Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Had a meeting at work today. As a team we had decided to have fruit at it...good and healthy eh? strawberries, bananas, melons and cherries....but alas there was more then the fruit (of course!) marshmellows and wait for it a dip made of toblerone chocolate and double cream lmfao!!! It comes out like mousse...i had a few marshmellows...1 strawberry...2 pieces of banana and about 2 teaspoons of the dip...not the wisest things but also not the worst. I then went to the gym...did about 25 minutes of walking 2 minutes...running 1 minute...after having this virus...its taking me a bit to get back into the running...i then did about 15 minutes of walking and THEN went and saw my dietician. well *drumroll*...lost 2.8 kilos...my body fat dropped by 2% (down to 45.5% now) and over the last month i have lost a total of 8 centimetres of my body.

I have noticed my thighs have become rather wrinkly...not attractive at all...was talking to eve my dietician about it...she has some bio-oil at home she doesnt use so she is bringing it in for me :) She has tried it for stretch marks and said it definitely helped.

About my post last nite saying to fiona that i felt i had lost some of my focus...i feel that is true....and its more then about having one day off...so time to take the "question" out of my gym visits...monday-thursday and saturday...no questions asked. And so with that....gym tomorrow nite....im gonna try zumba! lol so wish me freaking luck with that! lol

I finished reading my book "beautiful malice" the other day...good good book really enjoyed it...now i am reading "in my skin" based on a true story about a aussie chick who was a heroin addict and prostitute...really very interesting. (i love true stories)

Im starting to look forward to this weekend! YAY to having weekends off again...so thats the first exciting part...saturday i have gym...i REALLY miss my saturday morning sessions...then in the afternoon my sister and her kids arrive in adelaide...so i will see them saturday evening...then sunday we are going to the royal show! I havent been for about 8 years. Why would i...cant fit in seats on rides...not fun dealing with crowds when your huge...plus walking so long would exhaust me and hurt my feet...so im very excited to be going this year. Ill be able to walk around without getting tired....mite even go on a ride or two with the kids...the one treat ill be having there is a dagwood dog...im not sure of the calories (im guessing 500 at least) but its 8 years since i had one...sure i can afford one again! LOL

Okies off i go...enjoy your nite all!


JustJo said...

I have the wrinkly thigh thing going on too... unfortunately I don't think it is something that can ever be cured without surgery - and I ain't going there honey! (unless I win lotto of course). All the Bio Oil in the world didn't help me :(

Karen said...

Hey kaz - What's a Dagwood dog??

Kerry said...

Josh will love it if you go on a ride with him....plus it will save me having to do it!!!...lol...you can have your Dagwood dog...blergh! It is Puppy day at the show so the dog judging is all puppies that day...kids are very excited!
Yay on your weight loss too! Hop ethat bio-oil helps! Someone told me calcium tablets help with loose skin but I am not sure how!