Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well ive been sick the last few days...bloody head cold PLUS TOM so was cramping like a crazy wench!! lol Im back at work today sounding very nasally with a blocked nose but apart from that I feel okay. I have reevaluated my calories going by jillians method and have dropped back to 1500 calories...did 1400 calories yesterday and dropped 700 grams overnight :) I am starting to see that 55 kilos lost in the not too far horizon which is getting very exciting. I also realised last nite less then 18 kilos and i will be into double digits!!! Not bad for the girl who the docs said i can only ever expect to get to 100 kilos...yeh we will see about that buddy!!!

Tomorrow i am off so only back to work for one day...tomorrow i have PT for a hour...think it will be a non cardio workout lol...and then straight from there i have to scoot off to the podiatrist. Apart from that i wont go back to the gym till monday as i dont wanna be out in the cold in the evening. But by monday i should be fine. Amazing to think back...4 years ago if i had got this cold it woulda prolly turned into its a few days in bed and i am back and ready to get back into life :)

I have also gone SEVEN days with no diet soft drink...and as i dont drink tea or coffee that also means no caffiene. Funnily my appetite has really died off...which is a nice side effect and i am also sleeping much better so bonus's all round.

Not much else going on...hope everyone has a good day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Well last night was fun. I met up with the girls...we went out for asian for dinner...i had a serve of lemon chicken, 1 cup fried rice and 2 dim sims (1200 calories) then we went to the quiz was a byo drinks and i bought water! lol Everyone else had chips and dip etc in front of them. One of my friends had those lil share packets so i had 2 of these (42 calories each) and we won a huge chocolate and nougat bar (like toberlone) so i also had a piece of i was a lil over in my calories but not by much. But it was a fun night...then as we go to of the girls says do u want a lift home (even tho she lives the other side of the city) anyway when we get to my place she you need a escort in? lol....i said no...shes very nice...but unless someone comes along who just knocks me off my feet im not really looking for a relationship...just a lil bit of a social life would be nice at this point.

This morning i woke up with a headache and sore guess its related to how darn cold its been and the weening me of the caffiene. So far so good. I have quite a few calories left over today (like 450) so im gonna shortly go pick up a can of lemonade .... which is 150 calories...and ill also have some icecream after dinner...presuming i remember to eat it! Like who would have ever thought it???? But i have since read that caffeine is a appetite stimulant.

So today i have been very lazy...just playing backgammon and doing some washing. In a minute after i go get the lemonade i am going back to bed! LOL its too freaking gonna do some more reading of "the end of overeating" then later will play on the computer before a early nite to knock this sore throat on the head...i will be severely pissed if its sore in the morniing.

Oh and i decided to keep using my weigh in on my scales as my "official" weigh 117.8 kilos yesterday morning. Quite unbelievable...less then 18 kilos and i will be under 100 kilos! I remember when i use to think that was my ultimate goal. Now i am thinking under 100 by xmas and under 85 by next holy crap! LOL

oh and deb - millers and best n less have some decent stuff pretty cheap...

And airlie...yes i hope we do get to catch up another time! And i know about your clothes i have been thru most now lol...i actually passed a couple on to Martine last weekend :) pay it forward and all that :)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

53.1 kilos lost :)

So I am doing really well on the no diet coke. But i have noticed two things. One - i can fall asleep at the drop of a hat! lol I have always been a good sleeper...but thursday nite i fell asleep with the tv on (which i never do), ended up having a nap yesterday (which i rarely do unless sick) and last nite i was out the minute my head hit the pillow ... very bizarre but in a good i dont drink tea or coffee i am guessing my body likes the fact of no caffeine! The other thing is my appetite seems to have got lost somewhere lol. I am plain forgetting to damn well eat. Yesterday i was suppose to eat 1500 calories...i only reached 1258 calories....and i only managed that by having a can of lemonade (150 calories). I thought to myself after dinner i will have some icecream to reach 1500 calories...but i bloody well completely forget...wonder who the hell has taken over my body? Today i got so busy (shopping and spending money!) that i didnt have lunch till 2pm!!

At the gym...i did the resistance program. Fiona was like..."you shouldnt be doing weights this high" lol and then when i did the chest press (37.5 kilos) she was like i know you dont believe me but u are really strong now in the chest. I also told her about the stairs and losing my key and she was like think about 6 months or a year ago you wouldnt have even been doing that exercise...and you certainly wouldnt have walked back down the stairs to find that key lol

So i did resistance workout....a few minutes on the xtrainer...12 minutes on the bike at level 3 (gonna increase this 1 minute per day) and then about 10-15 minutes doing a cool down on the treadmill. As fiona said to me today...the treadmill now can only really be used for a warm up or cool down :( So my stats from the gym today was:

Duration 01:47:44
Calories 768 kcal

Average HR 122 bpm
Maximum HR 162 bpm

Then i went shopping! Weee! Actually i went to get my eyebrows etc done..and i will tell u all i have a issue with facial hair (due to PCOS) the girl i saw today reckons i should get laser i have some brochures on it to read...has anyone had it done? Any success?

