Saturday, February 27, 2016

Week 2 | How its all going

So its saturday arvo and ive had a pretty good food week :) I have decided on something....and that is I am solely going to focus on using just my daily points and not use my weekly points.

The reason for this is i am at the very beginning of my weightloss AGAIN. There is no denying over the last couple of years my eating has been out of control with a log of bingeing type eating then restrictive cycle. So for me....the weight loss will come the BIG ending that cycle. I think it i can get to a point in 4-6 months where its been a long time since i have binged then mentally i will be healthier. I wont relate myself to bingeing and i think thats a important place for me to get to. Having once been 173 kilos...and even being the weight i am now...i am obviously a food addict....if i get better with this....then the weight loss will come....and the weightloss WILL stay.

The other thing i have noticed, thanks to being a daily weigher is that on the days i have no more then 2 pieces of bread and i stick to my daily points...the scales either move in the right direction or stay stable....soon as i eat some of my weekly points....even just 5 or 6 the weight jumps thats another reason why i need to just sit at a stable amount of just my daily points.

As most know calorie cycling in the past has worked well with me and in time im sure i will do "point cycling" but i would like to wait 4-6 months before doing that. Truthfully i feel a sense of guilt when i eat a "high point" meal...or i use my weekly points....and i worry is this the moment i will go off i want to remove all those thoughts....and just be consistent.

The gym is going well. My current program i am doing with my trainer there are  few exercises i dont love (okay HATE) but i know it will be worth it in the end. The foxy challenge is like 9 days away from so ready for this. One of my aims is going to be to do 45-60 minutes of walking a day. I think that would one help with the weight loss and two just help to improve my fitness levels. The first 2 weeks i am off it will be the perfect time to get in walks. What i will prolly do is most days those 2 weeks i will be going to the gym late morning/ i will walk home most days which for me will be about a hours walk. I just checked it .... lol...its a 5km walk. I am determined to start this challenge of with a bang. I really want to focus getting into a few classes...they might take some logistics...but we will see how i go ;)

Not much else going on...wish me luck for mondays weigh in!

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