Friday, January 25, 2008

Well i have pretty much decided once curves opens at sefton park i will go to it. I havent been so good the last few days...the problem has been like yesterday i took my lite n easy food to work...didnt realise the corn fritters would have actual corn ! duh me ! and so then cos i miss a food item i end up looking for other food (which ended up a scone lol) so ive prolly eaten a fraction more then i should have. Today I was running late and didnt grab the food so am doing points 26 points today. I wish I could get back into that zone i was in late 2006...i just seem to have a hard time getting there but as someone on the ww forum says "fake it till you make it"

I also went to the bookstore last nite...they had run out of that jessica seinfeld book...they have some on order so i have asked for one to be put aside for hopefully will get in the next few weeks.

ive got my slimming magazine here today...hopefully be quiet today so i can do some reading n get some mroe motivation...okies off i go !


Anonymous said...

Curves is fantastic Kazz - great choice!

Tania said...

I agree with Airlie, i'm actually quite disappointed that I have to put my membership on hold during my pregnancy, i'll be back there as soon as possible after bubs is born.

I've been able to have a good first hand look at Lite N Easy in recent weeks as my boss is doing it! I love the look of it and wish I could do it, but just not practical when I still have to buy and cook for Michael.

You'll get there Kazz, one step at a time, focus on that loss last week and i'm sure you'll see another good one in the week to come.