Anyway i had stopped in at katies bargain section and i bought 5 summer tops and 2 pairs of 3/4 jeans for $48.70!!! Then i went to target...bought some tops and a really cute blue zip up jacket which i may wear out tonite and from their normal size section active wear section i bought 2 tops YAY for new workout gear...a few more kilos lost and they should fit me nicely and a couple of new bras so yay for me :)

I left target and decided not to be a lazy ass and walked a 29 minute walk..mostly on flat surface so my foot seemed to handle it fine so my stats from that were:

Duration 00:29:00
Calories 151 kcal

Average HR 114 bpm
Maximum HR 129 bpm

Just a nice easy walk.

Tonite i am off for asian! I have worked out a cup of fried rice, a cup of lemon chicken and 3 steamed dim sims is 1200 thats what i will be having (YAY for high calorie days!) then im off to the lesbian quiz nite...should be fun...look at me getting out and about meeting girls LOL...(admittedly i am going with friends lol) Should be fun...mite take a pic before i go out tonite too...enjoy your saturday all!

Friday, June 25, 2010

So i went to the gym last nite. Did about 10 minutes on the tread at a level of 4 and 4.5 now i know they are not fast levels...but with my foot they the end of the 10 minutes i could feel i then went over to the bike and did about 17 minutes on it. Then fiona came and got me and it was boxing and i told her i was able to try and do some shuttle runs in boxing. We did maybe 5. She then stretched me and i left the the time id got out the gym and up the street my shoe was too tight :( my foot was getting puffy again and swelling. I initially thought it was the running...but the more i think of it i think it might have been the treadmill. Anyway the boxing was a good stat were (how cool that i can just copy and paste this now!)

Duration 01:05:54
Calories 427 kcal

Average HR 119 bpm
Maximum HR 155 bpm

Not a bad effort (far from my greatest tho)

Then today i went in again my foot was still sore...i turn up and fiona comes over...and im like its still she has told me now regardless what i do at the to ice it straight after each session (they have ice at the gym) so anyway then...because nothing in my life is drama free...i go put my stuff in my my locker key to my shirt...and go down the 7 flights of stairs *rolls eyes* i get down to the bottom...and then walk up them...i get to the top...and realise my freaking locker key has fallen off somewhere! lol So i traipse back down all 7 flights again *with a lot of sighing and grumbling* and cannot find the i walk up another 3 flights....still no darn i think stuff it im catching the lift back up...i get in it...then these girls get in it and one is holding MY key!!!! hahhaha i ripped that thing out of her hand quick smart lol nah they were lovely girls...and i breathed a sigh of relief! I then did like 11 minutes on the bike...10 minutes on the cross trainer and 5 minutes on the treadmill...cos of all that traipsing up stairs was a 45 minute work out LOL

Date 25.06.2010 11:13

Duration 00:44:21
Calories 443 kcal

Average HR 135 bpm
Maximum HR 164 bpm
Time in Heart Rate Zones

Bloody hell see how much those stairs helped out? lol I then iced my foot after the workout as promised to fiona lol

I cant even express how much "exercise" is frustrating me at the moment. Its bad enough going to the gym in winter when id prefer to be at home and warm...but the fact that i really dont like the bike or xtrainer is doing me no favours. I think whenever i am there anytime there is a body jam class, body balance, body combat or body pump i need to get my butt in to do them. Does anyone do body attack? Cardio wise is there a huge difference between that and body combat? (I am guessing there is which is why i have avoided it like the plague)

Not much else going the foot a good rest...enjoy all!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Yesterday I started to kick the diet soft drink again. And after stalling for a few days that gave me a 900 gram loss scales this morning were 118.1 kilos...the lowest ever :) I am on day two of no diet coke...everyone says day three is the worse...and i off for the next 3 days so if i do get a headache shouldnt cause me a issue.

Went to the physio last nite...i told her i "think" my foot is improving...she said the swelling seems to have gone down a lil and she said it was ok for me to start running again in boxing to start to test it :) also my physio is either going to come to the gym for one of my PT sessions or me and fiona are going to go out to her office to do a session where my physio will go thru exercises to help me and then fiona can incorporate them in my program (the bonus of my trainer and physio knowing each other)

I havent been to the gym for quite a few damn hard in winter!!! But will be there tonite...and determined to do 45 minutes on bike even if i just go at a speed of 1 while my butt adjusts to it ! lol So tonite is the official first trial of the new heart rate monitor.

I also got a few more books over the last few days "Nourishing Traditions" which looks awesome...and PCOS diet book...think they will both be invaluable. I also bought some skirts on ebay which arrived yesterday...they are size 16 so wont fit me yet...but one day!!! One is a lil susans skirt and the other is a colorado skirt...the susans one was initially $79.95!!! And still had its tags on it lol

Not too much going on....hanging out for 5pm tontie when I get my THREE day weekend!! weeee!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

good day yesterday!!!

I got my new still tryng to figure the darn thing out! lol but slowly getting ther with it lol. I also got my new heart rate monitor...and all I can say is AWESOME...its really great...the goals it has set me is to burn 2950 calories over 5 hours and 35 also breaks it all up into the 3 different heart rate zones. And all the info loads up to the polar website...its it!!!

