Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Had a meeting at work today. As a team we had decided to have fruit at it...good and healthy eh? strawberries, bananas, melons and cherries....but alas there was more then the fruit (of course!) marshmellows and wait for it a dip made of toblerone chocolate and double cream lmfao!!! It comes out like mousse...i had a few marshmellows...1 strawberry...2 pieces of banana and about 2 teaspoons of the dip...not the wisest things but also not the worst. I then went to the gym...did about 25 minutes of walking 2 minutes...running 1 minute...after having this virus...its taking me a bit to get back into the running...i then did about 15 minutes of walking and THEN went and saw my dietician. well *drumroll*...lost 2.8 kilos...my body fat dropped by 2% (down to 45.5% now) and over the last month i have lost a total of 8 centimetres of my body.

I have noticed my thighs have become rather wrinkly...not attractive at all...was talking to eve my dietician about it...she has some bio-oil at home she doesnt use so she is bringing it in for me :) She has tried it for stretch marks and said it definitely helped.

About my post last nite saying to fiona that i felt i had lost some of my focus...i feel that is true....and its more then about having one day off...so time to take the "question" out of my gym visits...monday-thursday and saturday...no questions asked. And so with that....gym tomorrow nite....im gonna try zumba! lol so wish me freaking luck with that! lol

I finished reading my book "beautiful malice" the other day...good good book really enjoyed it...now i am reading "in my skin" based on a true story about a aussie chick who was a heroin addict and prostitute...really very interesting. (i love true stories)

Im starting to look forward to this weekend! YAY to having weekends off again...so thats the first exciting part...saturday i have gym...i REALLY miss my saturday morning sessions...then in the afternoon my sister and her kids arrive in adelaide...so i will see them saturday evening...then sunday we are going to the royal show! I havent been for about 8 years. Why would i...cant fit in seats on rides...not fun dealing with crowds when your huge...plus walking so long would exhaust me and hurt my feet...so im very excited to be going this year. Ill be able to walk around without getting tired....mite even go on a ride or two with the kids...the one treat ill be having there is a dagwood dog...im not sure of the calories (im guessing 500 at least) but its 8 years since i had one...sure i can afford one again! LOL

Okies off i go...enjoy your nite all!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday! YAY its practically over lol. Went to the gym...only did my PT session...part way thru the session fiona says...so what happpened thursday? (when i cancelled my double PT session) i was like...ummmm i wasnt well...but...i realised or i wonder if some of my old habits of not being committed to the gym have crept back into me....she was like...yeh i wondered what was going on cos that just wasnt like you. And it isnt...but i have a louse 36 kilos to lose im not about to lose focus now. So no more cancelling sessions cos i cant be bothered. We did boxing today....i had wondered after doing her boxing class the other day whether she mite up the ante....and she certainly seemed to tonite! Then at the end of the session, fiona says i really wanna do a hour of boxing with you some time...lol turns out i am doing a hour not this weekend but the next...so lookout! lol i will be tired that arvo i am thinking lol

Tomorrow is weigh in day...altho i havent exercised much (only tonites pt session) i did cut out the diet coke...and i was spot on with my calories....i know ill have a loss just not sure how much...plus measurements day...so wish me luck!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Im a lil bit overdue for a post eh? If you havent seen them already scroll down i did pop some new pics up :)

