Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day 1 back at weight watchers :)

So I ended up deciding to bite the bullet and sign up for weight watchers online this morning :) So I drew that line in the sand and weighed in:

So the starting weight is 122.4 kilos. Because I decided to sign up so late last night I wasnt overly organised today but did manage to stick to my daily points (39 points). My aim will be only to use the weekly points in emergencies unless i am not losing (and that would prolly only if i am exercising) Tonight i pulled out a protein ball i had in the freezer....boiled some eggs....a lite oats and protein powder for breakfast and lunch time some vita-weets (6) with 80 grams of cream cheese. And tomorrow night will be a miso salmon with a soba noodle salad (like one of my favourite meals!)

Its a very nice feeling thinking right at the moment that I really only need to focus on my eating.

Im really not thinking about the gym. I think before I even decide what gym or whatever ill go back to next year...while everyone says "left heavy" i dont think thats what I want. If i honestly think about "exercise goals" id like to eventually go back to adult ballet classes and the ultimate goal would be to run a half marathon. And while yes I would want to do some lifting....I wouldnt want to focus on that....endurance and cardio fitness will be my focus. But thats not till next year! :)

My ankle joint is really painful today - i think its related to my weight...the sooner i get closer to 100 kilos the better for my joints!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Where to now?

So those who follow my weight loss facebook group (and if you dont why not???? jk) will know ive made a few decisions of late.

So what were the decisions? The first one was a big one and even after posting I still felt really guilty about a few days later I am feeling quite content with the decision :) AND the decision was to take a break from attending a gym. Ive done it for years and just tired of it. I was putting money into gym memberships and personal trainers....but I wasnt putting 100% of me into it. For months now its felt like a job. Something I had to do and didnt really enjoy doing and when I skipped a night feeling incredibly guilty. So I came to the conclusion to take a break from it and focus on my eating.

Which led me too...what am I going to do about my eating? What do I really need if I ever want to be successful? The answer to that for me, and most likely most people is support. And that was a main factor in deciding I will return to weight watchers. In a perfect world i would attend meetings...but people! This is not a perfect world ;) so I will be doing it online. The ww community on instagram is quite big and that was a huge factor in this decision. I have since also joined a ww FB group which is rather active....lots of threads on food ideas, the plan etc so Im spending quite a bit of time on there! My plan is to resign up on saturday 7th as I want a lil break from tracking. I am planning to prolly buy some ww food scales this week (as mine are not reliable) and start to spend time being creative with my food, as fiona would say, start to focus on enjoying my journey.

My achilles is still a issue. I am doing my calve stretches...will give that a few weeks and then if no difference I will need to see a podiatrist to get orthotics.

As to the gym I definitely wont step into one again this year lol. Maybe early next year, or maybe ill look at doing workouts at home. Certainly I think I have invested enough money on PTs over the years...if i want a successful exercise life....once the time comes I think I will rely on myself and motivate myself (and really there is so much free information on the net and I have good form I dont really need a PT)

Friday, October 16, 2015

Things are good! :)

So things are going ridiculously well! I feel happier then I have for a long time :)

I was nervous about returning to Goodlife....but funny thing happened....Ive just realised this is about me and no one I really have had like a lightbulb moment where I dont care who else is in the gym! I did PT both tuesday and thursday night for 45 minutes each...followed by some HIIT. Today I went in and did my first workout alone...this was like at 11am....quite a few males working out in the weights area...but i didnt let it in there and got the business done! It took me a lil under a hour....was a combination of weights and HIIT.

Foodwise I have been eating 1850 calories. When I weighed in on tuesday I was down 2 was down to 121.9 kilos. I then fluctuated up a lil (cos i think i had DOMs) but this morning i was down 1.4 kilos from last tuesdays weigh in :) My activity levels have definitely improved without going crazy. Walking 5 days a week for a hour. And now 45-60 minutes at the gym 5 nights a week :)

I think mentally the walking at lunchtime...going down to the lake even tho im only there for 7-8 minutes has really helped me. Plus i think that increase of activity allows me to eat a bit more calories...i am all for that! Pretty much my workout routine for the next few weeks is :

monday: 1 hour walking + legs workout
tuesday: 1 hour walking + PT session (full body workout) + 10 minutes HIIT
wednesday: 1 hour walking + cardio workout
thursday: PT session (intervals) + 10 minutes HIIT
friday: Upper workout
saturday: 1 hour walking
sunday: 1 hour walking

Friday, October 09, 2015

September 9

So yesterday I went to the dietician and exercise physiologist. I had a few questions before going which I feel were answered. The biggest one being why can I be eating the exact same thing....and one week gain and one week lose. They explained thats simply my PCOS and when that could last for as much as SIX weeks! But it is simply a case of sticking with it...the scales will eventually move again.

The dietitian basically told me to cut back on my protein and to eat low fat and low GI, especially dairy. She also told me to only eat 1300 calories. Honestly the truth? I think I can eat approx 1600 calories and lose...I think my focus needs to be on exercise. I have sent a message thru to Candice at goodlife to see about PT....if she can train me ill do 30 minute sessions twice a week.

My fluids certainly need improving .... nothing crazy just want to ensure i drink 1.5 litres a far today I have drank 1.2 litres.

As well as PT .... I just wanna get walking and doing classes. Thats what worked before.

Hopefully my achilles is also on the improve...I saw a physio today...she massaged the crap out of my calve. It hurt a incredible amount...and she has given me hopefully they will help!

And Candice just messaged me...she is happy to train me hopefully that will start in the next week or so...just working out times etc :)

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Time for a long weekend!

So things have been happening :)

I decided due to the PT stuff to switch gyms where there are PTs available in evenings. So I have signed up for a new gym...but i will wait a week or so before organising PT, simply cos I want to see the dietitian and exercise physiologist first - and I have a appointment for both of them on thursday :) I am positive I will do PT twice a week...but I want to go to them with what the exercise physiologist says. I am actually hoping to train with my old trainer Candice...if not I will go in completely the other direction and go with a male trainer :) Figuring maybe changing things up will work...but Ill wait and see if Candice can train me first.

I will be starting at the gym on tuesday. Only reason I am not this weekend is cos of my achilles. I think I figured out that the shoes of being wearing of late have been making it worse. Normally I wear asics but ive been wearing nike 5.0's and they really have no support so I have been actively doing stretches...started last night wearing the asics again...hopefully it will at least improve by tuesday...i think that most likely in a few weeks time it will be time for a physio visit (i hate going to physios tho cos they always try to flog off pilattes classes and chit)

I do feel like this is all a good move for me and most importantly the right move for me.

My sister is down in Adelaide at the moment...believe we are out for dinner and a movie tonight....should be good....enjoy your long weekend all :)