Sunday, March 12, 2017

March 12 2017

So last night I walked home from work and had a rice bowl for dinner (so yummy) and ate 1465 calories and the fluctuating continues lol....this morning I was back up to 120.1 kilos.

So i still woke early today and decided to walk into work (a hour walk)...I got into work...sat down for a bit...then went to walk to the kitchen and noticed the toe next to my lil toe on both feet was hurting. So i took off my shoes to investigate and i have a blister on both those toes on the underside of my toes frustrating. I am guessing its just my feet adapting to the walking. I wear bonds socks but dont think they are the issue.

Thankfully someone from work has offered to drop me off at home tonight so i dont need to walk to the bus stop or anything. I am hoping they dont burst before i get home.

So the rest of today and tomorrow will be a rest day. I am still hopeful that the additional cardio will help to get the scales moving....I am giving it this week to see if that helps...if not....i will need to alter somethings (much to my trainers disgust, she think I am not giving my body enough time and changing things too often....ive been in this plateau since basically january 18....and in that time...ive added the cardio, cut out soy, cut calories and tried calorie cycling) yes its some changes but come on....this is now nearly 8 weeks. And i dont think when you have 40-50 kilos to lose thats really acce

One of the trainers at the gym has used a company called equalution, they follow a IIFYM thought process and he has become really trainer tried it as well for 6 weeks...i believe she was losing each week but she thought it was too high in sugar (which i have heard other people say too) but yanno im not anti sugar lol i just want the results....and i suspect my calorie range combined with the balance of carbs vs fat vs protein may be the would be good to have guidance in this area.

If that doesnt happen and the losses dont start soon my other thought process is to do 7 days at 2000 calories and then do a slow cut back on calories....doing a refeed like that can sometimes help to get your metabolism, The strange thing is i am eating the same calories now as i was when i was around 80-85 kilos. The big difference is i am not exercising anywhere near as much....and i do think the exercise for me is a big factor but my trainer is not keen on me increasing my exercise (i have done more this weekend then she wanted me to do...but seriously something needs to change)

So there it is with all my frustrations lol. Something has to change cos it makes no sense when my calories are so low that the weight isnt dropping of me.

Anyway....a few more hours of work and then im going home to put my feet up (quite literally) and tomorrow will be a rest day (its a public holiday) most at this stage i am planning to do is washing (the joys of it all! lol)

Have a good day/night all :)

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Weigh in day :)

Weighed in and was exactly the same as last week - so 119.5 kilos.

Last night after work i went to amart sports and bought some new gym shoes..and then had a early night (and slept super good!) I then was starting work today at 8.30am so I set my alarm for 6.30am and left the house at 6.50am and walked to work. It took exactly one hour and was a 4.87km walk and burnt 752 calories. I was hoping to walk home tonight too...but we are due rain and possible thunderstorms so will see how it is when I leave.

I really think the cardio is what is missing. When i think about it when i lost the weight before i walked a LOT. On the treadmill between classes/PT sessions....i use to walk 60-90 minutes every sunday...would walk around to mums. Since work moved to the city as well I walk less to bus stops etc so I think upping the cardio is what is needed (even if my trainer doesnt really agree lol) So I am going to try to walk to work most days (weather permitting)

Not much else is really going on...I did book flights to Sydney for July....currently debating whether to stay in the CBD or Bondi...really tempted to stay at Bondi.

Working today and tomorrow and then a couple of days off work :)

Friday, March 10, 2017

Update and where things are at

Ive decided to really return to my blog...mostly for the reason I find it helpful to write things helps me get things straight in my head :)

I got back on track properly on boxing day. Over the previous few months I had lost about 5 kilos and since boxing day i have lost about another 8-9 kilos which sounds awesome right? Most of that was lost in the first few weeks following christmas (water weight) since late january I have lost a whole 1.5 kilos (approximately). Have i been on track? Yep totally lol...ive made numerous changes to try and get the weight loss happening again....eating clean....omitting soy...only eating 1 grain meal per day....Ive tried some low calorie days and some high calorie day im in the low 119's the next day im around 120 kilos....then the following day back in the low 119's again. To say this is getting frustrating is the understatement of the year.

Ive been doing the Goodlife 12 week is the last day of week 3. I go on the facebook group and see so many people saying...ive lost 6 kilos, ive lost 8 kilos....and there i am not having even managed 2 kilos :(

There is definitely a part of me that wonders if i am too old for this. I am 49....maybe i need to settle into this weight. I gave up the diet coke in december (havent had it for 3 months tomorrow)...I drink a minimum of 3 litres of water EVERY day...i sleep well...i eat 1700 calories currently (might be time to cut it back) and i exercise 5 days a week. Starting this week I added in a extra session on mondays of running....and my 5th session which was weights and cardio....we are now changing to just some steady state cardio (walking). So four sessions per week are a mix of weights and cardio (a lot of intervals/circuit training and i would classify them for me very intensive workouts)

Currently my sessions look like this:

monday : PT session in the AM
                Running session with Fiona in the PM
tuesday: PT session in the AM
wednesday: 60 minute bootcamp
thursday: rest day
friday: Weight/cardio session
Saturday: walk 5km
Sunday: rest day

So currently here is my options:

Lower my calories
Get some guidance on my macros/calories
Increase exercise (especially cardio - maybe some cycle classes)
See a naturopath (maybe the issue is related back to my PCOS)

So thats where things are at....that said I am not giving up....altho there is a part of me that thinks i need to accept this...but not quite ready to accept that just yet.

Also, that said...I am losing centimetres....and I know people think...well if you are losing centimetres it is working....and to a point I agree....BUT when you have 40-50 kilos to lose...and in should be losing on the scales regardless (thats my opinion...maybe wrong but still my opinion)

Weigh in day tomorrow...I was up last week...and as of this morning i was up another 400 grams...will see where things stand tomorrow morning :)