Sunday, February 03, 2008

Well after a weekend of overindulging and a lot of thinking i am going back to ww. I think my problem is i listen to others too much. I have some friends I work is superhealthy...he doesnt eat any junk food...low carbs, protien and fruit and vegetables. And he has been saying to me for a while.."you need to get out of the weight watchers mode" and i have listened to him too much...Not saying his views are wrong..but weight watchers works for me...its worked for me to lose 34 kilos and NO OTHER way has managed to do that. So in preparation while biggest loser was on i have cooked some marinated chicken pieces (3 points for 150 grams) and also made up salad to go with it...which I will have for lunch tomorrow with 2 pieces of soy and linseed bread...and then after work I will go back to ww and weigh in. Who watched biggest loser?? Was such a tease it only being on a hour tonight...but im really looking forward to the season.

My old place I lived in i never took baths. The tub wasnt long enuff. I took my first one here last nite was sooooooooooooo nice. The bathroom with the bath is upstairs...where its beautiful and cool...the ceiling is like 4 metres high....and a slight breeze comes in...and so quiet....could not here anything but my tv and so lay there for like a hour reading my book...loved it...and so of course...tonite i had another LOL

I am so over summer...I need some kewler weather....and wooo hoooo greys anatomy back on next sunday night...okies off i go...enjoy the week all =]

PS tania...ive lost your email addy....can you email me when you get a chance so we can try and organise a catchup???

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