Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday! YAY its practically over lol. Went to the gym...only did my PT session...part way thru the session fiona what happpened thursday? (when i cancelled my double PT session) i was like...ummmm i wasnt well...but...i realised or i wonder if some of my old habits of not being committed to the gym have crept back into me....she was like...yeh i wondered what was going on cos that just wasnt like you. And it isnt...but i have a louse 36 kilos to lose im not about to lose focus now. So no more cancelling sessions cos i cant be bothered. We did boxing today....i had wondered after doing her boxing class the other day whether she mite up the ante....and she certainly seemed to tonite! Then at the end of the session, fiona says i really wanna do a hour of boxing with you some turns out i am doing a hour not this weekend but the lookout! lol i will be tired that arvo i am thinking lol

Tomorrow is weigh in day...altho i havent exercised much (only tonites pt session) i did cut out the diet coke...and i was spot on with my calories....i know ill have a loss just not sure how measurements wish me luck!

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Karen said...

Hey Kaz. Even a weight loss machine like yourself is allowed to have an "off" day. Don't be to hard on yourself. Sometimes taking some time out is the best thing that you can do. You are truly amazing xo