Thursday, September 09, 2010

Went into town this morning...met my sister did a few bits of shopping with her. Went and tried a maxi dress on at katies...wasnt too bad..prolly with some decent suck in tummy knickers and it would have looked good.

I then went to the gym...did 30 minutes on the treadmill then PT session of weights. Went home...stopped in at a second hand store...bought a couple of lil knit tops and a racer back top for the gym...fits me now (and looks tiny!) but another few kilos it will fit me better. After a few hours at home...i headed back to the gym (yes i am a sucker for punishment!lol) did a body pump class and then a RPM class..burnt 1360 definitely a productive day! Tomorrow im having a gym free the morning i got a podiatry appointment then im spoiling myself and going to the movies to see "dispicable me" and after i think i will go to a lil cafe for a serve of bruschetta and a hot chocolate for lunch (yumyum!!) then saturday i have a double PT session...a hour on the treadmill and a hour body balance class...and THEN on sunday the gym is doing a mega mix session which is for 90 minutes which i am going to do as well! Will definitely have met my calorie burn for the week by then (in fact i am already over it by over 300 calories!)

Off to finish watching rush and then time for a glorious ni all!

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Pinky said...

Well done on the excercise front! - You are the excercise queen!
Love the 101 list - lots of ideas and fun things to try! -
Did you know you have repeated three??? -sorry!