Ive felt very blah lately. Its taken quite a while to get over this flu. Its been a bit insane...thursday its a sore throat, cough and horrid taste in my mouth....friday and saturday its headcold symptoms with sore eyes & feeling faint - been horrid. Last nite (about 4am) i woke sweating...i was dripping in sweat...and i thonk i may have sweated it out of me...i feel much better today altho not 100%. So i have some sudafed and my vicks in haler lol and hopefully another few days and i will be fine. Also part of my feeling blah was a mental thing...whilst i know yes i have done well with my weight loss...sometimes i just dont think my life is where i would have wanted it at this point. And that is partly cos i still dont have that social life i wanted at the beginning of this journey...altho at the same time i dont think its practical to have that social life just at the moment....whilst i still need to be focusing on losing another 36 kilos. So in relation to that I feel quite conflicted. So i am so glad i took those pics today...it was a huge reminder of where i have got "physically" and i really dont look "huge" sure im still big...but my body is a lot more in proportion....and its a cute skirt and top...makes me feel quite girly...now for spring to bloody hurry up and get here so i can wear this warmer weather clothes! The skirt in the pic is a size 18 and the top size 16! weee all normal sizes too!!! I also tried on a pair of 3/4 jeans from katies today...size 20 from their normal area...and they fitted! weee! When i was about 25 i had a formal do to go too....i bought this deep green dress...its a size 18 i think...anyway all this time its been at mums...every now and then mum says...u should take that dress home...anyway this coming weekend think i mite try it on and take it home...not that i have anywhere to wear it!! LOL but its the principal!! haha To be honest i think i wore it when i was about 92 kilos (i was 112.6 kilos this morning) so if it fits me will really show the amazing difference the gym makes. I actually have photos from when i wore it at 92 kilos...mite take a pic again to compare!!

On to weight...i had my last diet coke on monday nite...and ta-da carb cravings gone! By thursday morning i was down 1.9 kilos and on saturday TOM arrived...no pre TOM gain...no cravings...ta da! And then this morning i was (as i said earlier)112.6 kilos....would be awesome to get under 112 kilos by tuesday...i could do it due to losing a lot of fluid due to TOM so we will wait and see...regardless i should record a loss of over 2 kilos.

Anyways not much else going on...have a good nite all!

Progress Pics (yes me in a skirt!!!)

I know im overdue for a update...that will be done tonite...but for now a couple of pics...enjoy your sunday all!

April 2006

August 29 - 58.3 kilos lost

The only thing i dont like about this pic (apart from the hair not being done and the eyebrows needing a wax! lol) is that u can see the bottom of my "thunder thighs"

August 29 - 58.3 kilos lost

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My computer is back :) Yay yay!! Whilst mostly i didnt miss it...the small things i missed....my internet banking...the gyms class timetable etc etc so i am very glad to have the convenience of it back again.

I Have been trying to throw myself back into the gym this week...monday i did a PT session of boxing (and she was relentless!) then yesterday i finally went and did fionas boxing class she teaches. I have these issues...where it takes me so long to get on the ground and up again i didnt think i could do this class (had tried once before...8 months ago) that said fiona thought it was all in my head (LOL)during the class she goes to me (loud enough for everyone to hear) so its not too hard for you is it? lol damn smart ass..then after the class she came up to me and was like sooooo???? im like...that class was different...last time the stations were only 30 seconds those were much longer...shes like the maximum any were were 45 seconds...so it has to be the class was different not that u may have improved a teeny tiny bit? lmfao...ok so im guessing now boxing classes are doable too!!!! Then i did a lil bit on the treadmill then i went and did a 45 minute balance class...while in this class i looked at my right arm and it was covered in red dots...like hundreds of them...at first i thought it was a heat rash (had sweated like a fiend in boxing) and then maybe i was allergic to the gyms carpet...but this rash was weird as its not raised...not itchy...not painful...so today i went off to the docs...anyway he thinks with that virus i had a week or two ago it depleted my red blood pallettes and its blood seeping into my tissue. So ended up having a blood test today to check and if it is that to check how bad it is...ill then head back to the docs on sunday (only day i can get back there) to get the results...hopefully if it is that its pretty mild and they will just say rest and blah blah blah!! LOL

Speaking of rest i have a double PT session tomorrow nite...i guess thats NOT resting eh? LOL oh well suck it up!! I left the gym the same time as fiona the other day and she goes...in summer when we do a double session we should do them out doors *rolls eyes* i was like...who is that fun for? Her response? "me" uh huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is why i dont do any of the boot camps...im not really the get your hands dirty kind of girl! LOL

Im back off the diet coke....i have been craving carbs lately and i know those cravings disappeared when i cut out the diet coke...so havent had any since monday nite...hasnt effected me too badly so far...so hopefully will all be good.