I also got michelle bridges has some really good recipes in it.Mite have to try some friday nite :)

Last nite i did about 15 minutes on the treadmill/cross trainer and then did a PT session of the end fiona was like are you going to do body jam tonite...i was like no i dont like going in late...she was like were not late you could go in...i shoulda said yes cos its not a busy class next monday if i dont do body combat ill do body jam. I really need to do more of the classes especially with my foot doing the repition of the cross trainer or treadmill just doesnt work for me...its just too sore and i end up getting frustrated with it all. The next step is going to be to get into these RPM classes. id really like to go to one that sarah takes first cos she knows im pathetically scared of them LOL but its a case of working a time i can be there when sarah is running a class. But the big goal this work is going to be to meet those goals!

Weigh in expecting a small gain...maybe 500 grams...but will post tomorrow regardless (TOM is coming)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Last night at dinner was rather interesting...discussing the pros and cons of weight watchers plus a big discussion on unprocessed foods. The thing I am realising is more and more to eat "light" we cut out nutrients. Every ww'er knows the diet lemonade pancakes I suspect..we omit milk and use diet lemonade instead. Now if we think about this...for half a cup of milk (combined with one egg and half a cup of flour - enough for 2 pancakes for one person)you are saving a WHOLE 55 calories by omitting low fat milk - wackado !! But what else are we missing? calcium, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, phosphorus, iron - really to miss out on a bunch of of nutrients...electing to instead have diet lemonade which is Carbonated Water, Sweeteners (952, 954), Food Acid (330), Flavour, Preservative (211). All those items with numbers after them are just chemicals.

Yes weight loss is about the numbers on the scales reducing...but think about it...for your body to perform at its best (ie daily activities, exercise the FUNCTION of losing weight) doesnt it make sense to firstly focus on building the strongest body you can? In other words ensure you get all the nutrients you need?

The thing i have discovered in the last 6 months more then chemicals, processe foods etc do NOTHING to assist our weight loss...all they do is inhibit your weight loss. To successfully lose weight I believe we do need to go back to more what food was like many years ago. Fresh fruit and vegetables...protein....quality grains (and no that doesnt include white pasta and rice no matter how yummii they are!!) healthy fats and dairy. The sooner we do that...the better and more consistant losses will be, i am not saying be perfect and never eat another processed food...but eliminate it where possible. Think also about the cost of these processed foods that these huge companies such as birds eye etc charged so you will have the convenience of opening a bag of oven fries to save the 5 minutes it takes you to peel and cut fresh raw potatos.

NB...just for the record these are my opinions ONLY...and whilst i respect some may not agree with me...bottom ill have my opinion lol
Well here i am back at work at 8am on a sunday morning!!! Last nite we had a slight change of plans...went out to a thai restuarant at semaphore. It was really yummy. I was introduced to the world of cold rolls yumyum!!! And then i had this minced chicken dish with rice which was really yummii too followed by a hot chocolate...i dont think any of it was the ending of the world.

The scales went up a lil more (they are up about 1.7 kilos eek!!!) but get into the water today i suspect its mostly fluid retention plus TOM is not too far away so suspect thats part of it.

I am really starting to notice my feet are nowhere near as sore. I had soem cheapo inserts in my shoes and since i removed them they seem heaps better. Not to say they are perfect...but I think with the amount I still weigh I cant expect them to be perfect. I walked for 20 minutes at 3.5 on friday without any real dramas. I think tomorrow before PT I mite try and do 30 minutes at 3.5 again...if I survive that I mite start to slowly build it up. I think this week I mite suggest to fiona we start running again...she may not be happy about that lol but I can only suggest lmfao.

Im getting real excited about getting my new HRM tomorrow nite YAY!!! so much awesomeness its not funny!!!

Well its lunch off to read more of my book!

PS Pinky well done on ur loss :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh I feel so much better today! Only bad thing is I am at work! lol but even that seems survivable today lol

Fiona sent me a message last nite to say she has bought my new heart rate monitor!!! weeee!!! super excited...i will get that all on monday. I think i am gonna start making my own bread ... i was watching it on masterchef last nite and thought why not? I wanna make it by hand...and then i will know exactly whats in it (im so convinced that processed foods are bad for our health and prohibits weight loss so anything to cut out processed foods is a goer for me) I also wanna get a pasta maker and start making my own pasta....I got 2 of my books currently reading "The end of overeating" its a nice easy hopefully i get a few bits and pieces out of it. I also got "fat chance" which is about a girls journey with lapband surgery.

Tonite i am off out to dinner with tania and i splurged thursday counting that as my high calorie today...and today i am having thursdays calories which are 1700. I have checked out the menu...planning to have a chicken burger and tell them NO FRIES lol and with that i have 300 calories to spare which will prolly be for a hot chocolate...sounds like a plan to me...have a good day all!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Well its been a draining couple of days. Thursday morning i went into that dreaded chat program BIG MISTAKE...the person i mentioned a few days ago was just simply was a mistake to go in there and also to talk to her. Since then my brain keeps going back to a couple of things she said i didnt think much off...and that unfortunately has prolly been a problem for a few months...since ive been back in there whilst ive done "fine" on the weight loss side of things i havent been as focussed and thats something i really need to work on.

By mid morning the inspection had been done and that all went swimmingly...thursday arvo i had PT with fiona...and remember a week or so ago i guessed what the new program would be? lol i was spot on...with the addition of some step ups too...which fiona found quite amusing. So that was a hour long session of core and weights. I then went to the births, deaths and marriages office and changed my surname!!! Which is now done...all I am waiting on now is my birth certificate to be reproduced which takes 3-4 weeks apparantly.

