i deleted their exercise program and added a calorie burn of 4500 per week and it went up to between 1820 and 2170. I then registered on biggest loser clubs website..and based on their exercise program (approx 283 calories burnt 3 times a week) it says 2000 calories. So i have decided to do 2000 calories for a week and see what happens...fingers crossed. I also really like the biggest loser club website sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better then calorie king. It loads much faster...australian base of has a graph that updates during the day showing calories in and out (including your normal metabolism) it also gives you data on the normal nutritional info also things like iron, folate, b1 and b2...allvery cool!!

And with that...time for some fruit and icecrea,,,early nite tonite as its a big gym day in the morning...have a fab weekend all!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Well last nite I did the studio cycle class...must say i really liked it! The trainer is actually training for the tour down under so there was lots of standing up sprints...and also lots of speed cycling...i REALLY really am starting to like the cycle classes. And as i notice each time i do the cycle classes a couple of times per week...the centimetres of my legs was awesome this fortnight! So i only lost 100 grams...but i lost 3 cms of my boobs, 3 cms of my hips, 3cms of my thighs and 0.5 cm off my arms...brilliant...i lost cms in all the places im wanting to shrink! I think as my waist is now under 100cms (its 97 cms) i think it may not lose to much from their for a while. But it really shows you small losses on the scales can mean big losses in cms!!

Anyway we decided to cut my calories back by 100 calories per day. My scales went down by 500 grams overnight anyway we will trial it for 2 weeks...if i dont lose at that point then i will prolly increase the calories by 100 we will see what happens!

Not much else going on...took a nite off the gym...tomorrow nite doing some treadmill work...a RPM class...and then a pilattes class.

Also i got my tshirt for the city to bay. I ordered a size 18...they didnt order size 18s tho! So i got a size fits but is a firm fit...a friend got a XL one which doesnt fit i may wear that instead on saturday.

Have a good nite all!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Well i have now discoverred how videos go viral on you tube! LOL My video has been posted on jodys, jaimees, fionas and the gyms facebook profiles! LOL I have really had lots and lots of comments. At the gym last nite fiona was like "everyone loves the video"...i was like "yeh" shes like but u dont wanna talk about it cos thats too confrontational right? lol...i laughed and was like yeh...its fine online...but face to face is a different situation. She then said a couple of clients asked if she still trains me...and that they found it inspiring...she apparantly told them..."ill tell her but she will just roll her eyes at me and say...whatever" haha ;)

Last nite i did gym it...burnt 1411 calories *phew*!!! I did a 30 minute boxing class...a 45 minute body combat class and then a PT session of boxing (heh you think i was doing a lil bit of boxing last nite?

Tonite is weigh in...i am only expecting a small loss...but since altering my calories it has dropped on the scales (was 114 sunday morning...112.7 this morning), tonight i also get fingers crossed!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My weight loss via video

After much too-ing and fro-ing over the last few days i have decided to cut my calories by 100 calories per day...something needs to change im not sure if this is the right change but will trial it and see how it goes. The scales really arent moving the last few weeks...yes the body fat has gone down and tuesday will tell me if i have lost centimetres but the scales are anywhere between 112.2 and 114 kilos. Thats a big difference and fluctuations to me normally means something has to change. Discussed it with fiona yesterday...she actually suspects im not fueling my body enuff. But the reason i feel i need to decrease it is i am eating the same calories i was eating 10 kilos calorie burn has gone up (was 4485 this week) so its a case of the calories need to go up or down. My gut instinct says down. So i will do 1650 with calorie cycling. I also wanna do a real focus on getting variety into my day (something thats been lacking lately) Exercise is obviously not the issue...but i do want to keep my aim for calorie burn at 3600-4000 calories as a minimum (which i think is completely do-able)

So this morning the rotten scales said 114 im eating 1400 we will see what the rotten things say tomorrow. Hopefully this plan of attack will work i just want to get those scales consistently moving again (and they should bloody move for the amount of exercie i do!)