I must say im dyingggggggggggggg for spring...im so freaking over this wind, rain and cold it aint friggin funny. Whilst at the gym i run around in tshirts and tank tops cant wait to run around in tank tops with the sun on me this year! Have a good nite all time for a hot shower for me!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

We finally have a bit of quiet time so i can do another post! I am feeling much much better...just a runny nose which is more then tolerable.

Last nite i had take away...yiros and 200 grams of hot chips...i was 114.7 kilos yesterday morning...expected the sodium levels of the chips to put me at least at 115.3 kilos...so was very happy that i was 115 kilos this morning...specially as TOm is due this week. Last nite as there was crap on tv due to that bloomin election i ended up going to be early and reading my book "beautiful malice" its a mystery suspense novel...really very very good so far!

I work tomorrow then tuesday and wednesday off YAY!!! Tuesday i am planning to hit the gym and do fionas boxing class *rolls eyes* and a body balance class...then in the evening back in for body pump....and tomorrow nite PT session of boxing with a lil bit of cardio.

Im hoping TOM doesnt affect as bad this month as it did last month...fingers crossed...minimal or no cravings...and limited stomach pains would work great for me ---- so body obey!! LOL

Tonite im gonna marinate some chicken in some low sodium soy with honey....then cook it up with whatever vegies are in the house with some cashews and brown rice...yum yum!! cannot wait!!

Okies off i go to do some work...enjoy your sunday all!

Friday, August 20, 2010

This not having a computer at home so far i dont miss it...but its annoying when it comes to things like my internet banking and wanting to recharge my prepaid mobile.

Yesterday i went back to the gym! YAY! I was expecting a gain....but i think it was only 100 grams...BUT i think thats mostly cos i didnt drink much water yesterday...normally i drink 1800mls i only drank maybe 900mls...with that my body fat went up (due to not being hydrated) and it went up by about 3%...completely focusing on my water now! LOL But the good news was i actually was measured and in the last 2 weeks i had lost 5cm (2 cm of my hips!) so even tho i was sick and not exercising like normal...i still kicked a lil bit of ass ;)

And im back into my normal workouts now too...yesterday i walked from my house to the gym (about a hours walk) then did a 45 minute body pump class...saw eve...then did about 45 minutes on the treadmill of just walking and then did a PT session ...half way thru the PT session i was like "im tired" lol fiona was like...no wonder with all u did today! LOL Apparantly when i was in pump fiona and eve watched from the doorway and fiona was yelling out go karyn....lol...i didnt hear her but afterwards thought OMG how embarressing! lol

Okies off to do some work...enjoy all!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

my good friend jaimee has been going thru her own "journey" lately...not with food and weight...but with alcohol...she signed up to do 6 months with no alcohol and is just coming to the end of it. Anyway she wrote a post on her blog today...and it really struck a cord with me...it basically about being the best person you can be. When i started this journey my life was quite different yet quite similar to it is now. In the beginning i use to work 3.45pm-11.45pm tuesday to saturday....which obviously allows for no social life. It also didnt enable me to be normal...what the hell was going to sleep at 10pm at nite??? A few months into the journey....they got rid of that shift and i went on to the rotating roster i am on now. The latest i work is 5.30pm and mostly it works well. Back then i was still very heavily invested in chat rooms, i "cooked" processed foods (ie heated meals in microwave)...but i had these wants....i wanted a social life...i wanted a partner...and i really just wanted to be happy! Things in most aspects (bar the partner thing) have improved....i dont spend every minute in the chat rooms BUT i still go into them. To explain....i go into two...one is one where i barely chat to people apart from polite hellos where i play backgammon....i dont think this is a issue...in fact i know "logic games" are good for depression so i think its a good thing. The other is where i chat more...its easy in the air...im popular...i get lots of attention...now understand i live alone...this chat room enables me social contact...and its easy yanno...going out in the real world is hard...i dont exactly have the confidence to meet anyone even tho its what i want...so its easier to me to be close emotionally to someone online. This happened for the last year or so. Eventually a lil over a week ago i finally told her enuff is enuff. In relation to this i am taking a leaf out of jaimees book...my goal is not to go into that chat program till february 28. Completely doable. (And of course once feb 28 comes along i will reasses this) I have also been slack for several months...i have fallen into a incredibly bad habit of coming home and going straight into my bedroom...i havent sat in my lounge room and turned the tv on for MONTHS!!! I know part of it was due to the cold...its easier to warm my lil bedroom....but yanno its laziness sitting in my bed watching tv and playing on the computer (in yes the chat room). I need to stop that...cos as people may have gathered with how i am about my weight loss...i have a addictive personality (no chit!) i do the chat room thing...i dont read as much...i dont cook as much...the house gets neglected...i get neglected...i know part of that is cos its easier to hide in the computer...but i need to really step outside my comfort zones...yes im overweight but im NOT huge anymore...im healthy....ive always known i have a good personality...i need to realise i have a lot more going for me then i give myself credit for.

