Thursday, January 31, 2008

Well after going up last week...i have dropped 400 grams in the last 2 days =] I ahvent been doing anything special except eating 3 healthy meals and 3 snacks...nothing out of the ordinary. I have been upping the fruit (im a terrible fruit and vegetable eater) but did have 2 bananas yesterday. Ohhhh and the jessica seinfeld book is i will be off to buy that tonite while doing a grocery fillip. Also planning to buy some fresh fish to cook saturday night. I am going to do the course thru WEA with the life coach,,,that starts on feb 19. I am actually enjoying the way I am doing things at the over eating or anything but i am not feeling deprived...but i am feeling in control ... which is all good.

Friday tomorrow --- YAY my first full weekend for 5 weeks...first one since going back to work after xmas so looking forward to a normal weekend, altho not a lot planned. Saturday morning have to go ahve a bloodtest done and then at 1pm i have a hair get the mop cut and coloured (so so sooooooooooo long overdue) and it seems the issue of no desk for the computer is resolved ! yay yay. My friend Ryan has a small one they never use so he is going to give it to me...which is great cos im tiring of the lap top sitting on my lap...altho that said...i havent been using the computer much at home,,,,which is always good.

Okies... off i go...enjoy your day/night all !

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