Gymmed it yesterday...1200 calories burnt. A hour of boxing...treadmill work and a body balance class..must admit the thighs are sore today! I then went shopping with my sister...went to big w...bought 3 racer style work out tops...size tshirt also size 16 and they all have cute logos on them like "fit strong fabulous" hehe :) Also bought a new sports bra so YAY

Today is a lazy day before back to work tomorrow...hope everyone has a fab sunday!

Friday, September 10, 2010

So i cant believe the city to bay is next weekend! For those not in Adelaide its a 12km walk...and yes I am planning to do the complete walk! I checked out the average time for a 42 year old female to walk it is just under 2 hours...bahahahahha @ the likelihood of that happening!!! I will be pretty impressed if i do it in under 2.5 hours...but expect it will prolly be around 2 hours 45 minutes. Of course i will not be going out there to go as fast as possible (lets remember 3 months ago i was avoiding walking altogether!) so completing it will be a huge accomplishment for me...altho next year i will train to run it :)

So with that said...i am planning my week for how i think will work from monday onwards no treadmill or running...ill try and mainly stick to the bike this week. So my feet are rested up nicely. Plus the bike classes really kick ass in the burning calorie dept for least amount of time. So tuesday, wednesday and thursday will do bike classes. Between classes/PT sessions i will jump on the bikes this week...lawdie a week with no treadmill...wonder how grumpy and frustrated this will make me???

This morning i went to the podiatrist and he was very happy with my feet. Told me i had a lot more movement in them...and did a few adjustments with my feet and orthotics. I then discussed the knee pain i have been getting...he explained i no longer "waddle" when i walk (waddle is my term he said it in a much nicer way!) and for years my body compensated for the excess weight and now as i am losing it my knees are having to readjust...he explained its a residual that may stay with me forever. He also looked at my form with squats and explained some stuff about my i will watch that (fiona didnt know id been doing squats and lunges in classes she was a lil horrified last week when she realised we had already done some work on my form with lunges....just hadnt got on to the squats).

Tomorrow is a busy busy day (i have had lots of theses on these holidays!) Tomorrow morning i have a double PT session (think half boxing and half cardio equipment *rolls eyes*) then a hour on the treadmill...and then a hour body balance class. Then in the afternoon going out shopping with my sister up to TTP ... its like years since i been there...hopefully i can manage to pop into big w cos i hear there fitness clothes are good value...and i dont actually have a big w near me i can normally go to.

Those damn scales arent budging lately...yes the body fat is going down so its all good...but im a lousy 1.6 kilos away from SIXTY moooooooooooooooove it you damn rude hehe ;)

Anyway with to relax in front of the tv before a early nite!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Went into town this morning...met my sister did a few bits of shopping with her. Went and tried a maxi dress on at katies...wasnt too bad..prolly with some decent suck in tummy knickers and it would have looked good.

I then went to the gym...did 30 minutes on the treadmill then PT session of weights. Went home...stopped in at a second hand store...bought a couple of lil knit tops and a racer back top for the gym...fits me now (and looks tiny!) but another few kilos it will fit me better. After a few hours at home...i headed back to the gym (yes i am a sucker for punishment!lol) did a body pump class and then a RPM class..burnt 1360 definitely a productive day! Tomorrow im having a gym free the morning i got a podiatry appointment then im spoiling myself and going to the movies to see "dispicable me" and after i think i will go to a lil cafe for a serve of bruschetta and a hot chocolate for lunch (yumyum!!) then saturday i have a double PT session...a hour on the treadmill and a hour body balance class...and THEN on sunday the gym is doing a mega mix session which is for 90 minutes which i am going to do as well! Will definitely have met my calorie burn for the week by then (in fact i am already over it by over 300 calories!)