The computer needs to go into the shop...the battery is dead and something about the power connection is stuffed...this is the perfect time to do this. I have been avoiding it thinking i dont want a week with no computer...but yanno its a step and i think a good step. So tomorrow arvo ill take it in to the shop. Its time to start eating dinner in the living room....its time to not come into my bedroom before 9.30pm and not to spend my days off in bed!!!

Sometimes i think that i have focussed so much on my weight loss i have forgotten about the goal of getting a partner and social life. Like dont get me wrong...i have friends...but do i have a "BFF" nah i dont....when i succluded myself for so many years...the couple of BFFs i had...well i stuffed that up a bit...and while were friendly again....were at very different places in our lives with different expectations. I dont have that friend that i can call up and say...lets catch a movie tonite...and i of course dont have a partner. So i need to allow these things to naturally happen instead of running away. I dont want to fall into the traps of 18 months ago of going out drinking on friday and saturday nites. While it may not happen all of a sudden...i think i need to get rid of some "rules" one being i dont go out on friday nites...i can go out and not drink and be home by midnight and still be fine for work or pt the next day!

Onto weight loss...since this is a weight loss journal! lol! Woke up today with a revolting taste in my throat...went to the docs this arvo and got antibiotics. I dont feel too bad just a rough throat and a horrid taste in my mouth. i havent weighed in for 9 days....and in that time ive been sick...and not to the gym much....tomorrow is a brand new day...time to weigh in (and suck up any gain) be measured and move on with things. I think i will make next weeks weigh in on tuesday which is only 5 days which means i HAVE to be super good...just what i need at the moment! Tomorrow will start to get this house a lil more organised...will get back to the gym (walk to the gym...body pump...45 minutes cardio...then PT session). I am also going to do fionas boxing class next week. I have "issues" with getting down on the ground and up again...which they do a lot of in boxing...fiona is gonna try and have a good look at my timing of these moves...to see whether my "issues" with this are all in my head...or whether they would hold me back from doing the boxing classes regularly (see what a good trainer i have! evil but good lol)

Hope everyone has a good nite...i will still update the journal this week just may be a lil less due to not having the puter for a week or so...enjoy all!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Had a day off from the gym today and will tomorrow nite as well. Im breathing thru my nose much better...not 100% but still better...i think by thursday ill be okay.

