Tuesday, January 29, 2008

well yay back here again...so thats a step in the right direction. I feel quite good about things. I actually have spent some of today reading forums on 3fatchicks.com there was one thread there on "what diet rules dont you follow" and it was interesting to see you dont have to be "perfect" to successfully lose weight. I also rang up about that new curves...it opens febuary 25 and i have a appointment for that day ! I also saw in the new WEA catalogue (not sure if WEA is aussie wide) but they have a 9 week course on 12 steps to losing weight permanantly...its run by a life coach...so im thinking i may go to that too...if i can fit it in with work...will see how it goes !

Just finished reading "little boy lost" which was a follow up to "a boy called it" was very interesting...true story and focused on the foster home system over there in yankville (thats america in case u didnt know LOL) I have another book im planning to start tonight about a (i think african) woman who was a adultress so was sentanced to be stoned to death. Hopefully in the next week or so ill get that jessica seinfeld book (waiting for it to come in to the bookstore...is on order)

Does anyone buy those magazines coles sells? great food or something theyre called (cant think of the exact name of the top of my head) they have lots of low fat recipes or recipes you could make low fat...they got sme lovely pasta and some lovely spinich salads in them...plus budget concious meals too...they are definitely worth a look at !

Okies off I go...gonna watch some tv before i head off to read for a bit before bed...

OMG ONLY 5 sleeps till the biggest loser is back YaY !!!!


airlie said...

That WEA things sounds fantastic! I would love to do that!

Tania said...

LOL ... So i'm not the only one counting down the sleeps until The Biggest Loser starts - can't wait!