Sunday, August 29, 2010

Im a lil bit overdue for a post eh? If you havent seen them already scroll down i did pop some new pics up :)

Ive felt very blah lately. Its taken quite a while to get over this flu. Its been a bit insane...thursday its a sore throat, cough and horrid taste in my mouth....friday and saturday its headcold symptoms with sore eyes & feeling faint - been horrid. Last nite (about 4am) i woke sweating...i was dripping in sweat...and i thonk i may have sweated it out of me...i feel much better today altho not 100%. So i have some sudafed and my vicks in haler lol and hopefully another few days and i will be fine. Also part of my feeling blah was a mental thing...whilst i know yes i have done well with my weight loss...sometimes i just dont think my life is where i would have wanted it at this point. And that is partly cos i still dont have that social life i wanted at the beginning of this journey...altho at the same time i dont think its practical to have that social life just at the moment....whilst i still need to be focusing on losing another 36 kilos. So in relation to that I feel quite conflicted. So i am so glad i took those pics was a huge reminder of where i have got "physically" and i really dont look "huge" sure im still big...but my body is a lot more in proportion....and its a cute skirt and top...makes me feel quite for spring to bloody hurry up and get here so i can wear this warmer weather clothes! The skirt in the pic is a size 18 and the top size 16! weee all normal sizes too!!! I also tried on a pair of 3/4 jeans from katies today...size 20 from their normal area...and they fitted! weee! When i was about 25 i had a formal do to go too....i bought this deep green dress...its a size 18 i think...anyway all this time its been at mums...every now and then mum says...u should take that dress home...anyway this coming weekend think i mite try it on and take it home...not that i have anywhere to wear it!! LOL but its the principal!! haha To be honest i think i wore it when i was about 92 kilos (i was 112.6 kilos this morning) so if it fits me will really show the amazing difference the gym makes. I actually have photos from when i wore it at 92 kilos...mite take a pic again to compare!!

On to weight...i had my last diet coke on monday nite...and ta-da carb cravings gone! By thursday morning i was down 1.9 kilos and on saturday TOM pre TOM cravings...ta da! And then this morning i was (as i said earlier)112.6 kilos....would be awesome to get under 112 kilos by tuesday...i could do it due to losing a lot of fluid due to TOM so we will wait and see...regardless i should record a loss of over 2 kilos.

Anyways not much else going on...have a good nite all!

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