Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 2 weigh in

So went to weight watchers tonight and weighed in and lost 800 grams :) So since i returned 2 weeks ago have lost 3.8 kilos.

I feel like my eating is pretty good. I think now more focus needs to turn more to exercise and moving more. I think i will return to walking in my breaks at work. I get 2 x 15 minute breaks and 1 x 30 minutes break and I use to go out walking but then I stopped cos i was coming back to work a bit hot and bothered LOL. But now with tomorrow being the 1st day of autumn seems a good time to recommence thats first thing. Apart from the weekends (when i am a lazy bi-atch) i generally just hit 10,000 steps a im finishing at 10,357 steps. Sneaking in those smaller walks would add about a extra 5kms per day. It would be good at this point to aim for 15,000 steps a day. So I have set my goal on fitbit to 15,000 steps.

Obviously with the foxy challenge coming up I have set goals :) The first being weight related. My aim is to lose 9.6 kilos over the course of the challenge....which works out to 3.2 kilos every 4 weeks or 800 grams a week...doable altho will require hard work.

I of course need a fitness goal too. And my goal is going to the last week of the challenge I want to be back in to the boxing classes. Anyone who has followed me knows I always liked boxing and was kinda good at it. The part i struggle with is the getting down on the ground to do pushups etc then jumping up to hit the bag. I struggled for that when i was 80 kilos so you can imagine how much of a struggle that is now! Starting next week ill be doing at least one PT session a week at lease for the next 6-8 weeks which will be boxing. I think this will help pick up my cardio fitness and endurance which will help me immensely.

So there you have lose at least 9.6 kilos for the duration of the challenge and get as close to 109.9 kilos as possible and to start to regularly attending boxing classes.

I sat down with my calendar today and plotted in all my PT sessions, ww, seminars at the gym, classes and person workouts....lawd! Im gonna be busy....but that is a really good thing ;) I would really like to get fit enough where moving a hour a day the thought of doesnt exhaust me! LOL

4 days to go then 2 weeks off work....and tomorrow 6 days till the challenge starts....getting excited!!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2016


OMG posting two days running....but I had to post this ;)

The first thing is....I went back over the total lost from my highest weight today to be over 50 as of this morning on my scales (which we know fluctuations can occur so who knows tomorrow!) i was down to 122.9 50.2 kilos. So that was a bit of a #winning

But of course im not focusing so much on that total loss...but whats occurred since rejoining weight watchers.

So heres a story....on the day I rejoined ww (2 weeks tomorrow) i went to target looking for a bra about a hour before the meeting lol. So I knew I was more then a D cup and I guessed more then a size i picked up a 18DD and headed to the changeroom. I put it on and i swear to gawd i almost cried. It was so tight that the boobs were overflowing at the top of the cups and also at the sides! And I could only just hook it up on the very last hook. I refused to go get a 20E cup LOL. I thought Im joining ww...I know the first place i lose weight from is my face, bust and waist....lets get it and just work with it to the best I can LOL

So over the last week or so I noticed I could close it on NOT the last hook...i realised but didnt really think about it. Anyway im at the shops today at the checkout line....and i ran my hand across my chest (as you do!) and i realised there was no spillage of the cup fact it felt like a perfect fit. I thought oh it must be a huge spillage on the side of the cups very discreetly i ran my fingers on each side of the spillage! I got home...ripped off my shirt and looked in the mirror and if i do say so myself...saw what looked like a perfect fitted bra :)

I feel like a teeny tiny piece of the old me was there....just being superproud of me. Yes the weight watchers program isnt perfect...but its working for me. I feel like mentally i am looking at it correctly....i have really focussed on not being obsessive about tracking my food...i track...but im not looking at all the macros...and sodium sure ill go to that at some point but right now a relaxed non stressed approach is what I need...and regardless of what the scales do or dont say tomorrow....this appears to be working! Happy happy!!!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week 2 | How its all going

So its saturday arvo and ive had a pretty good food week :) I have decided on something....and that is I am solely going to focus on using just my daily points and not use my weekly points.