I then went to the be honest it was nice but not fab. Last nite for dinner I splurged...but such is life on with it this week. Most annoying thing is this morning the breakfast i preordered which involved some bread in a basket for me to toast myself and a hot chocolate arrived thirty minutes late and there was no hot water this morning UGH i was hardly impressed...and have sent them a "not happy jan" email this arvo as well as leaving a note in the room.

Thi morning i was back at the gym with very sore legs...did about 20 minutes on the treadmill then 30 minutes of boxing with idea of the calories burnt the last two i have posted my heart rate monitor to mel...fiona was going to try and pick up my new one with luck ill get it monday....if not will be thursday i get it.

I was reading a thing on fernwoods blog today (have messaged fiona to confirm this) but they are 3 cardio sessions per week, 2-3 weight sessions per week and 1 flexibility session...hell thats a lot of sessions!!! I think for me i really need to focus on those cardio sessions. I think the plan for exercise this week will be:

monday - podiatrist appointment then PT core
tuesday - body pump
wednesday - physio
thursday - PT boxing
friday - maybe if i am super energetic the 7am body combat class...but im thinking somehow no lol
saturday - PT weights + body balance

I also got 2 new books today..fat chance which is about a girl who had lapband surgery and the end of overeating...which is kinda self explained lol...and is one that was recommended to me.

Tonite with getting back on track i am having a rosemary and mint lamb chop with roasted cherry tomatos and feta and caramelised onions

Have a good day all.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weigh in result

I weighed in and lost 1.7 kilos. :) So my "official" numbers on eves scales now are 119.4 kilos.

I booked a nite at the stamford plaza (flash hotel here in Adelaide) for tomorrow nite! Last year I went and stayed at the hilton hotel and it was such a relaxing im off to the stanford tomorrow nite. No computer. Just me and my book...hopefully the room has a nice bathtub...and i can have a lovely soak in the tub...followed by dinner via room service and a evening of watching foxtel! hehe!!

You all need to check out this link. Have a look and tell me what yas think! I think its a brilliant idea...I will have to start thinking of some ideas for things to add to mine.

Tomorrow i have my house is always tidy so its no real drama...just pick up a few things tonite...mop the floors and vacuum and already to go...and yay....the inspection isnt till 10am so this princess is gonna get a lil bit of a sleep in! YAY!

Have a good day all

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Im at home today with a bloomin sore jaw. Its where I had the dental work last year...I am hoping whatever it is will just settle down...but did cause me to wake up with a throbbing headache.

Theres something i need to address for myself...i need to get it down in writing and then with luck it may help. To explain a bit about my past...i grew up with a dad who was in the army...we lived at a army village (holsworthy)...anyway in this army village...there were no malls...or social functions. There was a swimming pool...a tiny pub (which was for army men) and a tennis court. My parents never went out much. I grew up with a quiet life...and my only real social stuff was ballet class. My dad being in the army was strict...he had a strict rule that sunday was family day and we always spent that day at home. Anyway after dad died...and we moved to adelaide and mum met her now husband...things changed. Mums focus became her new relationship...i had grown up content to be at home...but i recall mum always being on my case to get out and about. Now as I got into my 20's i grew even more of a homebody. By the time I was 30 I had discoverred chat about 32-33 i had given up my job of 10 years so i didnt have to face reality...sitting in a chat room was much easier! For well over a year I didnt see family...I didnt venture out of the house except to buy food...i never answered my phone...i even had the police turn up doing a welfare call as my neighbours had called them concerned! What my point to this well as a weight issue...ive always had another issue...where i could walk in my house...lock the door and not see anyone for a year or more...and i would cope...maybe not financially...but in the moment i would. Anywayyyyyyyyyy i majorly broke out of this bad habit 4-5 years ago and i have never got close to being back at that place again. But it is something i am very concious off...and something i need to get on top off. Whilst I have cut back dramatically i dont ever seem to completely cut it out. Over the last year or so i have been close to someone in one of the chat rooms...i have enjoyed her companionship...but in my head its been a constant battle. I do get lonely...and I think thats why I have kept us up with her...but over the last few months...i have told her numerous times i cant keep doing this...yet i always go back in. She is like a bad habit i cant break! lol. There is so much of me she doesnt get...she really doesnt get how important this weight loss is to me...and partly thats my fault...ive kept her at a distance not letting her see my journal or FB or anything. 10 days ago i told her...were too different we cant keep this to-ing and fro-ing up...i stayed away for a week or so...last nite im back in there...that said we didnt chat (ok we argued a lil) but things are still the same status quo...more so then the issue that the chat rooms are a addiction based on the fact i am lonely. Long time ago when i was with Ang...i said to her one stopping going into chat...and ive been watching more tv...and she said...all u r doing is replacing one box for another....I do really need to break this much has improved in my life...and this aspect has improved a lot...but I really need to completely break that habit. I dont know that anything is gained by me writing this down maybe by it being down on paper (so to speak) it may make me face this a lil more.