Thursday i am off...i am planning to walk into the gym...do body pump (boy i have missed my fitness classes!) then ill see eve (dietician) and then 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill then a PT session of boxing. Next week i am working till 5,30pm....so its time to really get into action...so im gonna go to the gym before work for a hour and after work for a hour....plus im off tuesday and wednesday...so next weeks plan is:

m - body pump in the AM...cardio and PT core in the evening
t - either boxing or zumba plus body balance...then 30 minutes on the treadmill then back in the evening for body pump
w - TTT and body jam (lunchtime) + RPM in the evening and body balance
t - PT weights + 30 minutes treadmill
f - body combat

Then thankfully the week after im back on to weekends off thank freaking gawd it so messes up my gym routine when i have to work weekends. so thank gawd for that...what i would give to a monday to friday job lol

Monday, August 16, 2010

Well back to work today. My nose ran and i sniffed my entire way thru the day lol was good to be productive and out of bed! LOL

My manager calls me over today and offers me a "medi trim" bar...i looked the ingredients and im like .... theres a ton of processed ingredients...shes like yeh but its better then chocolate....NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO seriously people who are uneducated about nutrition when they try and convince on stuff thats completely innaccurate...i just walked off but was thinking nope a chocolate bar...especially one that is 70% cocoa or more would be much better for you.

Tonite even tho im still a bit ill i went to the gym....40 minutes on the treadmill...mostly jsut walking but i did 15 minutes of 1 minute walking 1 minute running...then i did a PT session of weights...burnt 650 calories so a decent workout for being sick!

Have a good nite all!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I feel better today...a lil better physically and a lot better mentally. My voice is quite hoarse went to the docs this morning he was like till you rest your not gonna get over this LOL needless to say he was like ur not working till monday....and if you start coughing up any yucky crap you need to come back tomorrow and see me.

Mentally tho...i think ive just accepted that as i was sick this week i was purely going thru the motions...when my body is trying to heal i really cant expect it to be doing wonderful things weight loss wise. Im over the bed rest tho that said...its driving me friggin nuts actually. I finished watching united states of tara...im now watching series 6 of greys anatomy...and i have the first 8 episodes of hot in cleveland plus i have been reading some more of "fat chance" WHICH speaking of that...the author sent me a email! im starstruck!!! I found her journal online and sent her a quick email....and she replied back and said she is going to read my journal from the beginning! AWESOME!!! One of the things im liking about this book...is how she got into running...she does what i do...like one minute running one minute walking etc...but the difference is she is organised...im like all over the place just depending on my mood on the day,,,,i really need to get more organised and focussed on that. I dont wanna do like C25K or anything cos i can do 2 minutes walking one minute running for 40 minutes...cutting back to 30 minutes is a waste...BUT i think its time to start doing one minute walking one minute running...with some consistency.

So tomorrow is rest to get over this horrid throat completely...then monday back to the gym and back to work (can you believe im actually eager for this?) time to get moving...and time to not only break that bloody 114 kilos but to get under 113 kilos...okies have a good nite all!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I really am starting to think I am self sabatoging myself. I seem to be getting to this 114 kilos mark and then boom i eat a lil incorrectly and im back up over 115 kilos...im no longer morbidly obese according to the bli calculators just "very obese"....i know im changing in the sense of where i am now compared to 15 kilos ago...its like getting under 110 kilos is a lil scary...that person ive always known the fat girl...the girl with no energy is changing...i get these messages all the time saying "your awesome" "your a inspiration" and it is all very odd to me...i dont say it to be big headed its just strange...what ive always wanted to be was just "normal" and im getting closer to normal...but yet at the same time the closer i get to it...the more the compliments come in...its just weird if that makes sense.

Im still struggling with this sore throat...my voice is croaky today...not sure if i will be in at work tomorrow...8 hours yapping non stop on the phone doesnt tend to help with a sore throat!

Did you go and do PT today...was kinda funny...we were doing some exercise for core...and fiona was like are you feeling that in the abs? im like...not really...and fionas like trying to think of something to make it harder so i will feel it in my stomach and i turn around to her and go "ive got super abs" LOL she was like oh god ive created a monster lmfaoooooooooo My butt is killing me tho...these new exercises she has me doing are friggin painful as...ill be surprised if i can walk tomorrow! LOL

Tonite making pasta carbonara...cant wait yum yum!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My throat is a lil better today...doesnt feel like i have razor blades in it...just feels swollen and yucky! I am going to the gym tonite but will just do PT i need to get over this lil blip in the journey. Last nite as is the way with me (argh) i ate some comfort food...wasnt wise...but whats done is done...

