Sunday, February 28, 2016


OMG posting two days running....but I had to post this ;)

The first thing is....I went back over the total lost from my highest weight today to be over 50 as of this morning on my scales (which we know fluctuations can occur so who knows tomorrow!) i was down to 122.9 50.2 kilos. So that was a bit of a #winning

But of course im not focusing so much on that total loss...but whats occurred since rejoining weight watchers.

So heres a story....on the day I rejoined ww (2 weeks tomorrow) i went to target looking for a bra about a hour before the meeting lol. So I knew I was more then a D cup and I guessed more then a size i picked up a 18DD and headed to the changeroom. I put it on and i swear to gawd i almost cried. It was so tight that the boobs were overflowing at the top of the cups and also at the sides! And I could only just hook it up on the very last hook. I refused to go get a 20E cup LOL. I thought Im joining ww...I know the first place i lose weight from is my face, bust and waist....lets get it and just work with it to the best I can LOL

So over the last week or so I noticed I could close it on NOT the last hook...i realised but didnt really think about it. Anyway im at the shops today at the checkout line....and i ran my hand across my chest (as you do!) and i realised there was no spillage of the cup fact it felt like a perfect fit. I thought oh it must be a huge spillage on the side of the cups very discreetly i ran my fingers on each side of the spillage! I got home...ripped off my shirt and looked in the mirror and if i do say so myself...saw what looked like a perfect fitted bra :)

I feel like a teeny tiny piece of the old me was there....just being superproud of me. Yes the weight watchers program isnt perfect...but its working for me. I feel like mentally i am looking at it correctly....i have really focussed on not being obsessive about tracking my food...i track...but im not looking at all the macros...and sodium sure ill go to that at some point but right now a relaxed non stressed approach is what I need...and regardless of what the scales do or dont say tomorrow....this appears to be working! Happy happy!!!

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