Friday, October 16, 2015

Things are good! :)

So things are going ridiculously well! I feel happier then I have for a long time :)

I was nervous about returning to Goodlife....but funny thing happened....Ive just realised this is about me and no one I really have had like a lightbulb moment where I dont care who else is in the gym! I did PT both tuesday and thursday night for 45 minutes each...followed by some HIIT. Today I went in and did my first workout alone...this was like at 11am....quite a few males working out in the weights area...but i didnt let it in there and got the business done! It took me a lil under a hour....was a combination of weights and HIIT.

Foodwise I have been eating 1850 calories. When I weighed in on tuesday I was down 2 was down to 121.9 kilos. I then fluctuated up a lil (cos i think i had DOMs) but this morning i was down 1.4 kilos from last tuesdays weigh in :) My activity levels have definitely improved without going crazy. Walking 5 days a week for a hour. And now 45-60 minutes at the gym 5 nights a week :)

I think mentally the walking at lunchtime...going down to the lake even tho im only there for 7-8 minutes has really helped me. Plus i think that increase of activity allows me to eat a bit more calories...i am all for that! Pretty much my workout routine for the next few weeks is :

monday: 1 hour walking + legs workout
tuesday: 1 hour walking + PT session (full body workout) + 10 minutes HIIT
wednesday: 1 hour walking + cardio workout
thursday: PT session (intervals) + 10 minutes HIIT
friday: Upper workout
saturday: 1 hour walking
sunday: 1 hour walking

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