Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 2 weigh in

So went to weight watchers tonight and weighed in and lost 800 grams :) So since i returned 2 weeks ago have lost 3.8 kilos.

I feel like my eating is pretty good. I think now more focus needs to turn more to exercise and moving more. I think i will return to walking in my breaks at work. I get 2 x 15 minute breaks and 1 x 30 minutes break and I use to go out walking but then I stopped cos i was coming back to work a bit hot and bothered LOL. But now with tomorrow being the 1st day of autumn seems a good time to recommence thats first thing. Apart from the weekends (when i am a lazy bi-atch) i generally just hit 10,000 steps a im finishing at 10,357 steps. Sneaking in those smaller walks would add about a extra 5kms per day. It would be good at this point to aim for 15,000 steps a day. So I have set my goal on fitbit to 15,000 steps.

Obviously with the foxy challenge coming up I have set goals :) The first being weight related. My aim is to lose 9.6 kilos over the course of the challenge....which works out to 3.2 kilos every 4 weeks or 800 grams a week...doable altho will require hard work.

I of course need a fitness goal too. And my goal is going to the last week of the challenge I want to be back in to the boxing classes. Anyone who has followed me knows I always liked boxing and was kinda good at it. The part i struggle with is the getting down on the ground to do pushups etc then jumping up to hit the bag. I struggled for that when i was 80 kilos so you can imagine how much of a struggle that is now! Starting next week ill be doing at least one PT session a week at lease for the next 6-8 weeks which will be boxing. I think this will help pick up my cardio fitness and endurance which will help me immensely.

So there you have lose at least 9.6 kilos for the duration of the challenge and get as close to 109.9 kilos as possible and to start to regularly attending boxing classes.

I sat down with my calendar today and plotted in all my PT sessions, ww, seminars at the gym, classes and person workouts....lawd! Im gonna be busy....but that is a really good thing ;) I would really like to get fit enough where moving a hour a day the thought of doesnt exhaust me! LOL

4 days to go then 2 weeks off work....and tomorrow 6 days till the challenge starts....getting excited!!!!


jen said...

Well done on setting goals…good luck in achieving them.

#fatfreefloozy said...

I love the "newness" of a challenge! I am sure that you are going to smash it! Well done on the 3.8kgs! That's an awesome start!

Tranquility road said...

I sure if you spoke to your pt you could incorporate some burpees etc to help you with the push-up them jump up part of boxing
I too LOVE boxing

Good job my friend