I think i have mentioned i am doing the city to bay (6km or 12km walk) ive decided to use the opportunity to raise money for cancer in memory of my dad and sister...if anyone happens to be interested the fundraising page is here http://www.everydayhero.com.au/karyn_colley

I have been giving some thought....to creating a site for women with large amounts of weight to lose...ie those starting 130 plus kilos. A site that allows dignity and access to resources...an example being when i was bigger there was nowhere were i could just go and look at what gym chains had equipment that could handle my size of 170 plus kilos...wouldnt it have been easier to just log onto one site that i could access this info easily without having to go thru the embarressment of ringing up gyms and telling someone i didnt know my weight and could they help me? A site that lists online shops for buying sports bras...lingerie...everyday clothes for the bigger girl. A site that has a forum for bigger girls...where they arent the different ones...where its full of people who are bigger or have been bigger....maybe even setting up a mentor type of situation where people who have got under 130 kilos or to goal to be matched up with someone who is at the start of their journey. Also a place to put my story...its all thoughts at the moment...i do have some experience with webdesign so it is doable...would be interested in peoples feedback (positive or negative) on my thoughts.

Also if anyone has problems adding comments to the journal can they email me? email is karyn.colley@optusnet.com.au or add me to facebook and send me a message...ive heard some people are having problems and want to sore it out - thanks!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Im still feeling a bit crappy. A bit more of a sore throat and can feel it in my left ear a lil too. Anyway went to the gym last nite i only did about 20 minutes on the treadmill then eve (my nurtitionist) came and got me...jumped on the scales...was down another 500 grams YAY and my body fat had dropped another 0.6% that was HUGE news. For so long my body fat has fluctuated...it now is moving down fairly consistently and when eve looked back in the last month it has dropped 4% - go me! She then also pulled out pics taken in may 2008 was really quite funny...cos these pics were a front, back and side view. Eve was like if i showed these to someone they wouldnt even recognise its you...she then was like look your shoulders are squarer...your posture is improved...you look younger...skin is healthier...so yay yay yay. I then said to eve i think ive accepted my losses are slowing down (altho that said 500 grams was over only 5 days) but thats okay cos i am seeing so many other changes and "proof" i am heading in the right direction. I then went home i just didnt have the energy last nite. Woke up during the nite...my throat was stinging ... today it seems better but i am hanging out for 3pm!! I then have 2 days off (im working this weekend) and i am planning on going home and if necessary spending close to 24 hours in bed. I have nothing but the gym on tomorrow and thats not till 4 pm. So i am hoping a nite tonite with a big bowl of my chick pea and beetroot salad...with some orange juice...and a good sleep in tomorrow and hopefully i can knock this on the head.

The other thing is i had my one on one at work today with my boss...and she was all like you seem much happier these days and have such a healthy glow...and then said also when you get sick you get over it within a few days unlike a few years ago where you would be off work for 1-2 weeks YAY :) So yep definitely reaping the benefits at the moment!

