Monday, January 28, 2008

Well as is me i have been thinking (and maybe overthinking) and changing things again. I did so well on the first week of lite n easy but as is the way i then fell off the wagon. I got thinking about this last nite...and read a post Nat wrote on the ww forum...where she said she has the motivation at the moment because she has real goals to focus on. So i got thinking about what my goals were back in 2006 compared to now...and i am starting to realise what it is...back then...i wanted my life back...i had visions of meeting a partner and i really wanted that...somewhere between needing to get money to move and a tax bill i started skimping on things. My hair has no had a colour for gawd knows how long...and hasnt even had a cut. I havent bought any new clothes (well cept one new t shirt) so i think this is a big part of it...i havent invested money in me...i also think i am too entrenched in ww thinking...dont get me wrong i think ww is a good plan...but in my mind the only way to be successful with ww i need to go to meetings...but especially with the way ww is cutting back on meetings thats simply not doable. This morning i was talking to a guy at work...i was telling him girls on the slightly more butch side are charismatic to me...and i was saying i dunno if im butch or what...and he was saying i should be more "princess" like...and if i was more girlie i would attract. We then got talking about ww and thru our conversation i decided no more more diet...i am gonna use that "wanting a partner" as motivation and i am going to focus on healthy living. Soon as that new curves opens up im going to join up. And i am going to steer away from low fat food as such on just focus more on healthy lviing and try and take the focus of here we go...mite even rejoin pink sofa...and will email some friends who i have let contact with them slide (yes thats you tania lol)

off i go =]


Who is Tardie? said...

Kazz - hope your new found "no ww" doesn't mean you'll be leaving our thread does it?

Glad that the post made you think. It's easy to lose sight of why we're doing this especially when we have so much to lose. But we've got to realise that we are worth it.

Good luck to you with whatever 'plan' you choose to follow - hope that curves opens up soon for you.


Tania said...

Frustrating huh? A friend of mine emailed me yesterday asking what points her husband should be on, I dug out my little WW box and was shocked to come across an old passport where I had a great succession of losses back in 2004 - leading up to my wedding!

It's so much easier when you have a really strong focus and a short term goal to aim for - when you have so much to lose the end seems a long long way off and it's only those of us with that amount to lose that can really understand that.

You keep doing whatever it takes to keep you motivated and on the right track - even if you change plans ever couple of weeks as long as the scales show the results you want that's all that really matters.

Anonymous said...

yay! good for you! I sincerely reccomend the curves eating plan! You get SO much food and lose weight - it is so crazy! I lost 8 kilos in 6 weeks and ate more than I have ever eaten! Unfortunately the Curves owner here is a real bitch! So I then quit - and I still miss it! You get the Curves eating guide free when you sign up, if you recommend 2 other people or something. So good.