Last weekend fiona was no PT saturday morning or monday would think I woulda done the body pump class and/or body balance wouldnt u? did i? nup! Didnt go near the gym...and havent been since thursday. Im not expecting someone to post some miracle response in regards to this post...this is all up to me...its something i need to keep working thru.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Work again has asked me when I am planning to take my long service leave. I am not entitled to it till next May but when asked i have told them i will be taking it all together in one block. Its 13 weeks off work and as a few of us are coming up to 10 years service next year they are trying to do some planning. So...i have to come to some kind of decision...sooner i know sooner i can also plan for it. My aim is to go see Jody next the thought is may august - october off and also take 2-3 weeks off in July...that would give me 4 months off. I think thats prolly what I will do...Ill think about it over the next few days then sit down and work out some exact dates.

I am working today...has been relatively quiet...

I finished a really good book the other nite "Believe it, be it" its by Ali Vincent who was the first US biggest loser winner. She was on series 5...and she was amazing,,,she was sent hoem about week 5...when she left the elimination room she said "i will become the biggest loser" she went home determined to have the biggest body fat % loss...when all contestents got invited back to the ranch...she had lost the most of all the females...she has one of the most defined figures now and several years later she hasnt put any weight back on (plus I ahve my suspicions and think she is gay!) there were a few statements in her book that really struck was "im just gonna go for it" and when thinking about the biggest loser title she thought...why not me....thats something i need to get my head around...cos i constantly self doubt myself...constantly think anything where its about achieving and being successful...that cant be for confidence levels is something fiona has worked quite a bit with me .... and she told me recently that we have worked thru a lot of those fears but there is still more work in that area to be done...of course as i grow more confident in the gym and realise more and more the different things i can do...this will improve. Of course having a crappy foot doesnt help cos so many things we go to do we cant cos she has to take my foot into account all the time.

I start a new weights program this week...she has told me she wants to go back to basics (im guessing cos of my foot) she did mention would include leg press...and my guess is also LAT pull down....and if i was a guessing girl i would also say rows and maybe some chest press...lets see how close to the actual program I get LOL

Have a good day all

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Hair Do Part 2

So firstly I found my camera ;) so i took some better photos...altho they still dont really catch the hair colour as its lighter and a bit of a more ginger colour then in these pics but here they are

Pinky to answer your question about my high calorie/point average high point day which i do on saturdays GENERALLY looks like this

b - sausage mcmuffin
s - small freddo frog
l - turkish bread with porchetta and swiss cheese
s - banana
d - yiros and 150 grams of chips

Personally cos its on saturday nite...i like to have a dinner i really look forward too but my other meals are a bit different to my normal days too. The other thing is the rest of the week i practically only eat non processed i dont really find i have a big sodium increase over nite (maybe 200-300 grams) and it usually settles down by the next day.

I went shopping friday nite...i bought a GORGEOUS new a empress flash its stunning and some super warm flanelette sheets! OMG i slept so good in it last nite! I then went to katies...and bought 2 pairs of size 22 jeans! OMG i kinda skipped size 24 heheh!! They are slouch style...super comfy and longggggggggggg and being a tall girl thats super important. I also managed to snag a pair of size 16 jeans for $9.95...a light cardigan for $19.95...a orange tshirt style top (just cos i like orange!) and a track suit jacket for $19.95. Then yesterday i went to best n less and bought a ton of size 22 nickers...super cute ones...i cant remember ever having such cute nickers! lol (Theres even one pair that says princess on them! And they are all cotten "boy style" ones lol) I also bought 3 other tops yesterday. Then of course i went and got my hair done. My hair is so thick it took them over 90 minutes just to put the foils in! LOL i will go back in about 3 weeks and they will do my roots and put some blonde streaks thru it...gawd how hot will that look! lol

Then last nite i went out to dinner with the girls...was such a good nite...lovely food and lovely company...cant ask for more then that!

So lemme ask for get invited out somewhere...and say yes...with a bunch of ur friends...(its to a reunion) then another bunch of friends (my lesbian friends) invite me out to a quiz nite which is being put on by the lesbian community (ie lots of lesbians will be there lol) now you really wanna go to the quiz nite...but u already said yes to the you bail out of the reunion? Or do you stick to what you initially committed too?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Hair Do

Its not a great pic...but i LOVE my new hair has a redish kinda tint to it...and a lot lighter before...if I dont find my camera tomorrow...i mite get ryan to take a photo on his camera at work! Will write more tomorrow...big day today...and i am one sleepy princes :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am so impressed at how back on track i have been this week. I had been cutting out the diet coke...and interesting thing is...i had a can one can monday can tuesday and none wednesday...i have slept so good this bed early getting a solid 8-9 hours sleep...and really deep sleep too...then today ive had a headache (3rd day running) so i had a can of diet coke...come 9.30pm im all hyper doing housework and chit...coincidence...after having that diet coke so late? Not really sure...but its certainly interesting.