Okies lunch break practically over...time to get the rest of this day over and done with...have a good wednesday all!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Over the last few days I have had a lot of comments whether privately or on my journal or FB about people saying they are amazed i stuck to things especially in the beginning when i had so much weight to lose. Its quite easy to stay motivated these days...theres a definite light at the end of the tunnel...definitely my focus has changed....for so long my thinking was "i have so much weight to lose i should be losing in excess of a kilo per week" now i accept that really isnt going to happen lol and i am prolly gonna have lots of small losses...but the changes are now thru my body shape significantly changing...my body fat reducing...measurements...and overall fitness. Another is the way how even tho i am smaller i can burn more calories in less times these days. This is due to two things...one is my fitness level has increased to the point where i am utilising my oxygen better....i know this for one thing i dont pant and carry on when i am exerting myself...i mean i do pant but its not like im gonna collapse its just a healthy person exerting themself kinda pant if u get what i mean LOL. Also my heart rate monitor does a fitness test which measures V02. When i first got my heart rate monitor my V02 (which is to do with ur oxygen) was only in the "fair" range...it started at 25...its now up to 30 and in the moderate range...and so has increased by 20%. The other thing too is after 2 years of weights...and lets face it often very heavy weights...i definitely have muscle...the more muscle the more calories i can burn...so the intensity of running...higher weights in body pump and RPM definitely allow me to burn more calories which is a HUGE YAY. But anyway in the beginning...i think i was so damn focussed after being ill and realising i just HAD to lose weight...i just stuck at it. I am that girl who quits...i usually always quit when something gets too hard. I avoid failure like anything and really hate that others have expectations of me. And this is the one thing i have never quit...and really theres nothing else in my life i havent quit..so at this stage...of course im wrapped that im healthier...im wrapped that my shape is changing but i cant even explain the happiness i feel of the "accomplishment" of what i am doing. Really right now my life is pretty damn perfect...and everytime i think lately about how far ive become and how im becoming a "smaller" person just puts the hugest damn smile on my face...that thing of being "normal" that i wanted for so long is not that far away!

Not a lot else to say...work is busy...life is good :)

Monday, August 09, 2010

Well the fact i couldnt straighten my arm yesterday wasnt related to me being pathetic lol turns out i hurt a tendon there a lil...i was doing what fiona calls a "death grip" when doing a exercise...anyway it has a lil swelling...and when i saw fiona tonite she was like hows the elbow...so i showed her she was like yeh thats a tendon...we are gonna have to be careful to ensure we dont make it worse...it wasnt what we were really after LOL

Today i havent been feeling 100% i feel like i may be coming down with something...heavy head and the back of my mouth stingy a bit earlier. It feels fine now so hopefully tomorrow i will be perfectly fine. Because of that i took it easy at the gym...did a 10 minute warm up and then did a 30 minute boxing PT session. Burnt 400 calories and left it at that..home to a warm bed so hopefully tomorrow i be perfectly fine.

Tomorrow i have weigh in....planning to do some cardio, swiss ball class and see my nurtitionist as i am on 7am starts i wont stay late enough to do body pump...it will just be too late for me.

Anyway nothing else to say...enjoy all!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Wow its been a few days since i did a decent post! Im still gobsmacked that its now 4 years since i started this and i am now into the 5th year...not bad considering i didnt expect to last even a lousy 6 weeks! Whats also amazing in my different attitude towards hitting that anniversary to last year...last year i was peeved...i was annoyed that 3 years later i still weighed so much...and i felt i had wasted a lot of time over the previous couple of years..this year i GET that those delays...those plateaus...those times of falling off track are just simply all lessons in MAINTAINING this lifestyle.

I am also quite amazed by the pic i took yesterday(refer previous post)...its not there yet but my body is certainly starting to look more balanced. I actually really like that photo! LOL

Yesterday i had gym. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill then a PT session of weights...was a new program...and she had me doing this insane move...one was holding on to the TRX the other pulling on weights on the cable machine....but it was a one legged squat where when you squat the idea is to have the leg up at a right angle and get it as close to the floor at possible...LOL lemme say i have very sore butt cheeks today! lol We also did some rows and well i cant even straighten my arms today...quite pathetic sight today! lol

I then did another 50 minutes or so of interval work on the treadmill...and then my body balance class. I must say every class of balance i do i love it a lil more. Whilst im not a fan of the yoga moves...there are lots of pieces in it that remind me of ballet/dance moves plus i love the music. All up i burnt just over 1400 calories. The interesting thing is 4 weeks ago...to burn just over 2900 calories it took me 8 hours and 45 minutes this week to burn 3600 calories took me 7 hours and 13 minutes so i definitely think with adding the running back in, the RPM classes and higher weights in body pump is definitely increasing the intensity...YAY!!!