The reason for this is i am at the very beginning of my weightloss AGAIN. There is no denying over the last couple of years my eating has been out of control with a log of bingeing type eating then restrictive cycle. So for me....the weight loss will come the BIG ending that cycle. I think it i can get to a point in 4-6 months where its been a long time since i have binged then mentally i will be healthier. I wont relate myself to bingeing and i think thats a important place for me to get to. Having once been 173 kilos...and even being the weight i am now...i am obviously a food addict....if i get better with this....then the weight loss will come....and the weightloss WILL stay.

The other thing i have noticed, thanks to being a daily weigher is that on the days i have no more then 2 pieces of bread and i stick to my daily points...the scales either move in the right direction or stay stable....soon as i eat some of my weekly points....even just 5 or 6 the weight jumps thats another reason why i need to just sit at a stable amount of just my daily points.

As most know calorie cycling in the past has worked well with me and in time im sure i will do "point cycling" but i would like to wait 4-6 months before doing that. Truthfully i feel a sense of guilt when i eat a "high point" meal...or i use my weekly points....and i worry is this the moment i will go off i want to remove all those thoughts....and just be consistent.

The gym is going well. My current program i am doing with my trainer there are  few exercises i dont love (okay HATE) but i know it will be worth it in the end. The foxy challenge is like 9 days away from so ready for this. One of my aims is going to be to do 45-60 minutes of walking a day. I think that would one help with the weight loss and two just help to improve my fitness levels. The first 2 weeks i am off it will be the perfect time to get in walks. What i will prolly do is most days those 2 weeks i will be going to the gym late morning/ i will walk home most days which for me will be about a hours walk. I just checked it .... lol...its a 5km walk. I am determined to start this challenge of with a bang. I really want to focus getting into a few classes...they might take some logistics...but we will see how i go ;)

Not much else going on...wish me luck for mondays weigh in!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Update :)

So............. Im back here posting!

Let me explain a few things I felt I needed to keep to myself previously. The changing to "shrinking sapphic" was partly i needed a fresh start and partly i felt i needed to hide my identity online.

As many may or may not remember last October I got in a relationship. This relationship had a lot of bad things to it and i eventually completely ended it over a month ago. There is someone we both know (not a friend of mine but a friend of hers) who is a hacker. So about 3 weeks ago she threatened me saying i wouldnt want to be you once "insert hackers name" finishes with me. Initially i laughed it off. Then I started to get some overseas calls on my mobile. Now I am very careful about who I give my number out too...the calls were not coming from just one US number but from several numbers in different states. By ringing the numbers back I realised they were all coming thru a service called "text me US" So i downloaded the app for this actually gives you "disposable numbers" so they could call from various numbers. These calls were always coming in the evenings and I got tired of constantly blocking them. Eventually last weekend I emailed the abuse section of this company and they have closed this persons account and i have heard nothing since. Im quietly confident I will hear nothing further. I knew this person knew my full name and had been told they had seen my facebook page and had been saying negative things about me (prolly about my weight) so i felt a need to "hide". Now I feel like bugger it im not gonna hide cos of these idiots. So ive gone back to using "kazzs journey"

I am now in week 2 of weight watchers. I wasnt going to post my weighins....and wont on fb/instagram etc but will here. So I initially weighed in at 128.4 kilos. Last monday I weighed in and lost 3 kilos taking me down to 125.4 kilos.

The fernwood foxy challenge starts on 7/3 and I have upped the PT sessions for that. The first 2 weeks i will do PT 4 days a week....the next 5 weeks I will be doing 3 PT sessions a week. I feel very focused and that things are on track. I have a definite goal to be under 110 kilos on my scales at home by the time of the foxy dinner which is June 11. I totally think I can do it and that will be a huge stumbling block i would get past.

Not much else going on but will be back posting in here :)