Friday, October 09, 2015

September 9

So yesterday I went to the dietician and exercise physiologist. I had a few questions before going which I feel were answered. The biggest one being why can I be eating the exact same thing....and one week gain and one week lose. They explained thats simply my PCOS and when that could last for as much as SIX weeks! But it is simply a case of sticking with it...the scales will eventually move again.

The dietitian basically told me to cut back on my protein and to eat low fat and low GI, especially dairy. She also told me to only eat 1300 calories. Honestly the truth? I think I can eat approx 1600 calories and lose...I think my focus needs to be on exercise. I have sent a message thru to Candice at goodlife to see about PT....if she can train me ill do 30 minute sessions twice a week.

My fluids certainly need improving .... nothing crazy just want to ensure i drink 1.5 litres a far today I have drank 1.2 litres.

As well as PT .... I just wanna get walking and doing classes. Thats what worked before.

Hopefully my achilles is also on the improve...I saw a physio today...she massaged the crap out of my calve. It hurt a incredible amount...and she has given me hopefully they will help!

And Candice just messaged me...she is happy to train me hopefully that will start in the next week or so...just working out times etc :)

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