I have been watching united states of tara...awesome awesome show...only 3 episodes left and then i will have to wait and be patient and wait for series 3 which is prolly not till next year...if you havent seen it tho watch it! its great!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Progress Pics

April 2006 - 170.9 + kilos

August 7 2010 - 56.9 kilos lost (125.18 pounds)

Friday, August 06, 2010

4 years ago TODAY!!

4 years ago I was the girl who called in sick to work sick cos i didnt have the energy to walk to the bus stop...
4 years ago all my clothes were stretchy and elastic waisted...
4 years ago a 10 minute walk felt like climbing up a mountain...
4 years ago I was looking at a life confined to my house on a pension...
4 years ago I was at the docs most weeks with some kind of virus, kidney infection, flu...
4 years ago i never went more then a few months without a migraine...

Today I only call in sick to work if ill.
Today I wear fitted clothes, I wear skirts, I run around the gym in a tank top.
Today I do 2-3 hours of exercise at the gym at each session.
Today I am starting to consider studying nutrition/personal training when at goal weight.
Today I have not had a migraine since last year sometime.
Today I have no had a kidney infection or bronchitis for over 2 years
Today I am not the person I use to be.

YEP! 4 years today since i joined ww...4 years today since i (for the last time) commenced this lifestyle change...doing it...and doing it great!

Weighed in last nite...stayed the same but lost 0.5% body fat also lost centimetres of various body parts including my THIGHS yay

Did some treadmill work...RPM class and a PT session of boxing last nite..phew!!! Tomorrow i have a PT session and we are starting a new weights program...followed by 50 minutes or so on the treadmill and then body balance class...have a good weekend all!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Well kinda had a interesting morning today. Went to the physio...fiona was running a lil late....so i walked in...she started to ask me where my weight loss is at (one of the benefits of my physio being the employee of my gym lol) i told her its kinda at the same point...she then gave me a couple of exercises i need to do at home each day with resistance bands. Then fiona turned up and we went thru some exercises for me to do whilst at they gym. Which are exercises with bosu ball. Then she asked do we have any questions...so i asked "how much exercise with my feet should i be doing" both me and fiona wanted to know this as we have been wondering if i am doing too much of late...anyway so she goes...your PT sessions are obviously fine...the classes your doing are fine but i want you to cut the cardio back :( no more 60 minutes of cardio she wants me instead to do only 15 minutes and with high intensity...she wants me to change things to 5 minutes running and 1 minute walking for 18 minutes. More so then about my feet but she feels im not seeing the losses i should be seeing for the amount of exercises (cant deny that)...but i feel a bit weird about it all...for one thing .... as is said everywhere....its calories in vs calories out...so i suspect i wont be burning as many calories. She did tho suggest to fiona things like pushups, burpees and even commando crawl in boxing....i agree i prolly should be doing a higher intensity....ive been running at a speed of 5 on the treadmill it gets my heart rate up at around 150-160 which is good for my fitness levels etc...but i know i can run much fast then that...im sure i can run at a speed of at least 7 if not highter....but i had been keeping it at 5 to not go too hard on my feet. So well we will see what happens...i will try doing the shorter cardio sessions and higher intensity...see what happens!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Last nite i gymmed and burnt 975 calories. I am feeling tired today so am taking the night off (listening to my body as fiona tells me) I am off tomorrow...in the morning i have a physio appointment...then ill head in and just do 45 minutes of cardio i think..im tempted to do lunch time classes....but that would mean going home then back into town. Ill see how i feel in the morning.

Not weighing in tonite...changed it to thursday nite..after going back up well over 116 kilos following thursdays drama....this morning i was 115.2 kilos...if on thursday im under 115 kilos ill be happy...not where i was but u know...im not perfect so its a case of the princess sucking it up!!

Tonite since im home i am making pasta carbonara i dont think i have ever cooked pasta since i moved in here! I have it so rarely lol but i must say i am looking forward to having a old favourite!

I must say im "feeling" smaller...i got home from work tonite and took off my jacket and i was wearing a tank top...that was tight not so long ago now its so loose and it makes me feel so small...AMAZING!!!

Okies im off to read more of my book "fat chance" enjoy all!