Friday, March 04, 2016


So a lot has happened this here is my update (grab a coffee we might be awhile ;))

So firstly how am I going? My food has been going great. Yesterday went to burger club for lunch. I settled for their very basic burger with just cheese...(i was tempted for the bacon, blue cheese, avocado, carmelised onion combo lol but did the right thing) thats really the worst i have eaten over the past nearly 3 weeks. There has been absolutely no bingeing or even temptation for that #winning. Exercise wise...since I returned to weight watchers..I havent missed a PT session....ive been way more consistent. And i can tell the difference...moving my body is starting to feel more comfortable. My weight work while prolly still low has increased....chest press machine 20 kilos, lat pull down 35 kilos, seated rows 30 kilos, tricep dumbell presses 5 kilos each hand.

So the return to weight watchers can definitely be deemed successful :) But the thing is....its not the program.....its the group meeting and the accountability of that weigh in each monday night. Now I know a lot of my readers are ww members....and i have no desire to get into a bunch of peoples views about weight watchers....a lot of my followers attend weight watchers and I respect that.But for me, and specifically me, with my nutritional knowledge i battle with it on numerous fronts. So this week with my trainer and food coach and with the fact the fernwood challenge starts this week I had to make some decisions. The first is, I am not giving up attending weight watchers meetings cos I feel they have been key in how well I have got back on track. But while i will be attending...whilst the 12 week challenge is on (ill reasses at the end of the challenge) I have decided to count calories. So im going to try and base a lot of my food around the challenge menus. I tracked my food in my fitness pal for a few days and it worked out to be around 1650 calories a day. My BMR is like 1670 calories, and as my exercise will also increase starting this coming week I have been increasing the calories from 1650 by 50 calories a day until today when i reached 1800 calories. So the 12 week challenge plan is 1200 calories....I will increase it to 1800 by increasing the amount of protein in my meals, eating full fat dairy, adding a protein shake (especially after my weights sessions), adding avocado, or other good primarily by increasing my protein and to a lesser extent my fat....I dont want to increase my grains at all tho.

So as I have taken the next 2 weeks off work and will do PT 4 days a week...we will be doing a bro split. Which basically means each day will be a specific muscle group.On those days I will try and do 30-60 minutes of cardio as well. So my coming week my workouts will look like this:

Monday :PT (chest) + 1 hour walking
Tuesday : PT (legs) + RPM
Wednesday : PT (back & biceps) + boxing
Thursday : Double PT (core + boxing) + body balance
Friday : Pilates + 1 hour walking
Saturday : Body pump + 1 hour walking
Sunday : 1 hour walking

Due to the heat the walking may be me doing the "walk away the pounds dvds" but i will see how the heat goes.

So with monday being day 1 of the challenge....lots happening! I am getting a body scan done. I am approximately the same weight i was the last time i had one interesting to see if the muscle has changed at all and any centimetres lost.I then need to get my photo taken. Then PT. Of course the program goes live with all the workouts etc monday morning as well. Im super excited. My goal is to be under at LEAST 112 kilos (on my home scales) but the bigger aim is under 110 kilos. As of last monday I was 122.8 13 kilos to go in 12 weeks :)

Okay think thats it...till next update! :)

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