Sunday, December 09, 2007

Well good morning all...sunday morning...and its blowing a gale outside..yesterday I went and weighed in and lost 4.8 kilos !!! omg i was wrapped...the weigher said she thought that was a record lol...anyway this week i am simply going to aim for 500 gram loss as i know my body will be realigning itself after such a big loss...only work 4 days this week then a day weekend again...starting to like these 3 day weekends LOL. Not a lot going on today...gonna a lil gammon oh and of course L word tonight...have a good sunday all =]

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Well lawdie ... so much has happened...was suppose to go to my xmas show last saturday nite...but didnt go...and why not? i simply couldnt be bothered...well i think it was partly that and also been so busy last week then on saturday during the day i had time to think about tomorrows inspection and all thoughts ran thru my mind like the landlord wants to find a fault to evict me...or they are coming to pressure me...then i had also come to the realisation that maybe i should miss xmas at streaky this year and get this whole move sorted out and i was stressing over telling my sister that. BUT emailed kerry sunday morning and she was great about it...then as it turned out my water heater was leaking on sunday so i had to call the landlord over. So when he came over he told me them wanting me out to rnovate has nothing to do with me...they are jsut sick of the strata stuff and wanna renovate sell make a profit and move on, they also said ive been a great tenant and they will give me references so thats all good. But anyway so sunday gert (jody) asks me about saturday nite .... and im like i didnt go...and she was like u arent taking ur anti depressent meds anymore are u? then talking with her i realised i needed to get things sorted monday i got the script filled...talked to the doctor and i feel better already. Im excited to think tomorrow is the inspection and once thats over thats one less thing on my mind. And heres the realllllllly good news....ive found a apartment i like...its in walking distance to work,....looks small from the photos but really nicely done am waiting for a call to say when i can go look at it. YAY The current tenants move out on 15/12 so with luck i can get it and move in while on my xmas leave.

Ive been doing really good with my points...i wanted to lose 3 kilos this week and fingers cross i make it...ive sneaked a peek at the scales...i will definitely have a loss when i weigh in on saturday...its just a case of how much, and only one more day and i have a 3 day weekend...last time i had more then 2 days off was when i was on leave in july and ended up sick ! So am really looking forward to some relaxing days....okies will be back saturday to report the loss !

Oh and one other piece of good news...i won a 12 month subscription to LOTL (lesbians on the loose) its a australian magazine...kinda like the cosmopolitaion for lesbians LOL and i won one (worth about $72) so thats a good thing maybe my luck is changing ! lol

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Well itssssssss done ! I went back to ww and yes i had put on (surprise surprise) im not gonna post how much i put on cos this is suppose to be all about a new start and i infact want to forget how much i HAVE lost so i dont think wow how good am i? i dont need to work at this i will keep a tally of the losses from today but thats all (of course those on the ww site will see it in my profile but thats ok) we are halfway thru the day and so far so good...altho the killer of course will be tonight at the work xmas show. Its fancy dress (after much debate im going as punky brewster) and its also a set menu with all the beer wine and softdrink u can gonna attempt to stick to diet coke but we will see what happens of course.

Not much else to really say...will be back tomorrow to let ya all know how tonight goes LOL