Sunday, December 09, 2007

Well good morning all...sunday morning...and its blowing a gale outside..yesterday I went and weighed in and lost 4.8 kilos !!! omg i was wrapped...the weigher said she thought that was a record lol...anyway this week i am simply going to aim for 500 gram loss as i know my body will be realigning itself after such a big loss...only work 4 days this week then a day weekend again...starting to like these 3 day weekends LOL. Not a lot going on today...gonna a lil gammon oh and of course L word tonight...have a good sunday all =]


airlie said...

oh my gosh babe! well done! and merry xmas! did you go and se ethe dolls for feast? I missed them! boohoo!

My journey to completing the 1/2 marathon said...

Hi ya - finally found you again. Hope you had a great xmas and new year.

Cheers Jaxx