Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well after going up last week...i have dropped 400 grams in the last 2 days =] I ahvent been doing anything special except eating 3 healthy meals and 3 snacks...nothing out of the ordinary. I have been upping the fruit (im a terrible fruit and vegetable eater) but did have 2 bananas yesterday. Ohhhh and the jessica seinfeld book is i will be off to buy that tonite while doing a grocery fillip. Also planning to buy some fresh fish to cook saturday night. I am going to do the course thru WEA with the life coach,,,that starts on feb 19. I am actually enjoying the way I am doing things at the over eating or anything but i am not feeling deprived...but i am feeling in control ... which is all good.

Friday tomorrow --- YAY my first full weekend for 5 weeks...first one since going back to work after xmas so looking forward to a normal weekend, altho not a lot planned. Saturday morning have to go ahve a bloodtest done and then at 1pm i have a hair get the mop cut and coloured (so so sooooooooooo long overdue) and it seems the issue of no desk for the computer is resolved ! yay yay. My friend Ryan has a small one they never use so he is going to give it to me...which is great cos im tiring of the lap top sitting on my lap...altho that said...i havent been using the computer much at home,,,,which is always good.

Okies... off i go...enjoy your day/night all !

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

well yay back here thats a step in the right direction. I feel quite good about things. I actually have spent some of today reading forums on there was one thread there on "what diet rules dont you follow" and it was interesting to see you dont have to be "perfect" to successfully lose weight. I also rang up about that new opens febuary 25 and i have a appointment for that day ! I also saw in the new WEA catalogue (not sure if WEA is aussie wide) but they have a 9 week course on 12 steps to losing weight permanantly...its run by a life im thinking i may go to that too...if i can fit it in with work...will see how it goes !

Just finished reading "little boy lost" which was a follow up to "a boy called it" was very interesting...true story and focused on the foster home system over there in yankville (thats america in case u didnt know LOL) I have another book im planning to start tonight about a (i think african) woman who was a adultress so was sentanced to be stoned to death. Hopefully in the next week or so ill get that jessica seinfeld book (waiting for it to come in to the on order)

Does anyone buy those magazines coles sells? great food or something theyre called (cant think of the exact name of the top of my head) they have lots of low fat recipes or recipes you could make low fat...they got sme lovely pasta and some lovely spinich salads in budget concious meals too...they are definitely worth a look at !

Okies off I go...gonna watch some tv before i head off to read for a bit before bed...

OMG ONLY 5 sleeps till the biggest loser is back YaY !!!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Well as is me i have been thinking (and maybe overthinking) and changing things again. I did so well on the first week of lite n easy but as is the way i then fell off the wagon. I got thinking about this last nite...and read a post Nat wrote on the ww forum...where she said she has the motivation at the moment because she has real goals to focus on. So i got thinking about what my goals were back in 2006 compared to now...and i am starting to realise what it is...back then...i wanted my life back...i had visions of meeting a partner and i really wanted that...somewhere between needing to get money to move and a tax bill i started skimping on things. My hair has no had a colour for gawd knows how long...and hasnt even had a cut. I havent bought any new clothes (well cept one new t shirt) so i think this is a big part of it...i havent invested money in me...i also think i am too entrenched in ww thinking...dont get me wrong i think ww is a good plan...but in my mind the only way to be successful with ww i need to go to meetings...but especially with the way ww is cutting back on meetings thats simply not doable. This morning i was talking to a guy at work...i was telling him girls on the slightly more butch side are charismatic to me...and i was saying i dunno if im butch or what...and he was saying i should be more "princess" like...and if i was more girlie i would attract. We then got talking about ww and thru our conversation i decided no more more diet...i am gonna use that "wanting a partner" as motivation and i am going to focus on healthy living. Soon as that new curves opens up im going to join up. And i am going to steer away from low fat food as such on just focus more on healthy lviing and try and take the focus of here we go...mite even rejoin pink sofa...and will email some friends who i have let contact with them slide (yes thats you tania lol)

off i go =]

Friday, January 25, 2008

Well i have pretty much decided once curves opens at sefton park i will go to it. I havent been so good the last few days...the problem has been like yesterday i took my lite n easy food to work...didnt realise the corn fritters would have actual corn ! duh me ! and so then cos i miss a food item i end up looking for other food (which ended up a scone lol) so ive prolly eaten a fraction more then i should have. Today I was running late and didnt grab the food so am doing points 26 points today. I wish I could get back into that zone i was in late 2006...i just seem to have a hard time getting there but as someone on the ww forum says "fake it till you make it"

I also went to the bookstore last nite...they had run out of that jessica seinfeld book...they have some on order so i have asked for one to be put aside for hopefully will get in the next few weeks.

ive got my slimming magazine here today...hopefully be quiet today so i can do some reading n get some mroe motivation...okies off i go !

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

OMG days off and i friggin forgot to come in here and post LOL but the good news is i lost 3.1 yay very happy with that...and just want this week to have a loss...100 grams or a long as i string two losses together. I watched..."you are what you eat" and that really gets you thinking. I could sense I was getting a lil extra motivation just watching it...i am really looking forward to biggest loser coming back on and having that for even more motivation and drive.

Got a few more boxes unpacked yesterday which was good...really starting to get organised now. And boy I was unpacking clothes and made me appreciative of the huge built ins i have in this place. Well early night tonite...hope i can fall to sleep pretty easily as i need to be up at 5.45 am...

I am just watching a taped ep of had jessica seinfeld on it and her recipe book on using vegetable puree...gonna go looking for the book tomorrow.

Okies off i go .... enjoy all =]

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Well i am still around and going good. I have been following lite n easy religiously except on my days I have come to the conclusion I will follow it on my working days but my days off i will relax a little and just aim to eat healthy. Yesterday I went garage saleing and we stopped off for lunch and had a nice healthy roll..and so I made dinner last nite too (fish and oven fries) and i came in under points ... so that is good. Was the first time i been garage saleing for a few years...and i think I have the bug back...I spent $35 and bought a terracotta strawberry pot, a old fashing piece of furniture used to store potatoes and onions, 3 books (all really good books), 7 double flat sheets - all in their original packaging - 2 sets of drawer liners, 2 was very impressed with that little haul. I will hopefully go out again in another 2 weeks.

I took a peek at the scales today...and am heading for a good loss...okies off i go...will be back here tuesday to report my loss =]

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Okies I am back LOL - omg do i drive you all nuts? The windows live page while it looked nice...confused the crap out of me.

So how am I going? Pretty good...altho the honest truth is I am not following weight watchers...I have no will power at the decided to do lite n easy. I do good for 3 or 4 days then come home from work feel lazy and end up getting take away and stuffing the diet up. So today was day one and all good. The dinner I had chicken enchiladis was super yummii. I have also drunk 1.5 litres of water too.

My scales broke and I ended up having to buy new I bought some WW ones - glass ones...very nifty so my "new starting weight" is 146.7 kilos. I will update that on to the side of the journal shortly.

The unit is going very well...I feel very at home in it now. And when I open the front and back door in the evenings the most gorgeous breeze blows thru. I still have boxes and some organising to do...but getting there. I also got my wireless that is all set up back on line with my adsl...and i get adsl 2+ on the 24th ... YaY

Off garage saleing this weekend since I have saturday off...not a whole lot else going on...enjoy all =]