Thursday, September 09, 2010

Well yesterday was the first day of my 5 days off. I laid in bed till about 10am (lazy huh?) then got up did some housework, had lunch, watched some dr phil and oprah and THEN went outside and walked for 8.72kms!! Anyone who knows where i live i walked from my place to grand junction road and back feet are still tired today! LOL

This morning i am headed into town...i am going to go to katies and if i see a dress i like gonna try on a maxi dress at katies...with my luck they prolly will look attrocious but we will give it a try. I have a $10 gift voucher plus they have 30% of their new stock for members. Then i am off to the gym for PT of weights. I will go back in tonite as well and do a 30 minute boxing class...45 minutes on the treadmill, and a RPM class.

I have been working on my list 101 things to do...I am up to number 94 so another 13 things and i will load it to the page...i think this is a good thing...not only are there weight loss and fitness goals...ive also put things in there just to get me out and about so its all good!

Okies well time for this chick to go get ready for the gym...enjoy ur day all!

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Finding Foxy said...

I really like the 101 things to do! That is a great idea!