Saturday, October 03, 2015

Time for a long weekend!

So things have been happening :)

I decided due to the PT stuff to switch gyms where there are PTs available in evenings. So I have signed up for a new gym...but i will wait a week or so before organising PT, simply cos I want to see the dietitian and exercise physiologist first - and I have a appointment for both of them on thursday :) I am positive I will do PT twice a week...but I want to go to them with what the exercise physiologist says. I am actually hoping to train with my old trainer Candice...if not I will go in completely the other direction and go with a male trainer :) Figuring maybe changing things up will work...but Ill wait and see if Candice can train me first.

I will be starting at the gym on tuesday. Only reason I am not this weekend is cos of my achilles. I think I figured out that the shoes of being wearing of late have been making it worse. Normally I wear asics but ive been wearing nike 5.0's and they really have no support so I have been actively doing stretches...started last night wearing the asics again...hopefully it will at least improve by tuesday...i think that most likely in a few weeks time it will be time for a physio visit (i hate going to physios tho cos they always try to flog off pilattes classes and chit)

I do feel like this is all a good move for me and most importantly the right move for me.

My sister is down in Adelaide at the moment...believe we are out for dinner and a movie tonight....should be good....enjoy your long weekend all :)

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