Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Update :)

So............. Im back here posting!

Let me explain a few things I felt I needed to keep to myself previously. The changing to "shrinking sapphic" was partly i needed a fresh start and partly i felt i needed to hide my identity online.

As many may or may not remember last October I got in a relationship. This relationship had a lot of bad things to it and i eventually completely ended it over a month ago. There is someone we both know (not a friend of mine but a friend of hers) who is a hacker. So about 3 weeks ago she threatened me saying i wouldnt want to be you once "insert hackers name" finishes with me. Initially i laughed it off. Then I started to get some overseas calls on my mobile. Now I am very careful about who I give my number out too...the calls were not coming from just one US number but from several numbers in different states. By ringing the numbers back I realised they were all coming thru a service called "text me US" So i downloaded the app for this actually gives you "disposable numbers" so they could call from various numbers. These calls were always coming in the evenings and I got tired of constantly blocking them. Eventually last weekend I emailed the abuse section of this company and they have closed this persons account and i have heard nothing since. Im quietly confident I will hear nothing further. I knew this person knew my full name and had been told they had seen my facebook page and had been saying negative things about me (prolly about my weight) so i felt a need to "hide". Now I feel like bugger it im not gonna hide cos of these idiots. So ive gone back to using "kazzs journey"

I am now in week 2 of weight watchers. I wasnt going to post my weighins....and wont on fb/instagram etc but will here. So I initially weighed in at 128.4 kilos. Last monday I weighed in and lost 3 kilos taking me down to 125.4 kilos.

The fernwood foxy challenge starts on 7/3 and I have upped the PT sessions for that. The first 2 weeks i will do PT 4 days a week....the next 5 weeks I will be doing 3 PT sessions a week. I feel very focused and that things are on track. I have a definite goal to be under 110 kilos on my scales at home by the time of the foxy dinner which is June 11. I totally think I can do it and that will be a huge stumbling block i would get past.

Not much else going on but will be back posting in here :)


#fatfreefloozy said...

Oh sweet! That's bloody horrible and you do not deserve to be treated like that! You don't need to hide because you got friends who have your back!

jen said...

Well done on the ww weigh doing well.

Happy to hear you got rid of the "hassles", sounded horrid !!