Today was a high calorie day...had enough calories for a hamburger and 100 grams of hot chips (and yes sirree i do weigh them out and the remainder i throw out)..the scales have actually dropped 800 grams since monday...!!! So im very impressed...funny when i did the 4 days at a solid 1800 calories the scales barely moved...go back to calorie cycling and ta-da things SEEM to be moving...but will know more when i weigh in with eve!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOO looking forward to this weekend! Tomorrow nite going into town shoppingggggggg ... city chic has great sales on at the moment (love love loveeeeeeeee their clothes) also gonna go buy some new bed linen. Saturday gonna clean and go down to the fruit n veg store to do some shopping...saturday arvo i have a hair appointment....saturday nite going out with a bunch of my lesbian friends...sunday...sleeping in and going out for lunch with tania. A good weekend all round coming up!

Last nite i ordered a new phone...a nokia E63 my current phone can text and call and thats it...i never hear the tone when it lets me know a text message is there...have missed a few of fionas messages this week and also has a VERY limited space for storage of text messages so yay hopefully next week i will get that. I also bought some books last nite...the 2 that were recommended to me, the PCOS diet book, and also one called "Fat Chance" which is about a girls WLS journey..not that im thinking about WLS but i think its always interesting to read other peoples journeys.

Have a fab friday all!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

I never have much time to do a decent length post when i update at since tonite i am at home i thought id do a more decent post.

I am waiting for my NEW book to arrive..."believe it, be it" which is by Ali from the biggest loser (for the aussie and kiwis she is the first female US biggest loser winner) so fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow!

Tomorrow is bonus day! YAY! an extra $2500 in my pay packet...which will pay the orthotics...some new clothes and bed heart rate phone and with luck a new bed and clothes dryer. PHEW. All things i desperately need. I am also gonna pop into city chic either friday nite or saturday morning they are having a big i also need to buy a strapless bra.

There is a definite calmness over me at the moment. I have settled very nicely back into my eating, ive cut back on the diet coke to a maximum of one per day. Overnight the scales dropped by 600 grams. Which was a great sign. So I am also back to my calorie cycling. The other good thing is the gym. I am loving knowing by combining my PT sessions with classes and a lil bit of cardio equipment i seem to be hitting my calorie burnt target. The last 2 days i burnt 1670 calories. The aim is to get over 3000 this week is looking good. I have to say im really looking forward to doing body combat again. Presuming PT stays at 6.30pm tomorrow nite i will do body combat before it will be basically 90 minutes of boxing! LMFAO no wonder im sleeping like a baby the last few days. Saturday i am also planning to do body pump and then body turning into one of "them" them being those girls who can do the classes and handle did that sneak up on me and happen? But its all very exciting and a fab realisation i am getting closer and closer to "normal". Going to the gym so much having tonite as home seems like such a treat! lol...its just after 6pm...ive come home...cleaned the kitchen and a load of washing on...and am all prepared for a evening of relaxing on FB and in front of the tv.

And with that .... enjoy all!
I am quite tender this morning! Specially around my butt, thighs and shoulders :(

Last nite went to the gym...saw eve...weighed in 121.1 kilos... but my body fat had dropped to 47.5% woot...she didnt seem to concerned when i discussed the gain...thought it was just external factors.

I then did body pump class...and OMG it was a new release so first time i had done it...soooo hard lol my glutus maximus was killing lol..and i can certainly feel it this morning...dread to think how i will feel tomorrow.

Tonite im not gymming have a well deserved early nite! lol...i finish at 4pm so will go a lil bit of cleaning...cook dinner...then early to bed i think.

Not much else going on...hope everyone has a good day!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Got a letter last nite for a inspection on the 17th. And the irony of it all is i have a pretty busy weekend this weekend...not that the place is big or messy...its just needing a few hours to do some of the things i dont normally do (like windows) so i have had to put in for a shift swap at work... havent heard anything yet...about anyone wanting to may have to go to my boss and see if they can organise me a emergency annual leave day (oh the drama!)...but as luck has it its a hour later and i got a shift yay :)

So now as well as getting the house organised i need to get my PT times changed...but this mite work out better. I am really desperate for a clothes dryer so the good thing is i can probably on saturday go buy one and organise delivery for next thursday which would help with drying the bloody clothes!

Tonite i have will see eve...then do 15 minutes on xtrainer...15 minutes on bike and 30 minutes on the treadmill...i mite even do some running...haha i know fiona would freak out but im convinced running is less on my feet then walking fionas not at the gym tonite so she will never know! lol Then i will do body pump another night tonite...prolly wont be home till 8pm...luckily im only cooking fish and rice for dinner tonite

Not much else going on...hope everyone is having a good day!

Monday, June 07, 2010

I have had a VERY exciting nite! I did body combat! Yessiree i surely did!

It was all very nerve wracking...and when i first entered...everyone was lined up against the i did the same thing...then realised across from me was a floor to ceiling mirror. I sat there looking at myself hating my hips and stomach :( but then the class instructor came in...she was lovely and so nice (ok the fact she is gay helped me! lol) and then i did the class...thank gawd i had done boxing with Fiona for the last 18 months or i woulda really struggled. I did all the low options (only because of my feet) but it did it the end the instructor told me well NORMAL...i felt completely normal...and not like a big nob who should be i was very very excited! And the good news is the 45 minute class burnt 527 calories. I then went off to do my PT session of all together i burnt 962 calories! I now have 3 classes i feel okay to attend...combat, pump and balance...yay for me =]
So for the last 10 weeks or so i have been seen the nutritionist at the gym. When i have decided to get off my ass and has worked well...i do my own plan...she weighs me and does my body fat each week...and every second week we do measurements. I dont know whether im just a special client lol or what but shes happy for me to do my own thing and just measure...anyway i rang the gym this morning and told them to put me on one slim session per week for 25 fortnites...i would like to think by this time next year i will be at goal or very close to its suck it up and do this for 12 months. I just have to committ to attending each week. So i will go tomorrow nite...i will start to use eves scales as my "official number" they are generally about 600 grams - 1 kilo heavier then mine...but thats ok. So tomorrow we will draw that line in the sand...i know it will be higher then last weigh in with her but thats ok cos im back on track and feel good.

