Saturday, November 12, 2016

Believe it or not...I am back :)

Wow .... well where to begin? This journal has been neglected for sooooooooo long!

So how am I going? Ridiculously well! :)

The highest weight I got up to this year....was 133.6 kilos. That was about 3-4 months ago. I then played around for a while...a few days of track a few days off track....the only really consistency was i was attending my 2 PT sessions a week without fail.

Then on October 15 I started a 8 week challenge with my gym. It involved initially being weighed, measured, body fat tested by my skin folds with calipers and progress photo taken (in just legging and a crop top!lol) The challenge goes for 8 weeks....and I weighed in on their scales at 129.5 kilos, and on my scales at home I weighed in at 129.9 kilos.

This morning when I weighed in at home I was 124.8 kilos so today is the 4 week mark and I have lost 5.1 kilos. My goal by December 10 is to lose at least 8 kilos but preferably 10 kilos. This week I did actually gain 200 grams and surprisingly I am okay with that! The first 3 weeks I lost each week (varying between 700 grams and 3.7 kilos), whilst the scales went slightly up this week my waist measurement has dropped close to 1 centimetre this week and my tops are becoming looser :)

Foodwise I am sticking to 1600 calories and I have only gone over this i think 3 times (and I havent for the last 10 days or so) each time i went over it it was a extra about 500-600 calories i ate but it obviously did me no harm. I am also aiming to eat more protein and have 1 grain free meal most days (generally saturdays I dont fuss over this too much. I am eating very clean with very minimal processed foods.

Currently the only exercise I am doing is 2 sessions a week. These are my PT sessions and I kid you not they are very intensive....but this slight gain this week may be the indication I need to start to increase the exercise. This week I will leave my food and exercise as it is....if I maintain or gain again this week then I will add 1 extra day of exercise in, but things are going so well at the moment I dont want to mess with things and change a whole pile or do insane amounts of exercise...knowing me I am sure they will come LOL

What else has been happening? My work office is moving to the City come early february! YAY i am so excited for this! I will have a branch of my gym around the corner from work and travel times will reduce hugely for me! I went and got my hair chopped. It was well below my waist and now its at my shoulders and i struggle to put it into a ponytail lol. But i love the length, it is so much more manageble. I also had it done like i think its called "baylage" so its dark brown at the top with red down the bottom....I love the red colour. Nothing else of real note happening.

Below I have posted the photos i had taken at the start of the goodlife challenge...not attractive but just putting my starting point out there!...cannot wait for another 4 weeks to have more photos taken to see the progress,,,,here is to a good week!