Off to finish watching rush and then time for a glorious ni all!
Well yesterday was the first day of my 5 days off. I laid in bed till about 10am (lazy huh?) then got up did some housework, had lunch, watched some dr phil and oprah and THEN went outside and walked for 8.72kms!! Anyone who knows where i live i walked from my place to grand junction road and back feet are still tired today! LOL

This morning i am headed into town...i am going to go to katies and if i see a dress i like gonna try on a maxi dress at katies...with my luck they prolly will look attrocious but we will give it a try. I have a $10 gift voucher plus they have 30% of their new stock for members. Then i am off to the gym for PT of weights. I will go back in tonite as well and do a 30 minute boxing class...45 minutes on the treadmill, and a RPM class.

I have been working on my list 101 things to do...I am up to number 94 so another 13 things and i will load it to the page...i think this is a good thing...not only are there weight loss and fitness goals...ive also put things in there just to get me out and about so its all good!

Okies well time for this chick to go get ready for the gym...enjoy ur day all!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

I had been thinking lately its been like forever since i had a migraine...i knew i hadnt had one this year...anway it turns out my last migraine was july 16 2009...over a year with no migraine...thats pretty amazing...i use to get them every few months...and wasnt uncommon for me to get a cluster of them....shows you how my healthy lifestyle has helped me in more ways then just weight loss!!

Tonight i gmed it...did my first ever "studio cycle" class...and all i can say is OMG!!! The whole time during the class i was thinking...when will this hell be over LOL...its harder then RPM....a lot more cycling whilst standing...but man it burnt the calories...i burnt 520 calories in 45 minutes which is pretty awesome.

Then i went and saw Eve (my dietician) was quite interesting...i knew the scales had gone up this week altho my jeans have been feeling looser...this week apart from eating some high sodium food on the eating has been spot i could get all "blah" that ive gained...but im not...cos i know i did my best...anyway weighed in...i had a gain of 700 grams...BUT my body fat went down by 0.6%...its now under 45% mwuahahhaa...only just...but is now 44.9%. I talked to my dietician about it and she thinks too...that ive lost nearly 60 kilos...thats huge for my body to have done...she expects i will fluctuate on a week to week basis now...but she isnt concerned as long as overall i have a downward trend...when we looked over the last 2 months....i have lost 4-5 kilos...which works out to 500 grams per week...which is a healthy figure....also my body fat has been dropping every week (has only gone up once in the last 2 months) so the trend is definitely going in a downward trend. So very happy. She then said to me...look at my new was a new fernwood poster of a girl who lost 90 kilos...she was like...that could be you. She then also said...she believes i can be under 100 kilos for thats the solid focus.

I went back thru my journal today....and realise the last time i had a migraine was July 16 2009....i think thats pretty fantastic...over a year with no migraine...shows you that a healthy lifestyle does so much more then make you lose weight!

I also love Jaxxs list of 101 things to do...i think i should create my own list!! Okies off i go...time to relax and watch some NCIS...enjoy all!!!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Firstly heres a pic of me in the formal dress i mentioned in the previous post...i dont look terrible in it but man my arms look bigger then i even realised!

Gymmed it tonite.....did a body combat class tonite followed by PT session of core work. Tomorrow nite i weigh in...i havent lost this week tho :( i am up about 400 idea why...the only thing i can think is my lack of exercise over the last few weeks while sick has caught up with matter...will weigh in tomorrow nite....and see how the next week goes....of course there is the thought in the back of my brain where it mite be time to start to cut my calories a lil...but will give it another week at least.

Tomorrow is my friday!!! I then have the next 5 days off...YAY ever since i was sick i am getting a headache by the end of each i think a bit of downtime will do me good...have a fab nite all!!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Went to the show today! Last time i went my 10 year old nephew was in a stroller! LOL The weather stayed nice for most of the day...and foodwise i was super good...didnt snack on any of the food they sold there and for lunch i had a burger with cheese and rocket on a wholemeal roll...very scrummy. We walked around for 6 hours so i certainly have burnt some calories. Tonite we are having pizza...and i have left plenty of calories for that. Me and my sister went on a rollercoaster with my two nephews...was really good and something i DEFINITELY couldnt have done even 6 months ago.