So when i see eve tomorrow nite i will tell her i wanna book a permanant time so that i can still make body pump and maybe see her after that class each week (will help get me into the gym every tuesday nite as well!)

So tomorrow will be my last day of simply sticking to 1800 calories...wednesday i will go back to my wendie plan and also cut back to one diet coke per day.

Not a lot else going on...tonite i surprise surprise have gym...presuming my PT time doesnt change i am planning to do the body combat class (yes really gawd how insane am i?) followed by a PT session of core/balance work

Have a good day all!

Sunday, June 06, 2010


I remember ages ago...i was moaning about something with my journey to fiona, and she turned around to me and said "I can give you all the info in the world...i can try and motivate you non stop...but this journey is your choice...i cant do it for you" tough but wise words. Another time she was talking to me...and i was talking about how other people...put their two cents in about my journey...their expectations of me. Fiona turned around and said..."who gave them permission to control your journey?" Now anyone who has been on the ww forums in the last 24 hours may guess where i am going with this ;) post something on a online forum and everyone didnt sympathise and agree so your stomping your feet and taking all your toys and going home? bravo...when i started this journey...i wanted a life...simple as that...i didnt wanna call in to work sick cos on that day i simply didnt have energy to walk to the bus stop...i wanted to be able to have a social life...i of course i wanted to lose weight. As time has gone on all those things are true...but so much more is true...i wanna be fit, healthy, even wanna be a bit of a i also wanna be a strong woman...i no longer wanna be a victim...whining and crying about people i dont get along with or whining and crying cos life is SO unfair (i said that very sarcastically). I wanna be the woman who can handle herself...and this is part of our yanno...if life aint going EXACTLY how you planned it...suck it up...take some responsibility...cos till you are responsible for your life how can you ever truly get to goal AND maintain it. This journey is mine...its my prized one else owns it...sure people can influence me...people will support me...and well prolly some people think i am going about things wrong...but yanno thats ok...cos i own this...mistakes and all...when we whine on a forum and lash out at everyone whose words we didnt like...whose gaining? you feel a lil bit better cos u vented but how does that really benefit you in the long run?

okies off my soap box!

Yesterday i came 4 calories under 1800 calories! LOL Hows that for precision??? In some ways im amazed that only 3-4 days ago the thought of being on track longer then 3 days seemed is day 3 at 1800 calories...and i have no doubt i am back on track with everything.

My hamstrings are a lil sore today and my legs tired but im not too sore from body balance at all...which surprises me...i expected to be incredibly sore this morning!

Tomorrow i am booking a hairdressers appointment for next saturday! Im kinda liking my hair at my current gonna have a trim...and i am gonna get them to colour it a caramal colour with a few golden streaks thru it...

Natalie - your comment from my last post just came thru my emails. and YES what you say about fluctuations i completely agree with! When i stick to plan and restrict the low fat products and eat mostly "mother natures foods" i hardly fluctuate...realising this took a lot of the frustrations out of my journey. I will be checking those books you mentioned out...have you read Jillian Michaels "Master your metabolism" and for a simpler read Joanna McMillians "inner health outer beauty" ... both really reinforced these thinkings with me.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

BTW anyone know of any good aussie books or websites on organic eating? Im after general info as well as recipes etc
Mwuahhahahah the princess feels focussed again! I had a lil issue...which i resolved this morning...and i certainly feel a weight of my shoulders.

Yesterday I ate incredibly well..even had some brown rice last nite which I think may have helped me with not picking after dinner. I came a smidgen under 1800 calories so that was all good. Today i have planned dinner and all and i am sitting at 1451 349 calories still to never know a banana and icecream may be on the agenda tonite after din din. I gymed it this morning and thoroughly impressed with me. I started with 10 minutes on the cross trainer...fiona came up and ur doing the xtrainer? I was like no treadmill was free and was only 10 minutes...i definitely got the feeling from her she thinks i should keep up 10 minutes on the treadmill (and must admit it is a high calorie burn) then i did my PT session of weights with fiona...then went and did some window shopping for a hour or so...then went back....did 5 minutes on the treadmill and then did a BODY BALANCE class! YAY me! I survived it wasnt too torturous...there was one wacky exercise i didnt do cos of my foot...and i STILL hate being in a down dog position and having to bring my feet thru my arms...but i was quite impressed with myself...even managed this position (altho nowhere near as gracefully!):

I then left the gym...and as going out got my certificate for doing the foxy challenge :) I was only home for a few hours before my inner thighs have started like to say my arms arent hurting a lil too...but that would be lying! ;)

Anyway right at this moment I am zonked! Time for a laydown with my book I think...hope everyone has a good saturday!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Im doing the very special kazz detox! lol i was looking thru my journal...and last august i went thru something similar to how its been the last few weeks...i cut out all the take out food and went on to lose 5 kilos! lol so whilst at the moment my concern isnt the number on the scales...i am gonna stick to 1800 each day for the next 10 days or so.

