Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well here i am back at work at 8am on a sunday morning!!! Last nite we had a slight change of plans...went out to a thai restuarant at semaphore. It was really yummy. I was introduced to the world of cold rolls yumyum!!! And then i had this minced chicken dish with rice which was really yummii too followed by a hot chocolate...i dont think any of it was the ending of the world.

The scales went up a lil more (they are up about 1.7 kilos eek!!!) but get into the water today i suspect its mostly fluid retention plus TOM is not too far away so suspect thats part of it.

I am really starting to notice my feet are nowhere near as sore. I had soem cheapo inserts in my shoes and since i removed them they seem heaps better. Not to say they are perfect...but I think with the amount I still weigh I cant expect them to be perfect. I walked for 20 minutes at 3.5 on friday without any real dramas. I think tomorrow before PT I mite try and do 30 minutes at 3.5 again...if I survive that I mite start to slowly build it up. I think this week I mite suggest to fiona we start running again...she may not be happy about that lol but I can only suggest lmfao.

Im getting real excited about getting my new HRM tomorrow nite YAY!!! so much awesomeness its not funny!!!

Well its lunch off to read more of my book!

PS Pinky well done on ur loss :)

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