Then when i got back to mums i pulled out "the" dress...its a dress i wore 17 years ago to a formal function...when i wore it i weighed about 92 im still 20 kilos heavier....its a size 18...tried it on and ta-da it fitted me! I ahve photos of me wearing it before....and i definitely looked much more toned in i was thoroughly impressed ... not that im about to wear it out of course! lol but still stunned it fits me..

Anyway just a quick post...have a fab nite all!

Saturday, September 04, 2010

When i posted the other day i knew i forgot something...and wouldnt u know a hour later i remembered what!! lol

I do boxing in my PT sessions...and enjoy it...anyway i went and did fionas boxing class the other day...OMG i was face was all pink...i didnt wear my heart rate monitor but knew it was a real good solid workout. Anyway on thursday nite i said to fiona maybe its time to amp the boxing up a lil? She is a lil cautious as she doesnt want to ramp it up so high i dont enjoy the sessions and quit...anyway after a lil bit of discussions we decided she will have me go a lil bit harder and see how i feel about it.

Today the scales were up by 900 grams for some ridiculous reason (this means i have NO idea why hehe) anyway into the gym i went this morning...did 15 minutes on the treadmill the ONE HOUR of weights. holy toledo! lol i seriously expected not to be able to walk by now...surprisingly my legs feel tired but fine so far....then i did about another 50 minutes on the treadmill and then did a 60 minute body balance class. That class with some of the moves are so hard yet i really like it!(altho if they took the yoga moves out i wouldnt complain! lol)

Afterwards i went to the sports is this...i walked in and their electronic chimer for shoplifters didnt go off..but did when i left! LOL they asked to look in my bag like you can but theres nothing in it....the smart ass chick said well it didnt go off when you walked in...well of course nothing in my bag...can we say "defective" pfffffffffffft anyway then i went and bought a lil pair of tan sandals...i also went to katies...bought a pair of size 20 black cords for $9.95 lol they fit but they are really low at the not sure if they are still too small or a weird freaking design! I also bought 2 skirts for $5.95 each....unfortunately the zipper on one is stuffed but oh well only $6 i lost...i also bought a lil white top for $9.95...was quite impressed with my haul. THEN when i went up to pay she goes have u got a card? So i pull out my autograph card...and she goes you wont get any points with this card (autograph is the plus size section) she was like you need a new katies card!! haha!! yay for me!!

Then went and got the eyebrows waxed and came home to watch some "how i met your mother". Think we are going out to fasta pasta for dinner tonite...i have it all planned...spaghetti bolognaise and bruschetta...which leaves me 250 calories left for the day which i mite save for tomorrow since we are going to the show.

Not much else going on...the good news tho...only working monday and tuesday next fingers crossed for the odd nice day on my 5 days off next week!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tomorrow is friday! YAY FRIGGIN YAY!!!! Today i worked and then went to the gym. I decided to do my cardio work a bit different today...instead of my normal 2 minutes walking 1 minute running...i walked for 2 minutes then ran for half a km!! then walked for half a km then ran for another half a kilometre. As i dont go real fast on the treadmill (combination of fear and my feet)it was taking about 6 minutes to run the 500 metres....but i was very impressed! Then went and did the final week of my core program with fiona. Ill be glad to see the back of it...altho im sure ill grumble about the new program! hehe! Then fiona told me she has booked me in for a double PT session on saturday! We are gonna do a hour of weights lmfao! I have NEVER done a hour of weights (well exceptfor body pump)...should be very very interesting saturday will be a hour of weights...hour on the treadmill a hour of body balance weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

Not much else going have a good nite!!!!