Talked to fiona more about my foot last nite...she has a cd with a pile of foot/leg stretches on it she is gonna give me it to print up to take to my physio to see if any of the exercises/stretches she recommends for me and i think fiona will then partly incorporate them. I also told fiona i think im just gonna stay away from the cardio equipment for a while...ill just do my PT sessions...and one body combat, one body pump, one RPM and one body balance class per week. I should hopefully still get my calories up without killing my foot. I told fiona i was concerned im being lazy but she was like no your looking after your over health...mental and your foot...and shes foot is bloody sore again today it seems to be getting worse at the moment...cant wait to see the podiatrist. Which i have a appointment booked on 21st June.

This morning i am trying out my new muesli...its muesli with pumpkin seeds, almonds, cashews, walnuts. It looks super yummy...cant wait to eat it shortly.

Not much else to say except its fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! PT tomorrow and i SWEAR im gonna do body balance too...enjoy ur friday all :)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Well went to see the physio last nite...i told her about the couple of falls i have had and how while my ankle doesnt feel as stiff the pain is still there. She has now referred me to a podiatrist and they will work in tandem together. So will ring him later today and make a appointment. She thinks i have some structural damage and the way i stand on my feet is a issue and also as the muscles on either side of my ankle are very tight. He will apparantly have me run on a treadmill and video tape it then look at my motion but she thinks i will prolly end up with orthotics. (Thank gawd I get my bonus from work next week...timing couldnt be better! lol)

I have also decided i need more accountability. I seem to be fine for 2-3 days then i am having a bad meal...then 2-3 days fine etc etc Ever since my aunties came down ive been off track...really bizarre and i dont understand why to be honest. Why i suddenly got out of the zone...the only thing i can think is "the uncle" who innapporopriately climbed in my bed when i was a was his daughter i met...and photos of him were pulled out...i havent seen photos of him since i was 14 so whether thats stirred up something or whether thats just a excuse i i had felt i had all done and dealt with those issues. Or whether its just the contrast of how loving my aunties were to me as in hugging etc and how proud of me with the weight loss etc and when i compare that to my mums reaction the difference is just astounding. But even tho (and the more i think about it the more i think the second option is more the issue)i know the only person i am hurting is myself if that is the case. I havent actually spoken to my mum since i saw my aunties...two weeks tomorrow...which is a example of how lacking my relationship with my mum is...more i think about it its that...but yanno losing control and not continuing with this weight loss...the only one losing is time to do what i decided a year or so ago...and thats take the focus on other and focus on me. So i am thinking maybe i need to keep seeing the nutritionist each week so i have accountability.

PT tonite off foot is sore from last nties physio session so i prolly will only do the PT session...have a good day all!

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I have just finished reading "the kind diet" its a book about going vegan/vegeterian. Was a real easy read and has some interesting recipes...but more then the vegetarian talk that kept me interested with the book...was a lot of the talk on organic foods. I have already started to eat more organic...fiona gave me the name of a organic next week i mite venture out there to get some meat and try it out. I think for me it mite be a good way to go.

Was SO seriously planning to do RPM tomorrow nite...but fiona just messaged me to say she has put me into a 6PM PT session...well gawd damn means no RPM *giggles* As much as I laugh this is where it gets hard to fit in alternatives to the cardio equipment into my program. I will as of tomorrow go back to the stairs...and presuming it doesnt get veto'd at the physio i will do 10 minutes on the cross trainer and 20 minutes on the treadmill ( i will compromise a lil lol)

So as i said physio tonite...fiona talked to me a heap on monday nite about telling my physio i dont feel my foots improving so should be a interesting consultation tonite! lol

Not much else going on...hump day...on the downward slide to the weekend now YAY

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Last nite i really got in a mood at the gym...and i have come to the conclusion that using the damn xtrainer 4-5 nites a week mite burn some calories but more then anything its making me negative about the gym. So i have decided to change things a lil. Ive set a lil schedule which altho may change when PT times change should work with my work hours most weeks...

m - body combat + PT core work
t - body pump
w - physio
t - RPM + PT boxing
s - PT resistance training + body balance

Fiona has said if im not getting my cardio in we can do more boxing sessions...but i really would hate to not do core and i definitely wouldnt give up resistance sessions

Was on the bosu ball last nite and i rolled over my bad foot! UGH straight away fiona was like get back up on the horse...she seemed to think it was a good thing! Cos it proved my reflexes have improved enough that I recovered I rolled my eyes at her and said "whatever" lol

Anyway i dont wanna lose my mojo as fiona put it...i know part of its just getting frustrated with how long this is taking...but also its the time of year...its dark early....going home to a warm house or to the gym i know which option my mind wants...just ultimately its not the best for me! lol

I am thinking about continuing with my nutritionist sessions...ive been doing my own plan..but having weekly weigh ins with accurate measurements and body fat measurements....its a thought for accountability. I still have a few sessions i have paid for will continue to think about it.

Okies enuff for now...enjoy all!