Saturday, March 11, 2017

Weigh in day :)

Weighed in and was exactly the same as last week - so 119.5 kilos.

Last night after work i went to amart sports and bought some new gym shoes..and then had a early night (and slept super good!) I then was starting work today at 8.30am so I set my alarm for 6.30am and left the house at 6.50am and walked to work. It took exactly one hour and was a 4.87km walk and burnt 752 calories. I was hoping to walk home tonight too...but we are due rain and possible thunderstorms so will see how it is when I leave.

I really think the cardio is what is missing. When i think about it when i lost the weight before i walked a LOT. On the treadmill between classes/PT sessions....i use to walk 60-90 minutes every sunday...would walk around to mums. Since work moved to the city as well I walk less to bus stops etc so I think upping the cardio is what is needed (even if my trainer doesnt really agree lol) So I am going to try to walk to work most days (weather permitting)

Not much else is really going on...I did book flights to Sydney for July....currently debating whether to stay in the CBD or Bondi...really tempted to stay at Bondi.

Working today and tomorrow and then a couple of days off work :)

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